Living Alaska: Third Attempt to Capture Aurora Borealis in Wasilla, Alaska (20.1.2016)

Aurora Borealis amateur shot 1


I don’t care if you had enough about my post about Aurora Borealis. I will keep on recording my experience with it here in my blog.

Aurora Borealis amateur shot

Aurora appeared again on 20 January 2016 around 5am at my parents in law house area in wasilla. This time, its appearance is intense. I can really see the waves move with my naked eyes. Due to this intensity, I was able to capture the body of the waves vividly compared to my FIRST and SECOND try out. 

Aurora Borealis amateur shot 2

Besides that, I used little monopod and remote shutter release. But, just like any other amateur, I still failed to overcome nervous, coldness and over excitement.

Aurora Borealis amateur shot 3

I must say that, although this is my third time facing Aurora, I still have that nervous. Maybe I am over excited. just like a loon, I was twirling under the sky, following the movement of the Aurora waves. I forgot all the notes about shooting night skies/ Aurora that I prepared after my second try out. I refused to get the note because I do not want to miss every moment and worried that Aurora will gone.

Aurora Borealis amateur shot 4Aurora Borealis amateur shot 5

I was searching for camera menu button in the dark. until at one point of time, I accidentally pressed black and white mode. hahahaha.

Aurora Borealis amateur shot 6

Aurora Borealis amateur shot 7

Thanks to monopod and remote shutter button, now I can take picture of Aurora Borealis with me in it. hehe. I had to stand still for almost a minute. The shiver was unimaginable and the urge to pee was crazy. But I hold it all because I was scared Aurora will disappear if I leave. Hahaha.

Aurora Borealis amateur shot 8Aurora Borealis amateur shot 9Aurora Borealis amateur shot 10Aurora Borealis amateur shot 11Aurora Borealis amateur shot 12

Aurora lights starts to ceased by 7.30 am. Once I got back into the house, I upload few pictures on Facebook and Instagram. My father in law once invited me into AURORA LOVERS club page on Facebook. It was like Aurora Party, everybody in that club page uploading their work. I learned that Aurora Borealis appearance was very intense that night/morning ALL OVER ALASKA.

I feel so small when I look at the pictures uploaded by all pro photographers with their good expensive camera. It’s okay. i will keep on practicing until my pictures turned out like theirs. BUT FIRST! I must learn how to overcome my nervousness and over excitement when I see Aurora Borealis!

My my. I am a weak ass type of person


Wasilla, Alaska.




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