Open Letter to Pos Malaysia

First of all, kudos to anyone behind POS MALAYSIA’s Twitter account to respond to my hashtag. Your little gesture eliminates my urge to write this letter with vulgarity and thus, this going to be very short one. You are doing your job right –  A good PR. 

At first I can’t believe POS MALAYSIA has twitter account. Like, for what? But now it makes sense.

I appreciate to know that POS MALAYSIA has came out with beautiful parcel / box with many sizes and it’s cheap. You are not just making everyday shipping easier, but you also help us in personal shopper business looks presentable.

There are so much upgrades in your service and products since 1992 except on things happened to me yesterday.

I believed that everybody has at least one sour experience with POS MALAYSIA. So here is mine.

I walked under the scorching sun to your office in Kelana Jaya, half kilometer to be exact, to get your beautiful parcel and shipped it to my brother. I purchased your “pizza-Box” parcel (which is my favorite), stuffed it and wrote the addresses (front and back).

Then I went to the last counter asking for cellophane tape, so that I can securely seal that beautiful box before I send it out, and you know what shocked me?

“Oh, kita tak bagi salotep free. Kita jual.” (we don’t provide cellophane tape for free, we sell it)

I was like “Tapi, 2 hari lepas saya datang, ada salotep dekat meja tempat lekat setem dan saya pernah guna” (But, I came here 2 days ago and I saw there was a cellophane tape at the writing/ stamp table and I used it before)

She replied me with sour face “saya tak tahu maca mana salotep ada kat situ. Tapi kami memang tak sediakan. Kami jual”  (I don’t know how come the cellophane tape was there, but we really do not provide it for free. We sell it)

Well, I do saw your little shop a.k.a  STATIONERY CORNER. But all I see is envelope. Envelopes with many sizes. I didn’t see any notice, stating/ showing that POS MALAYSIA also selling Cellophane Tape, Pen, Glue or even WATER for us to stick your stamp onto our letters and packages. OR, POS MALAYSIA IS PLANNING OR MAYBE STARTING TO BRANCH OUT ITS SERVICE BY SELLING ALL KIND OF STATIONERY NOW without Malaysian knowledge.

Are you telling me, in the near future, we have to bring our pen, glue, cellophane tape and even water (to stick the stamp) every time we visit your good office?

How much is that cellophane tape cost to seal my “pizza box” parcel which is prolly like 10″+12″+10″ / 32″ in total until I can’t get your value added service so I have to pay for it after I purchased your box, paid your stamp and paid the register fee for my box weight and destination?

Oh, you think I’m stingy because I am complaining about paying 32″ cellophane tape now? What about big sticker on every of your staff’s forehead sitting behind the counter stating that, WE ARE NOT ONLY SELLING BEAUTIFUL PARCEL/BOX WITH MANY SIZES, WE ARE ALSO SELLING THE CELLOPHANE TAPE TO SEAL IT”

I was lucky that I only walked HALF KILOMETER in the afternoon (1 KILOMETER IN TOTAL AFTER GOING BACK TO MY OFFICE) to find out I have to purchase cellophane tape to seal the box that I purchased from POS MALAYSIA, at POS MALAYSIA. What if the old uncle and auntie who came all the way from ceruk Felda with heavy item to be sent to their kids, bought your pretty 10kgs parcel and then you said  “Oh, kita tak bagi salotep free. Kita jual.” (we don’t provide cellophane tape for free, we sell it)”. Very nice of you.

I walked back to my office to get the box sealed. I told the whole office about the incident, they are all shocked and asked me why I didn’t argue and try to get 32″ cellophane tape for  free. I told them I do not want to argue when I know there is no way I can win by looking at the way the girl served me WHICH, ONLY GOD’S KNOW WHERE POS MALAYSIA SENT HER/ THEIR STAFFS FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE’S TRAINING.

Plus, I do not want to be seen arguing with a person like that (although I’ve seen too many times, aunties and uncles did it) like, bring myself down to her level, creating drama where there are 100s of people queuing over there. I do it my way. I twitted it and blog it, share it on facebook and all social network that I am signed to.

Right, maybe you will reply me “if you don’t like POS MALAYSIA, please go to DHL, UPS, CITYLINK, NATIOWIDE EXPRESS and all other mother of courier services out there since you are so highly”.

Tak suka Malaysia, pindah la negara lain. Ayam mahal, makan la ikan. Kalau selalu komplen hidup susah, pegi la mati. (you don’t like Malaysia, go migrate. If chicken is expensive, go eat fish. If you always complaint life is hard, go die) Like that?

What a cliche.

I know POS MALAYSIA’s rate is the cheapest. But with the volume you guys still make it until now. Please stop with the idea selling cellophane tape. It’s like you selling the karipap but you asking your customer to pay for the plastic bag to carry the karipap. Like you selling the drink but you asking your customer to pay for the straw. But if you really think cellophane is so costly and it will cause POS MALAYSIA to go bankrupt if you keep providing free cellophane tape, here is my suggestion;

FOOL US by Cost in the cost the cellophane tape into your stamp or beautiful parcel price.

Just don’t ask me to pay the whole bunch of cellophane tape separately every time I visit your place.


p/s: my office is located on 1st floor and your delivery guy NEVER sent registered parcel up to my office. They always left the ticket/ coupon in our letter box at ground floor so we have to pick it up at your office the next day. Sometimes your delivery guy never left the ticket/ coupon. Our sender get the parcel back and asking us WHY. Can we ask you WHY?



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