Osaka – Baby, It’s cold outside.

And I hate it. You can never look better than Japanese girl. Not in Winter outfit. Actually, It’s Spring. But it does feel like a winter to me, 8 degree celcius.
Japan : Where nothing is priced below MYR 11.00.

Well, at least the cheapest train ticket is MYR 8.50 🙁 . Ignore my super small picture and raw. Im blogging from far far away (for the 1st time) and Im using laptop with Linux program. WTH, every single tab & folder looks alien to me. So every post will be short & sweet ugly as Im able to do this at the end of the day after I resting my sore feet 🙁
**Ebisu – Brings wealth & good luck. Well, Good Luck with your little pocket money in Japan 🙁

Ah, first thing that I can tell about this futuristic land (besides everything is costly) is the girls – Pretty! Cute! Sexy! Here’s the preview;

Sugoine! Whoot, wrong picture. Sorry. This is the TV program in my room at the hotel that Im staying. Staying at Shin Osaka area, 2 train stops away from awesome Umeda,s city centre. Now I don’t know what is the city centre in Osaka anymore. Wait until Namba visit.

If you want to lose someone, just drop him/her in Osaka, I can promise you, s/he would never ever able to find/track you. I think your dog will get lost in Osaka/ Japan. Unless your dog was born in Japan. Because s/he got lost forever in this city. We almost lost ourselves too, with hundreds of rail line, little romanji and almost none of locals on the streets can speak English. They replied you in smile & super friendly, answer your every question in – Japanese! Great. But one thing, they are friendly, and always at ready to help you.

So, it happened that this young boy, suddenly asked us where are we going, when we were busy reading train rail information board at the airport. Luckily he speak understandable English and he knew Malaysia – Malacca some more. So, he helped us until we finally hopped on the taxi in Namba. Because train stop operating at 11.45pm. We were chanting in God’s name that, that taxi won’t take all of our pocket money on our very 1st day in Japan. Arrived hotel in 20 minutes time . 3,300 Yen. (Go exchange yourself). Lucky there are 4 of us.
Hey! Look what I found! Wolverine. A Japan version Wolverine!

Let see how many part we able to cover in our 6 day stay in here. Wish us luck.

Le Petite room.

2 – 3 star, Tapi mandi, berendam, bershampoo dengan Shiseido.. KL ado? Macam sabun Fab je Shiseido kat sini. hampeh.

1st cute thing I found in Japan. Hello Kitty Penyendal boots. hampeh.

Nothing really authentic Japanican meals on 1st night. Sabar… Hari hari makan Sushi King dah kat KL. Tak pe.

Konnichiwa! Peace sign is a MUST when taking photos in Japan. Or else, you can take your flight back home on your next day. Thank you.


We are going to that building. Umeda Sky building.

The bestest cream puff – Condi, The Westin Osaka.

Umeda Sky Building.

Another peace sign. May peace be upon you lah senang cerita.

 First group photo

Will tell you on the next complete post when I get back to KL lah. Penat niehhh. penatttt.

Hmm.. it seems like I cant afford to buy souvenirs this time 🙁

“ah, dgn jeruk sebijik pun kau nak bergambar” bentak Michael didalam hatinya.

“Hey, I do better than you posing with this ridiculous fruit, bitch.”

Ok, How about  this, punk. *quick learner*.

Cake or shoes? Will tell you when I get back to KL 😀

Next : To Osaka Castle.

Apparently, this is the only thing I can show you. Gimmic can la… Wants to see the magnificent Osaka’s Castle, You have to come back ‘ere. Post teaser lah. Keh keh keh.

Padan Muko.

Ok la.. sneak peek of Im touching the stone that made the castle’s base 🙂

1.25 am here in Osaka. ’till then, Kombawa…

*now my leg up to my waist… sore. 🙁




  1. Azlan Strider

    March 5, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    hahaha..the caption with the fruit is so cute…hahahaha..but what shock me that the porn in the hotel wonder people say that japan is the leading on asia porn..hahaha


  2. independentqueen

    March 6, 2012 at 3:30 pm

    Is it? I dont know about leading. But they are creative 😛

  3. Awelodeng

    March 7, 2012 at 6:27 am

    I’ve been to Narita during spring season last 10 years. hmmm…. It’s still fresh in my mind. Its a beautiful town. There are several magnificent Wisteria vines, plumb and cherry trees with beautiful spring blossoms, maple trees to offer colors and plenty of ducks, geese and other birds.. Japaness are so polite to outsiders and they are workaholic people. I’m admire their determination…

    Hey if u have the time jst go to their park.. Its awesome! Just keep ur lens open. You will have a good captures to remember.

    Have fun yeah!!

  4. independentqueen

    March 11, 2012 at 11:11 am

    Yeah, there are so much to see & capture until I don’t care about good angle anymore! So many places, so little time!!

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