Nothing but not so Ordinary Pt.1

Obviously those football fans fucking my life. They screaming, howling, cursing and yelling at 3, 4am in the morning (macam kena possessed by puaka) without considering their neighbors and other living creatures around them. What a selfish bastard kinda mentality. And they will continuing to fuck my life even harder during upcoming FIFA 2010. Fuck football, soccer, worldcup.

Im not a fan of Ice Kacang, last time I had it was… ermmm…4 years ago? But yesterday I got a sudden craves for it. So I texted  a friend to come over to be my Ice kacang kaki yesterday. I never saw Ice Kacang design this lame. I mean.. not to mention its sugarless, milkless and santanless taste was.. that freaking ice kacang was gliding all over the bowl every time I need to get a scoop of it. What the hell…

Lucky I forgot the restaurant’s name.. but it is located in a same row with Pak Li’s cafe, end block. If u happen to go there..please order something else. Not this.

Then my baby sis got extra extra like 6 extra tickets to ABP 2009 @ Genting Highland. She’s with Naza Motorworld and it happened that Naza was one of the sponsor for this event. Actually I got nothing to blog about ABP.. We were late and there was no way for me to take those celebrity shot.. since the fans were all over the fence and streets.. plus I don’t want to mess my hair.

Plus plus, EYNA (017 3042930), the make up artist wanna see her work again posted into my blog (theehee..) to prove that an ordinary girl like me can look decent in photo. Eyna, you are awesome and this is for u.

The view was so beautiful on my way up to Genting Highland.. we were very late and unable to pullover to enjoy the view. Sigh…too bad.

Hmm what else can I say.. watch this from home is far better. Except for the live sound and live screaming fans.. I swear to myself I will not sit next to any of celebrity fan club group (Fara Fauzana fan’s club to be exact).. they were standing and screaming with their huge ass banner like no body business.. ermm the thing was that.. yg menjerit2 tu..semua manis bertudung… but why oh why.. they spoiled such sweet and nice image by screaming and jumping mcm kena rasuk puaka..boleh geng dgn worldcup fan. And I heard few male voices behind my back talking about it.. malu juga dengar..

Left the event at 10.30, after I realized this is not my thing. I rather spend my time in backstage..serving mineral water tau?

Ahh.. finally I got myself a nice size, PINK Benetton luggage for my upcoming trip. It match my vanity pink case, my iPod and my mobile phone. Heee.. mad excited now.

Still hear the howl and scream outside my window… I wish there is a sudden black out in my area.. until 11 July (end of worldcup …) I am willing to live in “earth hour mode” for these few months.

Kill me.



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  1. Fiebie

    April 8, 2010 at 10:36 am

    that does look lame for an ice kacang

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