Yea, it’s Ramadhan again and I don’t want to talk about all the good deeds Im doing or about to do during this holy month like most blogger do. I rather stick to my everyday story so that it continues to give a good example of bad behavior to them decent girls who happened to come across this page. Don’t behave like me girls, or else, will be end up like me – just fabulous.
August kinda harsh to me. Monday 1st – It started with a bee stung on my right arm, 2 inches from the elbow early in the morning! I don’t know where the hell the bee came from. All I feel the next few second was a numb pain stinging while I brushing my teeth. I took a look, there it is, a small bad bee just refused to let go my arm. I screamed at my loudest and it still there. I forgot it only works on four legged animal! Not to insect! I had to use soap bottle to knock it off my arm. The bee is dead, left its stinger as a souvenir and I went back to sleep 5 minutes later.
I reached office late as usual, I opened up the God forsaken files cabinet and – boom. One fat file dropped on my head and one on my foot. Thank you! That’s how my office work missed me. They are too happy to see my face right at the moment I open up the cabinet door and couldn’t help it but jumped on me – ecstatically.  
Not to mention cough, sore throat, fever and all. Next day the girl who is renting my apartment’s middle room texted me, telling that she only stay up to the end of August after she just moved in last month. Thanks to her psychotic boyfriend, (or ex?) who keep on knocking my apartment’s grill and leave various notes including on my car windscreen, asking me to get his girl to accept his call. Fuck him. Your girlfriend renting with me doesn’t mean Im her best friend that can coax her to pick up your call. You made a wrong move punk – in fact, I gave her a whole new different ideas on how good to be an individualist with a total control of own time, money and point of view so please discard such fucked up boyfriend like you. One day you will thanked me, because of me, you are able to change girlfriend. It is obvious you had enough of her, or else why she kept on catching you red handed with other girls, every year? Show some balls and admit it.
So, I had to come up with online ‘room to rent’ advertisement. Put up the location, availability, rates & requirements – Working Female Only, without any photos what so ever. 8 Hours later, 9pm. While I was busy scoring my Zuma Blitz in my Facebook as usual, I received a text;
“Hi There”
So I replied by asking who is it.
“You stay in Shah Alam?”
Without answering it, I asked where did this person get my number from and what he wants.
“I am former Uitm student. Now working already”

Wow.. it seemed like he really had a hard time to relate his answer to my questions

So I repeat my question, again.
“I am Lutfi. How about you”
I smacked him that my number is published for a room advertisement so it is meant for a room to rent and it’s for girls only. I think it was clearly stated and I don’t understand how could he read it as “female for rent – location, availability, rates & requirement – anonymous with mystery dick size”
“Can we be friends?” – He added.
Awh come on! Don’t tell me that Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, MySpace, Tagged, Friendster and all those social networking sites complete with profile pictures, location, background and albums still not enough until he had to go to “Room for Rent” database on website and pick up random numbers under female section??!!!??? What happen to the world, I mean, men nowadays???? They willing to get females’ phone number without considering what type of person who posses that number and hope to be friends? A divorcee grandmom? A hardcore lesbian? A voodoo practitioner? Or maybe crazy fat, ugly, smelly bitch who cut men’s balls for fun! 
Okay, he might just trying his luck or trying to PROVE that looks doesn’t matter when it comes to friendship (friendship my ass!). So, if these 2 peoples been texting – let say, 1 months without knowing each other’s general picture and finally meet up. If both of them are good looking – God bless you! BUT NO! GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE DON’T PICK RANDOM NUMBERS FROM ROOM FOR RENT DATABASE FOR FRIENDSHIP! PLEASE ACCEPT THIS TRUE FACT. No matter how ugly you are, you still need to submit at least your decent passport size photo to a FREE  ONLINE DATING website OKAY???!!! It’s not about look. Yes, I clearly understand the meaning of it. I dated an ugly guy before. He’s uglier than his ass, but I still dated him. But he didn’t get my number from ROOM FOR RENT website! He walked up to my face and be all man – I respect his gesture and I rewarded him with my number. That’s how sincerity and willingness is measured. If you starting to puke on your car dashboard the moment you saw him/her waiting on the other side of the road, on your 1st meet up attempt after 1 month sweet nothings  texting, what are you gonna do? Change your phone number? Tell me what kind of person willing to eat things they grab with their eyes closed? This is not FEAR FACTOR reality show. This is human feelings, hope and expectation we are talking about!
Man, Im not lying about scoring Zuma Blitz. But this guy really interrupted me during my best moment in my best game. I was intended to score to 2 million and because of his stupid attempt, I only manage to score 1.7million. Im not lying okay! Here’s the prove;

And August still left 3 weeks to go. Kill me please.



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    August 20, 2011 at 9:37 am

    Selamat Berpuasa babe… may barakah shall fall upon us in this holly month of Ramadhan…. 🙂

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