Nothing but Ordinary March.

Im not busy, Im just lazy. There. I respect those bloggers who able to post their stuffs up like everyday, or trice a day. Oh, I forgot. They are students. Ha. No offence. My mouth just itchy.

Besides complaining every Sunday night for tomorrow is gonna be Monday, and cheering up in a break of  dawn on Friday, on Facebook, um, That’s it.. I was a little bit upset because I missed the Hot air balloon festival at Putrajaya last Saturday, 19th, due to the rainy weather. I went there, just to get wet. No colorful balloons, no cotton candy, no hot air balloon ride, no fireworks. I was looking forward to it since February! But all I got was a messy hair. I looked like a heartbroken banshee. The only nice picture I took was this alley covered by a green leafy bamboo. Taken at Alamanda, Putrajaya.

green alley

I put the title of the album like : “A short trip to Korea” on my facebook’s album and actually another friend bought it! He sent me a message and told me how envy he was. I told him that is impossible because I only got 29 pictures uploaded. It didn’t looks or sound like me in a real trip at all!


I met my long lost Korean friend that day. We haven’t met for almost 3 years, and here he is. All grown up. I discovered that there is a Korean shop selling all those Korean’s food at Lower ground 1Utama new wing, called Lotte Mart, too. He was running happily to the shop and showed me his favorite snacks when he was a little. And he let me try a chocolate cookies which he claimed that he never had a chance to eat when he was a little. Uh,

Korean cookies

what an emotional purchase.

The shop also selling a homemade Kimchi! and it only costs at MYR10. I remembered how expensive a bowl of Kimchi soup costs me here. Next time I just come to Lotte Mart whenever I have a crave for Kimchi soup.

korean cookie 1

…and now Im addicted to it. I have 02 boxes in my room now 😛 I keep eating it like 3 pieces a day. Haha. Thanks MJ. And oh, I keep on eating at sushi King for a good cause! 1% of your total bill will be donated to Japan earthquake & tsunami victims.


*we are helping with fun eating. Heezz.

I got hundreds of Phuket pictures and story, but what the heck, Im too lazy! I will talk about it some other time though. Share the experience and tips for those who intended to start their 1st cheap so called overseas sightseeing kan.. Next post. I promise.

Here is a sneak peek 🙂


Oppss… Sorry!

I went out every weekends these days. I spent my whole day outside. Like starting from brunch till night. Just hang out with friend and girlfriend. Eating, movie, shopping, bitching and eating. It has been a while I don’t go out for brunch. I have trouble to wake up early until recently. It must be the collagen juice that I am taking for the past 1 month =)




When it comes to eateries, you should always come to the Curve, Damansara. Al fresco. beautiful set, beautiful peoples and sunshine appears more beautiful at this joint. Ha!


Oh.. this cafe is super beautiful. It makes people who step in it feel beautiful! Not many cafe or restaurant able to give such feeling! Dinner is a must! We really spent one whole day at the Curve. Come here for a  shot. I guarantee you, you will look beautiful! or, feeling beautiful, at least. hehe

Hey, I just bought this fake glasses to get a nerdy look. Sabar je la eh…


and loves that candid shot. Cheeky!

garden 2


Life can never be too empty when you have friends like mine. Someone told me that I have more good friends than most people do. I don’t know, I don’t have many friends. But whoever I have with me now are the best. It’s not the quantity that matters I guess. I’ve known them for many years, one, two of them since primary school, but mostly were from University. I have only few friends who are really willing to laugh and cry with. An extended family, separated before down to earth or whatever you want to call it. One or two of them really hold my darkest secrets. Flaws and mistakes brought us closer, we grow together in finding the meaning of essence of life. It’s very hard for me to open up to a new people, even just for a small friendship. I need to fall in love even for a friendship. It is love that keep us together all along.

just us



** we manage to meet up only night time due to super busy life. Haha.

Well, maybe me and my girls don’t have the best man and love in our life unlike some other lucky girls out there. But we are the luckiest to have each other.

“Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.” ~Sex and the City






  1. Mr Strider

    March 29, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    hehehe…i like ur candid picture the one that you eating with ur frens..its remind me of my English sweet but fierce..if is not bcoz of her my english sure berterabur giler..hahaha..

    p/s : luckily i got fren throughout happy n misery..hehe 🙂


  2. Jz

    March 30, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    I’m a student and it doesn’t make my life easier. Assignments tests presentations assignments tests presentations. Gosh.

    Anyway I LOLed at “what an emotional purchase”. And the pierced nipple of course. lmfao

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