My first Pacific Coast Highway / California 1 Experience


Whoop! Back to old lazy me. Good habit of frequent update blog like I did in February month is hard to keep. Lazy Gaga virus. Well, I was a bit busy and occupied with road trip USA costing for my “Kembara USA” program for friends and my blog readers who been interested to experience USA Road trip. It is not easy to come up with costing especially when it comes to ‘almost perfect’ and unique route and enroute in road trip. I try to produce something not so cookie cutter and more to experience the locals way. I hate rigid tour program like the one for Beijing or any part of China tours where you are forced to visit places you don’t want to be. They toss you into tourist trap just to find out you are out of pocket money. No sweet memorable experience but conned by those ‘government factory’ instead. Yes. I paid RM400 for a bottle of stupid Chinese Herb for nothing. I went through that so I will make sure my program is nothing near that experience.

Back to this post, I have few left to write about my Pacific Coast Highway experience. For those who read my previous posts, Mike and I visited San Francisco from Los Angeles via Pacific Coast Highway (USA 1) and we stopped at few places on our way back to Los Angeles. Beautiful, breath taking look out point and parks like henry Cowell Redwoon State Park, Santa Cruz, Bixby Bridge and Point Lobos to name a few.


Pacific Coast Highway California road trip 1Pacific Coast Highway California road trip 2

For those had experience with Great Ocean Road Drive, Australia, I can say that Pacific Coast Highway is 40% similar to that especially Big Sur and Point Lobos area. Only 40%. However, Australia’s Great Ocean Drive don’t have heavenly smell of Redwoods (Giant tree species) and tight winding mountains road high above sea level. I have it recorded on my camera and you can watch it in my youtube video below;



Actually, we never intended to stop at Santa Cruz Beach. Beu we got here by mistake when we were trying to find our way to find Henry Cowell State Park. It was too early, the park hasn’t open yet for public. So we just drove around Santa Cruz City before we continue our drive to Redwood Park. In my road trip program, Santa Cruz Beach will be one of the stop and you can experience American’s old school roller coaster ride and other fun stuff you’ve seen in American’s movie with cotton candy in your hand 🙂 . Here, the world-famous 1924 Giant Dipper wooden roller coaster and the beautiful 1911 Looff Carousel, still operating and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.


Santa Cruz Beach 3Santa Cruz Beach 2Santa Cruz Beach 1Santa Cruz Beach 4Santa Cruz Beach 5Santa Cruz Beach 6

You can read about my take on Redwood Park HERE and I must say that it is life-worth visit. Those giants stands through out history and its size will humble you. Next is Point Lobos.



Point Lobos do reminds me of Great Ocean Road. However, in Australia, you need to go to Philip Island to see Seal. But in Pacific Coast Highway drive, you don’t need to go far, you can see Seal in Point Lobos if you pay close attention to it.


Point Lobos 1Point Lobos 2Point Lobos 3Point Lobos 4Point Lobos 5Point Lobos 6Point Lobos 7Point Lobos 8Point Lobos 9Point Lobos 10Point Lobos 11Point Lobos 12

We spent like 40 minutes here in Point Lobos. We wish to spend more time but we noticed that the clear blue skies turned grey and thick fog marching in. Mike suggested we leave early since he refused to drive on wet road (it seems like its going to rain) especially it’s a tight winding road.

We raced down the road with the hope that the fog won’t catch up to us. But I still made Mike to stop here and there because I wanted to take the pictures of the fogs. I never seen huge, thick fog like, it’s the end of the world. Maybe because this highway is way up above the sea so this is the only perfect point to view formation of the fog. It was one beautiful sight you can experience when you drive on Pacific Coast Highway.


Pacific Coast Highway California road trip 4Pacific Coast Highway California road trip 5Pacific Coast Highway California road trip 6Pacific Coast Highway California road trip 7Pacific Coast Highway California road trip 8Pacific Coast Highway California road trip 9

I thought it was only me who find that fog is remarkable. But other people did the same thing too.



Last but not least, a stop point before Bixby Bridge in Big Sur is a must. A majestic looking bridge is one of the tallest single-span concrete bridges in the world. There were lots of people stopped at this point you have to like, queue for a photo with it. It a must anyway. Haha. At that moment, the fog already catching up to us and the skies started to turn dark.


Bixby Bridge Big SurPacific Coast Highway California road trip 3

I fell asleep after the Bixby Bridge and woke up when we approaching Los Angeles. I know I was being a jerk for letting Mike drive the car alone. Hehe. Well, back in Malaysia, I was the one who drive and he sleep. So, fair enough, ok?

So, this is it. I can finally tell you that, I manage to finish the whole story about my California Road Trip October 2015.

The End.


California, USA




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