Of colorful night and white morning.

After 6th visit to Singapore, finally I managed to come to Suntec City.

If it is not because of the Wolverine, I will not be here anyway. I have to watch Hugh the wolf tight firm ass again cuz I made a promise to watch the movie together with bff. Sien. Anyway, I do not know there is the largest fountain in the world here… until.. I came here la.

It looks like hot lava came out from earth core.

and pink too. I love this one better.

Actually there are many hues of color. I just lazy to take it. And oh, this fountain actually is the biggest monument to Feng Shui in Singapore. This Fountain surrounded by 5 tower / office building which represent 5 fingers and while the fountain stands as the palm of the hand symbolizing “to hold the wealth of the world in one’s hand.” Ya hor.. the metal of the fountain leg and ring and the water flowing is a very good Feng Shui indeed. When element of water and metal is well balanced, it will bring success. Errm.. I watched Lilian Too program on TV ok? That’s why la I know..
Im not surprise with the fact, cuz all development and construction in Singapore based on the Feng Shui. No wonder so small yet so advance oh…

People say we can have our piece of good fortune in here too by walk around the central base of the Fountain three times, touching the water at all times to gain some good luck of their own. Eeeee, I didnt do it cuz me and bff rushing to buy the movie ticket leh..
But I manage to wait to see the laser light show displayed onto the fountain springs. You can have a song or message dedication and it will spelt out with laser light like this..

View of Eye of Singapore wheel from Raffles city.
The War Memorial Park.

Aiyoo, my camera is so cheap one. So really, I lazy to take night scene picture cuz it turned out so bad.

The show was at 9.30pm, since we have about 30 minutes left so we filled out sweet tooth here, at Waffles Place Cottage.

Cant tahan with the sweet smell of caramel sauce on hot waffles, this is only left for me to snap. And the plate cleared within 1 minute.

Nothing to brag about Wolverine since, ermm I already had about it in my previous post.

Next morning,

Breakfast at Indulge at Park. The interior/exterior is very old shop houses with an English touch (err I dont know why I say English. Maybe cuz of the white paint?)

continuity of waffles story..

Then I packed up my stuff, my weekend holiday is officially over. Back to KL and, boring , again. Sigh.

Left at 3.30pm, but before that I had my lunch here. Convinced since I saw the customer ranged from small kids, teenager, mama and papa..

and semi – bald ah gong. It seemed like all generation like it.. so why not me?

Mushroom Chicken Pizza and…

Spagetti Marinara.

The food was not bad at all. I will come here again when my SGD almost finish of the round trip and fancy food. The price is very MC D de Value le.

Cant eat so much le. I already had a very heavy feeling to leave this urban Island. Sob.

Reach home, just to find out I’ve gained 2 kilos from this short trip. Great.



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