Los Angeles Revisited part 2

Malaysia current heat / hot weather makes me miss cold places I have been before. I want to take back what I said before – I love being under the tropic weather 365 days a year. It’s been three and a half months since my visit to Alaska. Now I miss its weather. The weather that makes me feel like it is always 10 am in the morning (I love 10 am in the morning!) and I remember I didn’t experience terrifying headache when I was in Alaska. Unlike here, I have crazy headache almost every week πŸ™

Back to my boring trip to LA.


I don’t know why is it so hard for me to find the best star along the walk of fame. I remember I was walking like more that 1 kilometer and still, I couldn’t find any ‘special’ star. Until I found ‘Lassie’. Yep. I grew up with Lassie as a TV star back then.

Then I remember one thing I noticed about USA. I forgot to include my findings on this particular thing that I found it very obvious while I had my first visit back in June 2013. It’s their public washroom / toilet door!!!

I swear the door gap is like 1cm and I practically can see what’s going on outside while I was doing my business inside! I bet it vice versa and it was very uncomfortable experience for me. I know it is not very common for people (with same gender) to peek in, but still, my level of consciousness made me stop my pee half way. lol.

Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 66

Back to the LA revisited. After we done with Hollywood boulevard and eating some ice cream, we continue our train ride to Universal City. We arrived when it’s already dark so, nothing much going on.

Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 44


Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 29

I never saw a quiet Universal Studios’ city walk before. Not in Japan or Singapore. Maybe it was weekday or maybe February is not a tourists’ peak season for LA. I don’t know. But here I didn’t get the same feeling like when I was entering the theme park somewhere else. OR maybe it has something to do with my age. OMG, I feel old!

Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 30

But we still do a must do list when we are at the park. Be it day or night – trying on the headgear for free is a MUST.

Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 46

and as usual, Mike has to be the one to pose with it for my viewing pleasure. Look at his unhappy face.

Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 45


Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 47

like, really grumpy unhappy face.

Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 48

I really wanted to do the selfie for both of us along the Citywalk and Mike went “oh my god, this will take forever”. Β πŸ™

Well, the reason why we came here is to buy Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt for my friend. Although I am not a t-shirt collector, but I don’t mind helping friends to get one or two since I travel a lot. And surprisingly, my luggage seems like a magic luggage. No matter how heavy it is, it never exceed the weight allocated which is 23kgs per piece. Trust me, I bought a lot of stuff like perfumes, souvenirs and all. I almost unable to zip close my luggage most of the time. But like a magic, it stays underweight.

Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 50

Two months after this picture was taken, I realized I was standing at the same spot where Chris Brown filmed his ‘LOYAL’ music video.

The next day we went to Santa Monica Pier. I always wanted to come here because of the ferris wheel. And I really want to ride it with my husband. So we took the train & bus to find our way to Santa Monica Pier and again, it was already dark when we arrive πŸ™

Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 53

We missed the sunset and the beaches. I told Mike that we really need to rent a car next time we travel to the city like this.

Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 54

Then I saw some kind of whimsical tent standing at the Santa Monica Pier’s parking lot.

Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 57

and a lot of people, dressed in fancy, rushing down to it. I was thinking like, do people here dress so fancy just to be at fun fair site?

Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 63

Then I found out it is not ordinary fun fair site! It’s world renowned Cirque Du Soleil !! They were having TOTEM world’s tour and this is their 7th stop in LA since 1987. So, yea, we went down to check the price of the tickets. The price starts from $65. It was our last day in LA, and I spent most of my money when I was in Alaska and I still need to buy some stuff so, yep, we have to pass it. πŸ™

Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 62

Bergambar dengan poster pun, jadilahhh πŸ™


Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 58

Yes we had to pass the world’s greatest circus art for this time, but we still make it at the one and only Pier Burger in Santa Monica! My experience with Route 66 Concrete is out of this world. I never had so much thick soft, powdered and hard chocolate in one cup at the same time until I had Mike to finish it for me. That sundae is the mother of all chocolate in the world!

Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 59


Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 60

We spent so much time in Pier Burger so we missed the Ferris Wheel ride! The ride is closed by the time we finish the our dinner πŸ™ so, so sad!

Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 61

So we just sat around with hot coffee and staring at the wheel from the distance But I wish someday we will come here again for the sunset and ride that ferris wheel for once!

Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 31


Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 52

So this is the reason why I can’t afford to buy a ticket to Cirque Du Soleil’s TOTEM show. I was busy becoming VIB at Sephora and loading my luggage with Victoria Secret’s Β shopping haul.

Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 64

But then, when I think back again, it was a stupid choice. Shopping over Cirque Du Soleil?


Los Angeles Revisited 2014LA REVISITED 67

The next morning, it’s time to say goodbye. Mike flight back to Alaska is earlier than mine so I cried when we I had to see Mike went to LA’s domestic airport and left me here at the International airport. But, only for a while. I love how LA do with its International airport. I think this is the reason why every airport must look like this. To dry every women tears after a short, or even a long goodbyes…

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