Merry Christmas 2014 and not so Happy New Year

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I wasn’t surprise when I came across articles on Facebook Feed about Muslim cannot wish Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. Haram katanya. Well, where ever that thing came from surely made my day. Because it really made me laugh somehow. I wish that ¬†I place a bet like 100$ with my friend for the issue to come up after they said Haram to Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day. Haram to wish katanya.. tapi kau jugak beratur dekat highway sambung cuti, berlumba balik kampung macam¬†ada pokok krismas untuk di hias. Seriously, here in Malaysia, it is so easy to become an infidel. One sentence, one wish and one spell like Inshaallah to Insyaallah will send you straight to hell. And yet, it is okay to¬†santau orang here and there serta katok orang luar semata pasukan bola kalah. Pheww.

Anyways, being married to someone who is totally has a different background and upbringing than mine make me learn more about culture, customs and celebration. My husband were brought up with the tooth fairy, easter bunny and santa claus make me learn that you cannot erase what’s already in him.Although, later on he came to understand the truth about those celebration, still, you cannot prevent him to keep reminiscing all the sweet memories that he had. Besides, that is the only time (especially Christmas and Thanksgiving) he able to see everybody in his family gathered in his parent’s house and exchange gifts.

little Mike
Mike at 3 years old

This year is our first year being together, staying under the same roof for Christmas time, here in Malaysia. To tell you the truth, all the Christmas trees and decoration in Pavillion and Mid Valley shopping mall couldn’t cure his sadness being away from his family for Christmas. Senang la kau cakap, asuh la dia sebab dah Islam kan.. kau tu, pegi Vietnam 4 hari pun masih nak makan sambal belacan. Belum lagi ke London atau Amsterdam berbulan bulan. Ini senang je kau suruh aku asuh dia dan dan lupakan perayaan¬†yang dah 35 tahun dalam hidup dia.

So, these few days, I had to sit and watch all the OLD Christmas movies with him, including cartoon like Charlie Brown and ALF Christmas edition. Dah la kat luar tu hujan je kan…sejuk je. Macam winter la pulak rasanya. He misses Christmas cookies and tell me all the Christmas stories and memories that he had. Like, when he was 6, he wrote a letter to Santa and put a glass of milk and cookie for him, ¬†and a carrot for his reindeer. The next morning he woke up mad knowing that his sisters read his letter and laughed at him. He continue telling me funny stories about his best friends came over to his parent’s house on Christmas Eve. Broke the window glass and how drunk his friend was.

He called Alaska and talk to his family member, wishing them a Merry Christmas. The truth is, I am sad to see him that way and I feel a little bit guilty that I made him miss the celebration with his family for 2 years in a row now. I can feel his sadness and he even asked me whether is it possible to be in Alaska for Christmas next year. I said to him that if it is not because of some issue I had to work out before I leave Malaysia and travelling plan that we had planned, we probably already back in Alaska a week before Christmas. Bukan sikit duit nak burn tiket flight yang kitorang dah beli or reroute.

Mike came from quite a big family and they are very close to each other. Unlike me. He is totally opposite than what I have. Although Mike and I are now here in Malaysia, both of us still included in Christmas¬†gift exchange¬†this year. I don’t know who got our our name, but Mike get to buy Christmas present for his grand niece and I get to buy for my sister in law’s daughter.

My friend asked me whether I have a Christmas tree set up at my apartment and Christmas dinner, because she expected me to invite her over. Well, I never thought of that. Agak agak kalau aku pasang Pokok Krismas kat rumah, mesti aku kena rejam baling batu dek jiran tetangga serta staff JAIS kan? So I asked Mike about it. You know, to ease his homesick a little bit by getting a small tree and put it by the corner of living room. He said good luck with that. With my 2 cats which one of it think he is a dog, will chew the whole tree and pooped out Santa. (seriously, my male cat, named Bonnie, acting like a dog. he’s panting and chewing stuff like socks, gloves, stuffed toys and t-shirt. He also follows Mike around the house like a dog too)

So I have this idea that, having Christmas Eve dinner in the city. Go to a place where the sightings and spirits of Christmas celebration is the highest. I couldn’t think of anything except Pavillion since they have the biggest and nicest Christmas decoration, every year. Plus, it has been a long time I haven’t dine in La Bodega.

Well, it turns out that my idea is the WORST one and I swear this will be the last. It seems like the spirits of Christmas here in Pavillion and any shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur is the deadliest.

Christmas eve in pavillion

 christmas eve in pavillion kuala lumpur

Not to mention it took almost 30 minutes to find a parking lot, all restaurants are full house (siap long queue lagi kat luar) and stupid road block right outside the mall for some stupid cyclist clowning to get pictures with giant Christmas bow caused massive traffic jam.

The only restaurant that available for us was only Dome. And yet, no Christmas decoration, not even a bit in it. I think that was why Dome still have few table empty in such crowded place like this. Paid 45++ per pax for so called Christmas dinner set. Each of us get 2 appetizers and 1 entree.

xmas dinner 

xmas dinner 3

xmas dinner 2

Well, the food wasn’t bad at all, but it wasn’t Christmasy enough, I might say.


and look at Mike face pretending he is happy. Anyways, he trimmed his own moustache with scissors and he look a bit like Abraham Lincoln at certain angle and Amish guy for the rest.

Well, I learn something in Christmas this year Рa wife can be a source of happiness to a man, but when it comes to festivity like this, you are not really his source of happiness lah. I hope things will be different for next year and both of us will be equally happy in everything we might into. Jangan la pulak kau kata mentang mentang laki mat salleh sebuk nak ber krismas. Dalam perhubungan kena ada tolak ansur, hormat perasaan, sentimental pasangan serta ahli keluarganya. Bukan macam sesetengah orang, boleh carai berai pasal giliran balik raya. Gitewww.



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