Going West.

Nasi lemak buah bidara..Sayang selasih, aku lurutkan. Tinggal keluarga..tinggal Malaysia. Kerana kasih, aku turutkan…

Kata orang, kalau ada tahi lalat di telapak kaki, jauh merantau. (people says, if you have mole underneath your feet, you are destined to travel far.)

Well, as for me, I always imagine to be at some strange places. I always wish that I got offered to work overseas and have (better than) local life experience. My desire to live this life is crazy. and I don’t want to live life by doing routines – married, have kids, comparing my life with others and that’s it. I want to do different things, married, have kids, fulfilling my own expectations, be somewhere and do something new.

Trust me, if you wish CONSTANT enough, you will get what you have wished for. 

So here I am, beyond my imagination – a Malaysian malay, living life in Alaska and few other states and countries in between. Before this post get any more sentimental, here are some pictures taken during my visit to Mexico city!

mexico city 1

Again, beyond imagination, I still couldn’t believe that I traveled to Mexico. Despite the Mexican Drug War, missing tourists and dismembered body often found around the city, again, my husband and I still fly into the city knowing that the bad news were exaggerated by the medias. If you have the chance to talk to people on the other side of the world, you would never believed the idea they had about Malaysia/ Malaysian either. 

mexico city 2

Mexico City is very beautiful and clean. Especially the Historic Centre or Centro Historico area. Bab cleanliness, Kuala Lumpur memang kalah. I never been to any of Europe country yet, but I imagine that the old building and churches here are similar to those in Italy and Paris.

mexico city 3

Visa is not required for Malaysian to enter Mexico, so we are planning to come back again to this city and travel down to Central America.

mexico city 4

The weather was a little bit chilly in January, around 10 to 20 celcius during sunny day but very cold at night with the wind blows. For the first 4 days we explored the downtown and historical area by foot.

mexico city 5 mexico city 6 mexico city 7 mexico city 8 mexico city 9 mexico city 10

mexico kisser city

It feels like a Valentines day, everyday, here in Mexico City. Couples are kissing everywhere, boys and girls, girls on girls, boys on boys. It was so obvious since everybody was kissing except my husband and I. These people need to get married and built relationship with banks for reality check! (Pun intended).While the Churches filled up with peoples on daily basis, I can conclude that this part of the city is full of love, romance and faith.

mexico city 11 mexico city 12

Mexican Peso to Ringgit Malaysia is like 10 peso to RM 2.50. You can get a bottle of mineral water for 6 peso in public, local shop but 16 – 20 peso at touristy spot. Overall, kalau orang Malaysia datang sini, memang mampu shopping lah (it is affordable for Malaysian to come shop here). But that was not what I do here. Memang tak shopping apa apa pun except a new flat iron since the one I bought from Malaysia can’t be powered at all in here due to the different AMP. Nope, any kind of adapter can’t help me with it. And oh, a pair of All Star Converse shoes since my feet bleeding from the excessive walking wander around the city. It’s funny that I brought 6 pairs of fancy, expensive shoes plus boots and yet, I still have to settle down with preppy Converse shoes for comfortable walk. I’m not sure how much Converse shoes back in Malaysia but here, I got it at RM 158.00.

mexico city 13

mexico city 14

Unlike some cities where old building is closed for public but well maintained for display, but here, all old building (mostly churches) are still open for public use.mexico city 15 mexico city 16

I won’t go details about my visit to Mexico City in this post. Will do it on the next posts.mexico city

While still adjusting to the weather and food here, in my current location here, Wasilla, Alaska, I also start to get busy with office work (oh yeah, I’m not a total jobless, loser wife that living on husband’s money as you think I am though. With experience and skill I possess, I can perform my job in every corner of the world, in bed, in front of TV, facing snowy landscape or crystal blue beach and pay my own bills like every other people who work 9 to 5 / 5.5 days a week).

with my little personal detail up there, this post ends abruptly here.

…to be continued. Heehu



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