My Top 5 Survival Kit Essentials

My husband and I have known each other for almost three years now. We are still learning to understand each other and our situation is a little bit special.  We are able to combine the test against distance and cultural differences – all at the same time.

Suddenly I decided to test him a little, to see how much he notices things about me. No, it’s not the color of my eyes, that is too simple. I also won’t ask him about dates or times that are special or memorable moments that took place, either. I asked him what are the items that I can’t live without. My life saver. My Survival Kit. I asked him to list about four or five items.

“4-5 items? Hair dryer or curler. Special cream or foundation for your face. Other pair of shoes. Maybe an extra handbag. Phone. But, if it was a real survival kit I know you’d be smart. Water and some snacks. And your phone.”

He almost got it correct. When we are together, all we do is travel. We travel from one city to another. But when we are in our home city(ies), we do the sleepover at relatives and friends houses. And as usual, I will take longer to pack and my bag is the biggest regardless if the trip is for a day or a week.

So here is the list of my survival kit:

1. Mobile Phone. 

survival kit no.1

Don’t get me wrong, I still can live without an internet connection. Besides receiving calls from work, my mobile phone gives me the feeling of security. I don’t know judo or karate.  Although no serious bad things have happened while I’m abroad yet, but knowing that home, embassy and emergency call is a phone call away – that calms me. Plus, my mobile phone comes in handy for capturing videos and pictures. I ditched my dslr like, totally since I got an android phone. It contains the Candy Crush game, too – a perfect getaway when I don’t feel like talking to strangers while waiting for the plane, train, bus or queuing at hotel reception. Um, sometimes I use Candy Crush to get away from Mike, too (my husband) when he starts to talk about politics, economy and world history.

2. Flat iron curler

survival kit no. 2

Yes! He got this dead correct. He mentioned this first before anything else. Everybody knows that I have issues in getting ready on time. I need to curl my hair! My friends hate me for that. I can never be on short notice invitation. Friends have to call me in the morning if they want me to join a dinner outing. It is TOO LATE if they call me for a lunch outing at 9 AM. Mike had to sleep with me busy curling my hair beside him at 1 AM in the morning. That is his fault. That is what he gets when we have to be somewhere as early as the sun comes up. So, you know the answer if there is no flat iron in my bag. I won’t step out of the house.

me and hair curler

This was taken during my trip to South island, New Zealand year 2011. Small, old motorhome facility did not kill the need to curl my hair issue.

3. Glasses

survival kit no. 3

I have very bad short sightedness. It is so bad, I can be considered a blind person without glasses. On normal days, I depend on contact lenses. But contact lens wear is only good for up to 8 to 10 hours maximum. While traveling, especially for a journey more than six hours, I won’t be wearing my contact lens. And due to hygiene, I don’t practice putting lenses in and out of my eyeballs without a clean water tap running in front of me. So, when it comes to my eye care, I am willing to look dorky for a while.

4. Facial cleanser.

survival kit no. 4

Actually, I wish that I can say ‘a bag of skin care’ instead of just facial cleanser. But, since we are talking about four or five items for survival, I chose the very basic. The first step of my facial regime. OR else, I need toner, moisturiser, face massaging cream, night serum and lastly eye cream. That’s why Mike mentioned earlier about “special cream or foundation for your face”. He did notice everything I do!

5. Lipstick/Lip gloss 

survival kit no.5

I wish I can say a bag of lipstick and lip gloss, too. I wear four types of lipstick a day. First is the matte, bright color in the morning. After lunch I will apply the light colored, shiny type. After tea and snacking time I will use my lip gloss and lastly, in the evening I will use medicated chapstick or lip balm. That’s in one day, but I have about 15 colors of matte lipstick, 20 colors of the shiny type, five lip glosses and 10 types of lip balm and one of it is EOS. I don’t know why I got that. It must be Kim Kardashian. I saw her use that on her Instagram page. Damn you, Kim!

Ok, my point here is, I need something applied on my lips, or else I will keep biting it. I feel a little bit insecure without color on my lips. I know I’m not the prettiest and some guys , the cyber bully guys, do call me ugly. That’s why I need lipstick to make up for my ugliness. Pffttt. So, for my survival kit items, I chose 1 matte lipstick to complete the list.

If I’m stranded on an Island, the flat iron will serve no purpose since there is no power outlet. But hey, I still can use the cord to strangle wild animals that try to attack me! The mobile phone I can still take some pictures and videos until the last bar of the battery. So, be it on an isolated island, big cities or a one night sleepover at a friend’s house, those 5 items is a must have item in my survival kit.

As for my Mike, well, I know he loves the outdoors very much. He even tricked managed to get me out to the woods TWICE during my short two week summer visit to his home state – Alaska. Recently I discovered a website that simplifies the work of getting your man a gift. It’s called Man Crates. By looking at the range of gifts awesomely stuffed into one crate, I wish they did the Woman Crates, too! It will be awesome to get a box that contains four to five items that you needed the most! I love the concept that Man Crates creates, it not only saves you lots of time in finding gifts for your man, it also comes with a personality category. Man Crates has the type of crate exactly for Mike! I know he would love the Outdoor Survival Crate and Coffee Ammo Can Crate.

So, what essentials would be in your Survival Kit?




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