Macau : God of Gambler’s Lair.

Did you know that the volume sand used in the land reclamation for the The Venetian Macao would make a pile of sand as big as Egyptian pyramid? And the total site if The Venetian Macao is equivalent to 56 American football fields & can hold almost 100 – 747 jumbo jets?

Those are some of the fact of my next stop travel escapade, The Venetian Macao and The Grand Canal Shoppes. Ah, who cares about how big the hotel & the shopping complex are.. what I know is that our room is so big!!!

Way to our suite.

We would like to experience the lifestyle of God of Gambler, so we chose to stay in their Royale Suite, Paiza, which is 100sqft less than my own apartment…

The view from our suites, 36th floor.

For Beach tan haters, u should come here for your honeymoon.

Hey, Hey they have adult movie just a click of the remote control button ok… but here’s the trick, u press, then they will charge to ur room service bill for RM100.00 per movie. Ah, just go downstairs try ur luck on poker machine, get your MOP 220, then come back to ur room and enjoy ur adult movie le..

Hot movie descriptions ey…

Big closet, fit 5 of me.

I had my espresso uncang before site exploration. Really need extra dose of caffine if u intended to cover this 10,4000,000 sg ft floor area of this building. Which contain 330 stores (all branded boutiques yea). I read somewhere that The Venetian here in Macao is 3 times bigger than her sister back in Las Vegas.

Here’s the trick again, where ever u want to go, either east, west, north or south wing of this building, u must walk through their Great Hall, which can cost you a great loss.. A Casino. Good feng-shui to trap your money leh…

They have same statue like this in The Venetian Las Vegas… maybe this is their mascot kot…

The interior decor of The Venetian Macao features 3 million sheets of gold leaves.

Actually when I once stepped in I was like.. wow.. what a beautiful sky.. until I noticed it was a fake one. 😛 So your lunch experience is like al-fresco, using the natural light as if it is a real sky bright.

Macam real je kan? And this fake sky follows accordingly to the condition of the real one outside the building.

There were street performances everywhere, dance in the street, Pavarotti wannabe, Jokers juggling balls and passing out the balloons…Gondolas plying the water, the men in a stripe shirt singing along the canal row…very lively.

This statue is alive! I told my friend about it, she didn’t believe it and stared at the statue’s eyes for 10 seconds and then he jolted her by made a slight move. My friend gave him a flying kiss, leave him smiling ~ a statue smile.

The Venetian Macao, from outside.

I admires the pillars and the whole structures of the building.. If let say Venice, Italy totally sink into the sea before u manage to see it, u should come to The Venetian Macao to feel bits of Venice.

Right opposite The Venetian, is the city of dreams, consists of Crown Hotel, Hard Rock Macao and Hyatt.

The light keeps changing from blue to purple to red to pink to green and to yellow…

Ah, I miss Macao already…

to be continued….




  1. fiebie

    October 13, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    eh mana ko dapat duit gi jenjalan sana sini tempat mahal semua ni? ko kahwin orang kaya ek? rekemen kan aku sorang. Untung kita share dua.

  2. Independent Queen

    October 14, 2009 at 11:25 am

    Akak Fiebe.. mana ada kawin org kaya… Duit sendiri lah.. tapi I tau bila nk pergi & dapat rate murah.. Next time.. meh la ikut.. mesti seronok…

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