Malaysian Dream Girls 2? I go sleep and dream better.

The girls are fine. Really.

I was so boring since my favorite website, CrunchyRoll went dead. Most of the movie taken off due to the infringement of the publication, movie licence smth like that. So I wandering around what to watch, wanna watch pirate DVD on latest movie also cannot, nobody sell it already. Wanna go out watch movie, tired le – need to drive out, find parking (hate the most) and cost me 5 times more than price of the tix (pop corn la, large cup of pepsi la, after movie drop by at mamak for coffee and fried mee la). Then I logged into nuffnang, hands itchy, click Malaysian Dream girls 2.

I was like ” wahh.. this must be like ANTM (American Next Top Model) wor.. sure interesting.” Coz I can stay up whole night just to finish whole episode of every cycle.

Guess what? 1 minute, 1st yawn… another 30 seconds.. 2nd yawn…then 1 minutes later I have to press small x red box on top right corner of the window…crawled to my bed, get my own dream.

No.. the girls are fine.. really. I got nothing to comment on the girls lah. Every of them has their own beauty in different aspect ler. The judges and the way Elaine Daly host it make me goes ZZzZZzzzzzZZZzz

Or maybe the props? little square rooms.. no background music..come on ler.. be funky and edgy a bit leh. Of course Elaine Daly cant do it like Tyra Banks and the rest cant be like Mrs. Jay, Nigel Barker & Polina Porizkova but please try to make the show more “alive” ler.

Ya..very entertaining isn’t? Body language, face expression, See the judges share their experience in back in their time. I believe Elaine got handful of modelling experience doesn’t she? Share lah.

Even the test walkin with the high heels are very interesting, rather than ” ok, show me your catwalk, I wanna see” Pppfftt..

Seriously, I dont even know this kind of program exist in here even I surf Internet almost 10 hours a day until I joined nuffnang. Or this program only for nuffnang community? Aiyoo dont tell me MDG wanna be different from other reality show. Coz the whole concept and idea 200% the same, finding model, various photo shoot, winner will get hefty reward and be famous. That’s it.

And what is reality show without bitch judges?

(Oppss.. love him too much, he’s nothing to do with modelling business ler.)

and bitches in a bitch (cat) fight?

Awww come on.. dont hide all those dramas. Reality full of dramas and drama shows in reality. It’s a competition between girls anyway.

Btw I found new site to watch online movies already~!! Thanks to Xcirca for telling me. You make my day (and day ahead). Just finished watching “Bride War” right before this post and now streaming for “Confession of A Shopaholic”~!!!



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