Myth about klia2

Since its opening on May this year, I heard more bad reviews than the good ones. Maybe Malaysians’ expectation on this terminal is very high unlike me, or, I was lucky enough to get amused easily by this airport on my 1st visit.

klia2 picture 3

The worst review I heard was that, this airport is made to make you missed your flight. Like seriously? People advised me to be there at least 3 HOURS before departure (previous airport was 2 hours). They said KLIA2 is so big and you will definitely get lost in it. Distance between entrance to check in point or immigration or boarding gate is so far and it almost impossible for the elderly to walk. They blamed it on the number of shop lot too. The never ending shop lot is to make them to miss their flight.

klia2 facilities

I don’t know how far is the passenger drop off area to check in counter and security screening, but from Tune hotel, is fairly nearby like less than 1KM. Or, maybe to Malaysian, to walk more than 500 meters is considered far. But I am so used to walk around using my feet from point A to point B since I knew my husband. To us, 1 – 2 KM is a walkable distance. Rain or shine. However, I noticed they provides buggy for elderly, pregnant and disable people.

klia2 picture

I agree on the number of shop lot, but I don’t see it will make me miss my flight. I still have strong self control not to wander around while knowing I have vacation destination waiting for me. Or, maybe I am abnormal since shopping spree isn’t in my top list when I traveling (well, I do shop but only for stuff I unable to get in Malaysia).

shopping in klia2

But, because of all those alert and bad reviews, it made Mike and I really went to the airport 3 hours before departure although we stayed in Tune hotel which is 4 minutes WALK from the terminal. And it was the most stupid decision we made in our entire traveling experience and I was so mad. The total of checking in my luggage to the boarding gate is less than 45 minutes. So you know how long we spent in boarding area, waiting like a bogan having their first flight ever. I could use that 2 hours sleeping on comfy bed back at the hotel you know? This is not about better be early than late. This is like complete moron believing on something “Pen Merah (dot) com” or “Only In Malaysia” put on facebook feed and later on you share their stupid article on your wall hoping that your action will help to build a better nation. Something like that.

klia2 picture 2

It is impossible to get lost in this airport like people claimed. The sign that directing you to departures hall are everywhere, complete with walking time. Unless, you stop in every shop along the way and get lost in your window shopping infinity space.

klia2 check in counter

Nice check in counter decorated with some kind of futuristic mushroom / umbrella that changes color every 10 secondsklia2 check in counter 2

and oh, I came to know that KLIA2 also have a capsule hotel which is the 1st one in Malaysia. This hotel works like the one in Japan where you can rent SPACE for few hours rest with minimal $$. The rental space is based on hours. 

KLIA2 insight 3

I can’t say much about Capsule hotel because I didn’t have the chance to stay in. I don’t know how the space looks like, how big and what facilities comes with it. So if any of you tried this capsule hotel, please let me know.

capsule hotel in klia2

Mike said he definitely will use this hotel if he’s traveling alone. I guess I can never be fitted into capsule room with my luggage.

capsule hotel klia2 rate and price

klia2 ASS

If in USA airport, they have TSA, which is stand for Transportation Security Administration which was set up after 911 incident (and they include the fee / charges for this in your flight ticket!), KLIA2 have ASS and it’s free 😀  !!!

The distance between ASS point to immigration counter is super near, like 10 meters?. So now, seriously, I don’t see why we need be at KLIA2 3 hours before departure time!

klia2 floor map

The name they use for departure / waiting room is as fancy as its interior decoration. They use ‘pier’ for the floor level, like we are boarding into armada / cruise ship.

klia2 boarding gate 2

klia2 boarding gate 1

At this area, only few cafes available. No more big shopping outlet.

klia2 facilities 1

and yet, they decorated it so cutely for you to kill time before your boarding time.

However, for arrival, I must agree that you got to do quite a long walk from the arrival bridge to immigration counter and baggage claim. I think it was like 2 kilometers walk! But hey, you got nothing to worry unless you got next plane to catch 😛

klia2 luggage claim area

klia2 luggage claim

The good thing is, there are more shops available around baggage claim area. In fact, just next to the conveyor!

klia2 luggage claim 2

So you won’t notice if they took long time to load out your luggage since you are busy checking the perfume and chocolates?

KLIA2 insight 2

Usually, getting in and out from the airport is one of my biggest problem. Or should I say phobia? The taxi driver can be the biggest asshole that greets you as soon as you came back to your beloved country which made me willing to pay airport car park (for a week!) rather than dealing with taxi driver. But now, afraid no more. It costs me RM60++ from airport to Shah Alam now 😀

KLIA2 insight 1

Besides KL Sentral, they provide cheap shuttle to Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya and Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang for RM10!

With all these, what is not to like about KLIA2? So, KLIA2 is made for you to miss your flight? Wow, you must have messed up life, so much hate in you until you pick a new airport to blame.

The end.



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