My First Time Jungle Trekking during Winter at Thunderbird Falls, Alaska.


I must admit that being a housewife is quite a boring position. Especially when your husband is independent and NOT a bossy type. I did offered to do some chores but, he has his own rules when it comes to his personal maintenance. There are few chores that I don’t have to perform for a husband such as:

1) Laundry – He is very strict on this. According to him, only he knows what kind of material, color and water temperature for his clothes. Even his mom can’t do the laundry for him.
2) Ironing – His working and daily attire’s material doesn’t require ironing.
3) Beverages – He only drinks plain water and coffee. His coffe is thick and no sugar. He only drinks once he woke up from sleep and when he about to drive long hours. To him, his coffee is so easy and why bother someone else to make for him.
4) Cooking – He don’t like to eat something soupy like I do. His favorite food is pasta, eggs and cheese. He is very strict when it comes to meal time. He only eat 3 times a day which is breakfast, lunch and dinner. No tea time or snacking. When I cook my own style, he might like it or not at all. And he don’t make such a fuss to prepare his own meal like sandwich when he’s hungry. He knew that our taste buds are different so he decided everybody cook what you feels like to eat as long as no food wastage.
And to him, a wife is not a maid. Wife is someone for him to share his life with but at the same time both of us still can continue with our own preferences and hobby. There is no force to change and become someone else, what we need is understanding. In fact, he is so nice and make me a cup of coffee and cook for everybody. But, he loves when I bake something with chocolate in it. But it doesn’t mean I have to bake everyday.
I am so bored, I can’t wait until summer to do the jungle trekking. In Alaska, there are few spots where you still be able to do hiking and jungle trekking in winter. In addition to that, Alaska is receiving very less snow this year compare it used to. It’s the warmest winter for Alaska this year according to the Alaskan. So I told Mike to bring me to visit Thunderbird Falls because I found some images via Google image that the falls looks very magical when its frozen.


trekking trail thunderbird waterfalls 6trekking trail thunderbird waterfalls 7

One day, we went out to Anchorage and Mike buy me a nice jacket for winter. Later then, we made a stop at the first, one and only Masjid in Alaska. I can say the exterior is finished. But they need more finishing like furniture and books. If you wish to donate, you can visit their website at . They accept Paypal.

masjid pertama di alaska 1

masjid pertama di alaska 2masjid pertama di Alaska

On our way back to Wasilla, we finally stopped at Thunderbird Falls. I saw others geared up complete with hiking pole and spike for boots. Well, since Mike and I already there, we just proceed with with what we have. Some kind of good boots. We hope nothing can go wrong. Maybe a couple slippery step or two. The trail to the waterfalls is about 1 mile (1.6km)

trekking trail thunderbird waterfallstrekking trail thunderbird waterfalls 13trekking trail thunderbird waterfalls 2

I got my first lesson during my first attempt to hike in winter season. The track is icy. Not snowy. But hard ICE. If the track is flat it shouldn’t be a problem. But it is quite hilly. We had to walk off track, try to step on dry leaves and twigs. And you need good special boots with rubber soled boots or else you will do more ice skating than hiking. If you live in Alaska, you need few good boots. Boots to walk on ice, waterproof boots, boots can withstand temperature below 0. Not thigh high boots like Rozita Che wan wear in Paris. Her RM10,000, high heeled designer boots is no good here. That kind of boots might kill you instead.

trekking trail thunderbird waterfalls 3

trekking trail thunderbird waterfalls 4trekking trail thunderbird waterfalls 8trekking trail thunderbird waterfalls 9trekking trail thunderbird waterfalls 5

When we got to the waterfalls, the sights is quite disappointed. Since there is not much snow and the weather is not cold enough. So I failed to have magical frozen waterfall picture as my collection, this time.

trekking trail thunderbird waterfalls 11

trekking trail thunderbird waterfalls 12

We slipped few times on that icy path. Due to that, Mike suggested that we make a shortcut. I’m not really happy when he made suggestion like this. The hill is quite steep and all I have is my 2 legs and 2 arms to climb it. He didn’t joke about it. He climbed it so fast and I followed him behind like a little monkey. But, I made it to the top.

trekking trail thunderbird waterfalls 14trekking trail thunderbird waterfalls 15

trekking trail thunderbird waterfalls 16

Bumped into this cute dog on our way back to the car park. Actually there were few other hikers with their dogs. I know that it is so fun to do this activity with your four legged friends.

Well, I didn’t say it wasn’t fun at all. It’s not bad. Maybe we will try again, I mean, jungle trekking in winter in near future since I am very bored right now. If someone offered me to go fishing in the middle of hard cold sea, I might do it now.

That’s all for now. A boring story from a bored housewife.



Chugiak, Alaska



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