Nothing but Ordinary Pt. 2

The busiest month of the year still continues… 2 weeks to goooo!! I just want to go through all these screw ups and downs, mistakes and corrections, problems and solutions – a roller coaster way, hold on tight, grip to that handles with teeth clenched. Before my energy and soul become totally depleted!


And all gifts and cakes from hotelier keeps pouring in, like a never ending mockery. Can’t enjoy it, unable to savour it. It all end up in the back seat of my car for few days, without knowing what’s inside and all those cakes.. frozen inside the office’s frezer! (maybe we will enjoy it during the summer?) pptfff.

From Sunway Resort, Thanks to Jeffrey Hanafiah.

(Shot with Nokia E71)
The smallest from the biggest resort…Thanks to Lily Khoo.

(Shot with Nokia E71)
From Renaissance Hotel, KL, Thanks to Murphy Liew.

From Traders Hotel, KL. Thanks to Serene Liew.

From Corus. Thanks to How!

Busy schedule and sweet offerings during December kills my sense of humanity, able to make myway to go to 2009/2010 Chanel Fall-Winter fashion show party@ Sheraton Imperial KL, instead of celebrating cocktail with orphans at Luna Bar, by Pacific Regency. I’m slowly turning into Miss Ebenezer, before those 3 ghost. (but hey, our company did contribute to their few wishlists ok..)

Anyway, I will make it up for Next raya ok le?

It was Venetian Red & Gold theme. All guests were presented with plain black masquerade masks and Chanel No.5’s pendant.

Although the theme was Venetian Red & Gold.. still, black is every peoples choice… or is it Malaysian still unable to comprehend themed party?

Delicious finger foods, too paiseh too take a shot for all of it. Not in my dress.

and this is the winner of the night. Succulent, Juicy, tender…

And I wish that I still will look gorgeous like that lady in pink, when I turns 50…

This is the only picture I able to take with all of my heart and feelings…set the shutter speed and stuff. This is my first time taking runaway picture with my big boi.
But hell, as the runaway and music getting faster, I went kancheong. So, just dail that auto mode and snap it all. wahahhahaha 😛
Enjoy these meaningless shot people!

I really dissapointed with myself.
BTW, among of all, I just loves that red white stripes boots. Super cute. That’s all.




  1. Lizz

    December 20, 2009 at 2:19 am

    Wow, you look super good! And it’s great that you followed theme and wore red. ;D

  2. KizZ

    December 20, 2009 at 6:41 pm

    Waaww…cantik..sume photo canteek…terutamanya yang black n white tu..

    Suka blog u..kemas dan cantik sgt.
    follow u..

    visit us

  3. Ariff Shah

    December 20, 2009 at 9:14 pm

    would like to go to events like that. u look great!

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