No Sex, No Friendship Part III

He extended his hand and introduced his name as ‘A’, and I have no choice but to welcome his firm handshake. What the fuck.. his name.. even his name same as my God Damned Bastard Ex boyfriend!

Why all stewards that I met have same a name like you? And my experience with them were quite bitter though” I said it out loud with sinister tone. He laughed as it was a joke and so funny. I kept walking and he continues tailing me. “By the way, what time your work finish ya?” and I told him my office hour unlike others, we started at 10.30am and finish at 7.30pm. “Hurmm I was thinking to wait you and maybe after work we can have a drink?” Waaa this boy.. very persistent. Before I say “no”, soft wind blew right through him and covered me with his sweet smell, put me into 50/50 situation. But by the time I looked up to his angelic face and smile, my lips answered something that my BRAIN knew I am – so – going – to – regret it.

So instead of 7.30pm, we went out for tea time at 5.00pm. We chatted like an old friend and his personality seems very warm and kind. So I was thinking it is not a bad idea to have good a looking guy friend again since, all my collection seems to cease, some of them got married and the rest turned into unattractive creature. Despite of my hatred toward his work as MAS Steward, I decided to keep him as a friend, under the category of “good looking friends’ collection” That’s all. Or should I say, “My KEN collection?”.

5 minutes later, after I got back to my office desk, I got his 1st text ~ “It was nice talking to you, thank you for spending time with me and hope to see you very soon”. In return I thanked him for the drink. Surprisingly, the whole thing that happened make me smile all the way and his scent – lingers around me…



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  1. JenKin Yat

    September 8, 2009 at 10:42 am

    woooo it’s a sign..i like stories..LOL


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