Movin’ On.. slowly….

Outside still raining and so cold…lately the sky so cloudy and it rains…endlessly…just like this heart.

Some say “Just let go…anyway you already knew this will happen eventually

Some say “Just be happy for him…”

Some say “He is bastard.. all men are total bastard.. not worth your thoughts and tears.. wake up~!”


Stashed quarter of my yearly bonus for cream de la cream.. hope it can ease the pain….

Im movin on..

movin on slowly…

Her name is Tivoli. She is my new companion. At least she never lie and hurt someone like me. And owh…she also can ease my agony thoughts of quitting my job (on daily basis) when I fed up with workloads and 1001 ridiculous Russian Tourists request with their bookings. When I look at her.. there she goes.. a masterpiece, a token, a proof, a reward for myself after I work my ass off for the year 2008. And it made me smile…

Inside my car, she sit down quietly beside me, and everytime I look at her, ahh she is gorgeous. And I smile. She carries all my necessity, and most important, she make me looks good. “I love to hang out with you.. you are good for my image” ~ get it?

Then my friend said, lets celebrate it.. so we went to Madam Kwan at Pavillion, the taste of the homeland. I keep stuffing my tummy the food from all over the world.. until forgot, nothing can beat our own. And I bump into one blog, this girl keep bragging about Japanese food like she was born and meant to be Japanese, and Japanese is somekind like a “God” to her.. Does she know that back in 60-70 years ago those Japanese cut her ancestors head?

Dont know how many of you been to Madam Kwan.. but sure many lar oh?

This is called Assam Vegetables – RM18.00 (if im not mistaken). The original vege inside were Ladyfinger, tomato and onion. But we requested them to put Eggplant… and tell you.. it was yummy…

“Sambal Udang Petai” RM23.00 – OK, SMELLY. I KNOW.

How to say in English ler? Chilly Prawn with Petai??

But I never shy to matter how classy I dressed up sometimes, hang out at classy place, sleep at most of the nice 5 stars hotels, had American for breakfast, mexican for lunch and all westernize for dinner, got cravings for Italian, Paris, European Designer stuff…but I still manage to keep both feet on the ground..and admit..I am Malaysian. And it is still not enough for you to brag just about the durians and Orang Utan.. until you did not admit.. u crazy about petai… (and I seriously hope can shove this petai to that Japanese wanna be blogger..)

We only ordered 2 of these with plain rice, and swear, these dishes actually can fit for 4 persons. 2 of us unable to wallap it all.. wish can da bao..but, shy ler. Im planning to bring those Russian to try this in my next visit to Madam Kwan.

**next next day**

Went to RedBox, not to sing.. but roar my pain out…

Couldnt bring myself to put the video of us singing… cuz it was totally TONE DEAF.

As you know, karaoke nowadays unlike old times per song in lousy lousy smelly room..They came with buffet dinner/lunch and refillable soft drinks. Well, the food are lousy tho.. but since it came with the package…just eat.

I dont bother to take a pic of others plate, cuz it surely messy and ugly since everyplate looks like “food mountain” and mixed altogether like the food already in the tummy.

These are what I had…

The scallops taste bad, taste like it was dead long time ago…

The rice is hard and taste very bad, seems like it was frozen long time ago.. I think that “Japanese wanna be” Blogger gal can do this better. Since she cook Japanese food everyday.

Nothing much I can say about these fruits cuz they taste the same no matter where you get it. Lucky it didnt taste like “was cut long time ago”

The food were eatable lah. Dont worry. It is for tone deaf people anyway.

End of the day, reach home tired. Eyes checked. No tears. Heart checked. 50/50. Am I happy? Not really.

But I know.. I am moving on…Dear God, give me strength..



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