Of a Gay and a Man

What makes a man? Define “Man”.

I rushed home to switch on my TV after my 1st Muay Thai class, just to find out JP Calderon is a Gay. Ouch. This is more painful than the bruised on my right knee.

Now I found the answer to my very question – “Where are all the good, cute men go? Were all of them taken?”

JP Calderon is a gay and more of him out there isnt a problem. The problem is – What’s left for us, women?

No. I dont have anything against towards Gay people. They are just fine. Fine look, well behaved, smell good, responsible, men with sensitivity, well educated, very successful, they have everything, they have what all women been searching for, except..they are not for women. Sigh.

Well, the fact that gay is gay doesnt make them less of a “man” than someone who is straight.
What makes a man? A PENIS MAKES A MAN. Plain and simple. A man is not someone who fucks pussy. A man is someone who is biologically born with a dick.
I love a quotes by Janice Dickinson on what is a Man all about~ “Being a man is not being an athlete or big muscles. Its about being honest. Its about being a man, having true convictions to yourself.”
I totally agree with that quotes. All men have penis but is that what makes them a “real man?” I now admit some gay men have more balls than straight men. They admit they are gays. They refuse to live and be someone they are not. Unlike some “real men” who always try to get themselves out easily. Yea, like someone I knew : My EX – He is straight but got no balls. He always fails to communicate and say out he’s thoughts and feelings of our affiliation and me, and just let me sum up everything alone and walk off. All he did was, stand there and cried while watching me reversing my car out and left the house. In the end, all he said was ” It wasnt me who decide to end it. It was you who initiate and asking for it. What a real man huh….
If all good looking men are gays, and very pretty men became transvestite, so what’s left for us woman? Jackass and Assholes? I cant believe that the number of fine, good men for women to have has become extinct as marsupials’.
Well, does this extinct phenomenal of a “real man” makes men a hot commodity nowdays? By knowing the fact, they can be a real jerk and ripping off all the opportunities bestowed a.k.a manipulative bastard.
What can I say, by the time ozone layer completely gone, we women only have 2 option left : a lesbian partner and a dildo.



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