November, forever more..

12 midnight – Finished with Island tours and terribly tired. Mike had to make a stop at 7 Eleven after we got off from the bus. So I decided to walk alone back to the hotel where we were staying. The road wasn’t too dark, neither too bright. Quiet with no hype activities as it is in the afternoon. Few steps ahead of me, there was a tall, dark guy walking with plastic bag in his hands. Suddenly he turned back and he saw me, slowed down his pace and asked me

“where do you stay?”

I can feel my blood dries out from my neck up. Maybe if I can capture my face using my mobile phone front facing camera (the camwhore camera) at that moment – I was probably all pale white – whiter than albino polar bear. I was freaking out to get a question like that on quiet road, 12 midnight, alone. But after few second I shake my fear off by showing my grumpy face and pointed out, like nowhere and answered him “Here”. He still didn’t get my irritated look and asked me again “where? this hotel?” (pointed to the right side of the road) I asked him back – “why?” and intensify my grumpy look. He was all smiling and said “oh.. okay.. have a nice day”

Suddenly I snapped back in time, like positive kind of snap. Feel embarrassed. And quickly replied him “have a nice day to you too”. 

God damn it! I AM IN SINGAPORE. NOT IN KL. Why the fuck I was being so bitchy and unfriendly? Then I found out he’s working at the hotel reception. The hotel where I stayed in. FML.

I guess, living in Kuala Lumpur – the city of crime especially towards women turned me into phobic disorder idiot. 

I sometimes freaked out when I noticed my handbags unzipped on the MRT. I was so scared getting pick pocket too. or getting snatch by the motorcyclist. I am so sorry, dear Singapore. I just forgot how safe you are.

Yada, yada.

I celebrate my birthday totally in a very different tune, this year. No party, or cake cutting. Only received a few wishes from those who really remember it since I DON’T put my birthday date on Facebook in order to save me from wishes just because they got reminder on the top right corner of Facebook page.

Anyway, thanks much to my boyfriend, instead of celebrating a birthDAY, he gave me a birthWEEK of celebration. We had so much fun exploring Singapore Tourist style. When I said Tourist style, I mean..


This card cost SGD30 for unlimited ride of intercity trains and buses for 3 days. It is good for those who planning to get lost and lucky –  tap your way in and out like a boss. SGD10 is refundable on day 4 when you return this pass at major MRT stations or airport.

Well, I don’t totally free riding this trip. I work as tour guide for Mike in return. Being in Singapore for many times turns me into no stranger in this Merlion city. But Singapore do have a lot of changes since my last visit in year 2010..

We went to Suntec city, and did our wishes at Fountain of Wealth and ate CHEAP terriyaki bento set at SGD5!!!

Marina Bay

Up close with Art Science Museum – a lotus shaped structure designed by Moshe Safdie. Consists of 10 petals (I called it petals, since it is resembles flower) or fingers, this museum has 21 gallery spaces and 3 of its permanent galleries are Curiosity, Expression and Inspiration.

By night, the heart of this lotus will shoot colorful lasers to add futuristic ambiance its magnificent landscape as a whole.

It was 5 in the evening. Time for cuppa tea.

or a slice of best seller’s mousse cake from Au Chocolat. I had a hard time to make a decision whether to settle with their range of pastries and confiserie – cakes, cute cupcakes (it is so cute till make me pee), pies, giant colorful macaroons, cheese based, chocolate based.. everything! So I had to settle with the ‘best seller’. 

Marina Bay at night.

Next day we decided to “convey” to Sentosa Island through its reservoir Broadwalk.

Distance between Marina Harbour to Sentosa Island is about half kilometers but no sweat crossing it (you can do it back & forth from morning until night) because it has conveyor floors. Save that legs & energy. You need it the most when you are finally on Sentosa Island.

Nope, I need 1 whole day just to show Mike the whole Sentosa Island. So we didn’t do the Universal Studios that day. I wish to bring him on Transformers Ride, someday.

“Adam and Eve” according to Fernando Botero.

We checked out Hard Rock Hotel and Hotel Michael too.

Mike asked me ” Do you wanna see fishes?” 
Um, Okay.

Inside Maritime Experimental Museum (MEMA) , it turns out more like a fish market, rather than biggest aquarium in South East Asia as proclaimed by the banner hanging outside. Mike made me learn a lesson about pirate of the East and the pirate hunter! Also about ancient maritime silk road Palembang – Malacca – Galle – Calicut – Muscat, sea trade between Asia, Middle East and Europe. I almost wanna cry because I almost fell asleep. And he came to me with round eyes and told me “oh, it is so cool to follow one of this guy on their martime journey blah blah blah” (dragged me to the interactive map and started to pressing the button on every seafarer) FML.

So I ran to the lower ground floor – Souvenir shop. The sight is better. More present rather than the past πŸ™

At lower ground of MEMA, there is a few touch screen kiosk where you can learn more and more history of Asian’s Maritime and pottery making game. I know it sound lame. But don’t you start it, or even stand close to it. Or else you will end up like us – hours and hours compete (and show off) to each other the skill of making virtual pottery and see who will get the highest bid price, virtually.

Mike end up with 3 pots. And I with 2.

This is mine. And within that 1-2 hours, this pot has the highest bid price among all πŸ˜›

and this was created by Mike. He think by making the size trice bigger than mine will add the value of it. Meh.

I know. Both of us are equally NERD. I bet normal couple out there don’t bother with any of this.

Ship wreck. We watched the typhoon theater and got ourselves wet. It’s nothing like Transformers Ride. But the concept of  simulation enhanced by special effects are alike. 

Mike cheating on me – right in front of my eyes. #adultrygame #threesome

It’s getting darker. We moved to the other side of “Old” Sentosa Island which used to be hype and happening. Siloso beach and all πŸ™ Nothing much going on except the Luge ride really attracts Mike to buy us the ride.

After I confirmed with the ticket counter girl (many many times) that I am in a FULL control of that little toboggan/ luge brake, then I agreed to try it.

On our way up the hill for the luge ride. Seriously, Im not afraid of height, at all. But the speed. The reason why I never had roller coaster is because of the speed. Not the height or the loop.

Sun set view from the sky tram.

I unable to take picture of me riding the luge. They did snap my picture but I didn’t buy it (as usual). But what I can tell you is this – I pull the brake all the way down. So the speed was like, um, 5km/hr. yea. And I made Mike wait down hill for quite sometime πŸ™‚ Serve him right for leaving me behind and speed his way down hill just like The Road Runner.

Finally done with Sentosa Island. So tired and hungry, we trammed our way back to the main Island for dinner. Moving conveyor floor is way too slow for such hunger.

Head to Clarke Quay the river side for famous Singapore Chilli Crab. But what I know! Everything has changed and I didn’t see any crab πŸ™

So we ended up dining with hot stone cook style at Tongkang Colonial Bar & Restaurant which then NOW I happen to know that I was dining on the last surviving Clarke Quay’s Tongkang!  #emotional
Love the food here. Especially the mash potatoes and marinated beef. No oil involved. The juice from the beef, prawn, salmon and chicken helped to cook itself. Very healthy for late dinner

Done with dinner. We tapped ourselves to Orchard Road – to see this year Christmas decoration along this road.

Next day – finally is my birthday. Long sleep, rest and brunched nearby our hotel area. Then, it took me 3 hours to set that God damn hair and headed to Marina Bay Sands, again.

#Bodycondress by Warehouse. #Envelopeclutch by Miss Selfridge #LeatherAnkleboots by Nine West.

Few months ago I was up here with Korean group of students. I told my boyfriend about how spectacular the view of Singapore from up here. When I told him about my wish to celebrate my birthday up here, he granted it right away. Thank you boyfriend.

We had dinner at Ku De Ta where the main course can go up to SGD 110 per 100 grams. He chose grilled salmon and I went for roasted beef. Sauteed mushroom and grilled asparagus as side dishes. Well, with that kind of price, I was expecting out – of – this – world gastronomy experience which I had many times before with several restaurants all over places. Where the aroma of the concoction sent you day dreaming by the dining table and the beef just melts in your mouth. I didn’t say that the taste of the foods that we ordered that night were bad. But it weren’t that excellent either.

Plus the lady at the other table laughed hysterically over her glass of wine was a deduct point. I take back the word ‘lady’. She is just ordinary woman who happen to miss good fuck for too long, so she thought by opening wide jaw, laughing hysterically will get some good dick coming on her way instantly.

Anyway, thank you boyfriend, for giving me the experience to dine on my birthday – 656 feet above sea level.

Plus Folli Follie’s Swaroski encrusted bling for my small wrist πŸ™‚ 

Complimentary Chocolate lava cake from the house. So, I still have a candle to blow. 

I wish that life with you is like a birthday celebration, Christmas and honeymoon all at once – everyday. With a loving relationship is one in which the loved one is free to be himself — to laugh with me, but never at me; to cry with me, but never because of me; to love life, to love himself, to love being loved. Such a relationship is based upon freedom and can never grow in a jealous heart. We argue and giving pain to each other ass to learn more about each other for a better future. Promise to never let go of each other even no matter how difficult the situation it can be. Best friend for life and a home to run to..

and for more November to come… 


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