Mind i Step into the Scene?

Yea.. i keep asking myself le.. do i?? do i have time for this?? Owh okie.. if when i was a “kiddy” i always have my pink “Little Mermaid” diary with me.. i wrote down everything what’s in my heart…and it meant to be so so so secret.. hehe.. it was so secret, i even blushed out when people saw me writing down my diary…even they dont know what was the crappy lame stuff im writing about eh…LOLs.. i was so..shy…
But now things has changed ey… people wanna share what they feels ..think..what they experiencing about. Well..i guess i got so much thing going on in my so called “happening life” and before i turn into old saggy-not-so-interesting-ahma.. so i wish.. & i wanna share…make every experience and my journey ..mylife as open book^^ So.. here i am~another one of the millions ordinary writes up….



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