My Life iz more Colorful~!

I received cute pink notification / invitation from Clarins thru my email for the past few days, giving me the signal to withdrawl more from the ATM’s machine. Yea ladies, it’s a warehouse sale. I tend to ignore it since my mum now in town so I already expected my expenses will be haywired.

But hell, my mobile inbox keep on getting the same reminder “29th & 30th, 70%” and it made me cant sleep at night, tossing and thinking of, hurmm maybe the rainbow color palatte in my make up pouch isnt enough. When it comes to color.. I surrender my soul…

On sunny May 30th morning, with “hesitation”, with my map in my hand, I forced myself drove to the said place (sure or not this statement). Warehouse sale like this never failed to make my jaw drop, frankly. Lucky I knew myself very well, I only withdrawl RM100 with me, this is the only way to curb myself from become Rebecca Bloomwood.

Wth~!! Color Quartet became RM50?(normal price is RM145) Gloss Appeal is only RM25? And the must have story tale book which contains 4 juicy shimmering color cream is only RM30? There are also alot of body care range – you name it – were there~! From RM700 become RM300..From 200 became 80…Pink Par Armour Toujours only priced at RM60 hohoho.. lucky I bring only 100 bucks… hehe.

Very mini splurge leh. RM105 (still over by RM5, when will I start to learn spend below the limit ler? sigh) Anyway, Im so happy, as happy as lil girl with a swirl lolipop candy. So, here another 8 colors added to my collection plus a sorbet gloss for lippy. Now I have the reason to wake up early Mon – Fri morning, To play with those colors like a Da Vincci~! Period.
and C O L O R F U L indeed~!




  1. Siti Rohana

    May 31, 2009 at 7:28 pm

    i want it..i want it!…haih…

  2. Siew

    June 1, 2009 at 4:03 am

    It’s really cheap. Just wonder how come I didn’t receive the same sms like you did. Miss the chance to grab those beautiful cosmetic sets. T.T

  3. Independent Queen

    June 1, 2009 at 6:06 am

    Hi Siew, if u are the member of Clarins Club Beaute, u will constantly receive their notification & invitation of their new product launching, event and sale~!!

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