My Experience with Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport, Doha.

Salam Tahun baru Masihi 2017.

It’s the most depressing way entering new year for me so far. Had to cross the globe for 27 hours with my pregnant belly, separated from my husband again for 100th time and had to figure out 1001 things alone once I touch down Malaysia, again.  Great way to start a new year huh?

Tiba tiba rasa teringin tulis post in English this time. Buang tebiat lah OK? Sindorm King Coco gitu.

I had 7 hours transit in Hamad International Airport, Doha this time since I flew out from Los Angeles with Qatar Airways. This is my first time flying with Qatar Airways and I can say it was a quite good experience. The food is oh so tasty (it was a great portion of fine dining class taste of Chicken Briyani / Tiki Masala / Chicken Mandy like), ample space for seat recline for economy class and sleeping kit which you can take with you as souvenir!

My experience with Qatar Airways
Loving this extra pocket. Just nice for scratch free storage my mobile phone, prescription glass and my lip balm.

Initially I was worried I will be seated next to full bearded big sweaty Arab guy on the plane! Haha. But lucky me and my tiny belly, I was seated next to a nice lady for both flights LA-Doha-KL. And no, unlike Southern China Airlines/China Eastern Airlines where their flight always full of noisy Chinese from mainland China flying in and out LA complete with constant sneezing and coughing, Qatar Airways passengers are more mixed with quiet, civilized,  hardly sneeze and cough people from all over the world. I feel blessed. Usually I will get fever after long hours flight, but this time, I feel fine. This confirms my theory of anything came out from civilized people will nurture you, including their breath. Lol.

And the bonus of flying with Qatar Airways from LAX is the transit at Hamad International Airport in Doha. I hardly write review on airport unless it amazed me. And you know what? It amazed me. Haha. Usually I would do quick 5 hours transit city tour every time I’ve had long hours transit. Unfortunately, my flight landed in the late evening and I am alone, and pregnant. So, yeah.

What I can tell you is, I felt being more terrorized when I was in LAX airport compared to Hamad International Airport which situated in middle eastern country (Doha), where I am surrounded by full bearded man speaking Arabic. This airport is like mind and body therapy abode for those who had long flights and long transit.

Every seat that are placed in every corner of this grandeur Airport is comfortable and plush. I almost fell asleep due to the quietness on the entire floor. It seems like they send their staff to search for missing passengers during boarding rather than loud paging every name across the floor.

They provide strollers for babies too.

Another special facilities in Hamad international airport is their Quiet Room. When it says quiet, it is really quiet and comfortable enough for you to sleep in a decent horizontal position after long hours flight. Some room are separated from male and female and some are Unisex. You can always ask the staff on the floor on the room where about in case you couldn’t locate it. But first, I suggest that you always do some reading and research on the airport you are about to land for transit and click on their ‘facilities’ tab to know what that airport has to offer. Or else you will end up like this exhausting, short breathing lady who entered the quiet room and sat next to me, told me that she and her family been looking a nearby hotel for hours, to sleep in during their long transit but all hotels are fully booked that night. I asked her, why don’t you come to this quiet room? She replied me ”we don’t know about this quiet room”. See?
Some airport /airlines offers food coupon /vouchers for long hours transit passengers.

While the staff on the floor using HP LCD desktop, Hamad International airport provides Apple to the passengers for general use. And the WiFi connection is smooth as ”The Flash” and I bet I can play Farmville if I had my laptop with me at that moment.

Iron cast keyboard. Urgghh. The only thing I dislike here,

Except they use this heavy metal kind for the keyboard and mouse roll, I swear I get Carpal Tunnel syndrome wrist right after 10 minutes I used it. No kidding!!!

Spacious private loo
thick,high quality toilet paper.
all sensors faucet and soap dispenser. Helps minimize wet/ dirty hands contact with the faucet knob.

All the facilities I showed here are for  economy,  budget restricted passengers. And I couldn’t imagine how is the First and Business Class lounge looks like at this airport.

I dont bother to list out / emphasized on designer outlet here since every airport has much the same outlet. Plus, what to buy here when the fridge Magnet alone costs you usd 7 per piece. I better get a good dinner plate KFC with that kind of money once I landed in Kuala Lumpur.

When I thought all these quietness, vacation like and relaxing ambiance is a part of Hamad International Airport, I was shocked back to reality when a bunch of passengers from mainland China entering the floor few hours later. I tell you, the surrounding turns so quick from 0 to 100 degree of hell once they stepped in. Loud highest pitch voice while speaking on the phone, loud voice when talking to each other, loud music and videos coming from their phone, loud cracking from their snack bag and open mouth chewing, coughing and sneezing just like you are in the night market in the middle of Beijing full of drunken people. Why…

And oh,  the worst transit I’ve had in international airport would be Guangzhou, China. No WiFi, everything is in Chinese, limited restaurants, lousy kind of seats for passengers, most of their phone charger outlet are not working and they seems like very careful with the amount of air conditioning unit. It feels like you trapped in a room with no window. And clean air. Not to mention the level of noise.

With the presence of Chinese Tourist from Mainland China at the airport, I considered my short, 7 hours layover vacation for 2016, is immediately over.


Doha, Qatar.





  1. Hanani M. Ali on Facebook

    January 5, 2017 at 1:59 am

    Impressive kan airport dia? I suka fly via Abu Dhabi. Sama jugak. Sgt impressive! 🙂

  2. Mazura Ahmad on Facebook

    January 5, 2017 at 4:50 am

    Kita pun suka epot dia kak! Selesa tp nasib akak kurang baik la sbb tourist tu ada

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