Mexico City: Been there, done that list

If you are a drinker, you must experience authentic tequila shot at authentic cantina with the locals. I’m not an alcohol drinker, but I still went there and learn a thing or two about tequila shot.  You don’t lick salt on your hand but sprinkle it on a slice of lemon. Squeeze the lemon juice while the tequila is in your mouth. Mix altogether before you swallow. That’s the right way.

I forgot to include one more thing about Mexico City. One day, if you are here, pay close attention to the building’s balcony because you might catch something cute and interesting 😀

place to visit in Mexico City 62

place to visit in Mexico City 63

place to visit in Mexico City 27

Very cute isn’t it ?

We only able to cover Mexico City area and a little bit outskirt during our 8 days visit. (mananya tak sempat, kalau dah jalan kaki je, lepas tu tak habis mendongak dongak check tingkap bangunan satu satu) And this time, we left our hotel like 10AM everyday just to make sure we manage to catch up what’s around this city as much as possible. On January, the sky here gets dark pretty early which is at 6PM. I didn’t believe myself that by 10 or 11pm – both of us snoozed off like exhausted old couple.

So, here is the list of places we visited during our stay in Mexico City;

1) Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral 

place to visit in Mexico City 28

Jangan la pulak salah faham. Memang tak de masjid kat sini untuk di tengok. Ibarat mencari budu di New York, macam tu la perumpamaannya.

Anyways, our intention is to look at the old building and its architecture. This cathedral is the largest in America and it was built atop of former Aztec sacred precinct near the Templo Mayor. Nothing on this cathedral is new since the beginning of its construction in 1573 with bricks and stone from destroyed Aztec god of war’s temple. It is so big and built by hands, it took 240 years to complete. This cathedral is actively use until now though. On going maintenance still can be seen until today.

place to visit in Mexico City 18

This wasn’t my first time to visit Churches and Cathedral, but my first time to enter it. I never been to Vatican City yet, but I imagine this would be similar to it.

place to visit in Mexico City 17

place to visit in Mexico City 22

place to visit in Mexico City 50

I was able to see locals performing prayer and listening to the sermon which I couldn’t stand a word because it was in Spanish. All I can remember was “O Santa Maria, Santa Maria”

place to visit in Mexico City 49

I don’t remember seeing a bowl of holy water at the entrance macam dalam movie movie. And they don’t offer anything to the tourists too. Tidak ada apa apa cubaan untuk memesongkan pengunjung sepertimana dekat Malaysia tu kan. Asik asik nak kristian kan orang je.

place to visit in Mexico City 48

place to visit in Mexico City 46

place to visit in Mexico City 47

place to visit in Mexico City 45

place to visit in Mexico City 44

place to visit in Mexico City 43

place to visit in Mexico City 42

Macam masjid juga, ada mimbar untuk ceramahan.

place to visit in Mexico City 21

Memang ngeri duduk dalam ni. Bukan takut akidah terpesong ke apa. Tapi, ngeri la. I told my husband about my feelings and he smiled and replied

“all religion and its house of God are creepy”.

Wait, what?


Mexico City tour

It is a square surrounded by historical building such as the metropolitan cathedral, National Palace and museums. Macam dataran merdeka tu. This vast empty square that can hold 100,00 people and witnessed many events, festivals and protest took place.

Mexico City tour 5

Speaking of event, there was some kind of police squad Expo gitu. There were marching band playing and vehicle used by Mexico Police on displays.

Mexico City tour 1

This is not what you think. I wasn’t arrested by the police. Haha. I was about to take picture with the car then the smiley, friendly Policeman came to us and started speaking Spanish, open the car door and invite me to sit inside. Maybe to him, this is better than standing by the car. Gracias Mr. Policia!

Mexico City tour 9

and the marching band willing to take picture with me too 🙂

Mexico City tour 10

dan juga abang swat team ini. Look how tall and big Mexican police officer is. (sebenarnya, aku yang katik)

Mexico City tour 8

Mexico City tour 7

Mexico City tour 4

bomb defuse robot

Robot for bomb defuse job.

Mexico City tour 3

dan macam macam lagi yang mana aku tak minat. (and many more which is appear very boring to me.) All I want is a picture with a Police car and marching band.

tribal dance in the city mexico

At different corner of the square, there was also a tribal dance performance going on complete with a little ritual – smoke and fruits offering to the spirit. Nasib baik mak tak naik semangat menari sama sama gitu.

tribal dance in the city mexico 1

My husband and I were very lucky be able to catch this performance live. It is not that this performance is in our bucket list. But, usually you have to pay to watch such kind of performance or pay a tour in order to see this. So, since we watched this for free, we were very lucky la.

tribal dance in the city mexico 2

tribal dance in the city mexico 3

Aside from the performance, there were few native stalls selling souvenirs and products of local native.

tribal dance in the city mexico 4

Whoops! Tak tahu la apa fungsinya benda alah tu.

3) Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling)

lucha libre mask

If in Bangkok, I watched Muay Thai fight live and I want to do the same too when I visit this city. Mexico is popular with its own version of wrestling sport called “Lucha Libre”. We hired an English speaking guide name Luis, to bring us to see the match.

lucha libre mexico live

lucha libre libre live 1

I wasn’t a fan of wrestling, because it was a stage show just like Chinese opera and theater show with kicking and punching, flying and somersault move. You know that the winner in wrestling show like WWE, WWF  were already decided and all the trash talks were scripted, right? But you’ve got to watch it live at least for once and get it off from your little bucket list.

lucha libre arena

It was fun to watch the fans cheering for their ‘hero’ and booing the villain though. There were couple of ‘joker’ wrestlers in between and bring laughs to the stadium. Ok. I’m done with this one. Now left Sumo wrestling in Japan and Bull fight in Spain.

lucha libre arena in mexico city

Camera wasn’t allowed into the arena but they allow mobile phone. Every match in here were recorded live and sold for TV and Cable TV show.

4) Monumento a la Revolucion (Monument to the Revolution)

Monumento a la Revolucion Mexico City

When I visit a city, I always try to get on the highest point so that I can see the city from the bird’s view. In Mexico City, you can do it at Monumento a la Revolucion for $40 (Mexican Peso). This wasn’t the highest point in the city but this is the only spot that I know where public is allowed to do.

Monumento a la Revolucion Mexico City 2

 Monumento a la Revolucion Mexico City 1

Stand 67 meters high tall, constructed in honor to  the heroes of the Mexican Revolution movement in 1910. Remains of a few presidents located underneath this arch (laaa…kubur rupanya) There are uniforms, art, weapons, newspapers cut, drawings and pictures located in here chronicling the years of the revolution that range from 1867 to 1917. And this tower arch will be massively lighten up on Mexico Independence Day (September 16)


View from Monumento a la Revolucion Mexico City

Ok la, forget about the historical part. I’m not interested in it either. Haha. Let me presents you, Mexico City, 360 degree view from up above. You should come here at night for dramatic metropolitan neon light.

View from Monumento a la Revolucion Mexico City 4

By the way, did you noticed something so tall and pointy in above picture?

View from Monumento a la Revolucion Mexico City 1

That’s right.

There is no limit for you to stay up here. Close at 8 PM during weekdays and 10 PM during weekends, you can have a little snacks and coffee while enjoying the view too.

View from Monumento a la Revolucion Mexico City 3

Belanja magazine ala pose satu.


to be continued….




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