Out Of Resolution…

Another year passed by, older by 365 days, open new log book.. and hell.. i think im out of new year resolution ler 🙁 or.. can i say.. New Year Resolution only for losers? hehe.. because, if you got something to do.. you need not to wait till new year and for some people (or maybe most) realized they havent or never work on their resolution by the end of the year and so kay poh adding another Resolution… What a waste..

This is my 2nd time celebrating New year among the Russian.. and.. sigh.. ok la.. I can get award for the best – pretending – enjoy the moment – award. Maybe is not that the party not happening enuff..may be it is just me, getting old.

Hurmm..let me see what I can show in here…

so.. that’s bout it.. I forgot to recharge my cam.. while syiok syiok taking fireworks.. bleepp.. bleep.. out of battery.. Ass.
Here some of the photo taken with the guests.. friends of a friend, Hotelier.. blahs blahs blahs…

With Elaine Sheraton Langkawi and Jason Sheraton Imperial

Here with Bryan Westin KL, Jessy Four Seasons and their collegues and oh.. my boss behind me there .

With guest from Germany.. they are friends of a friend.. Thore & Frank

Well.. i guess nothing much I can show ler.. I hate my make up that night coz i do not have much time tho to put it properly.. always running out of time to do this and that. I hate my new heels which I bought specifically for that night.. and I decided not to wear it. I hate my hair too, spent 1 hour doing it at the saloon just to find out after 30 minutes the curls gone completely. I even dont know what was the food that night.. what I remember was.. I only ate whole plate of smoked salmon.

Well.. as party people gettin jiggy with it.. or getting “dangerous” as the song title..I still thinking.. what Im going to do for the whole 2009…so far.. according to my 2009 astrology forecast telling me that “Two Sides of the Same Coin” ~~ In 2009, be prepared for surprises, the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Each surprise will be like the proverbial two-sided coin. You’ll be doing a lot of work in seclusion, but you’ll do it so well that everyone will know about it. You’ll make more money than you have in a long time, but you won’t be able to think of anything you want to spend it on. You just might find your dream home, but you’ll be either too busy or too tired to enjoy it. And in spite of the fact that you’ll be playing the role of the solitary workaholic, you’ll receive more social invitations than you ever dreamed of.”

Wahh?? Im getting rich?? Is that what the forecast trying to tell me?? Until I wont be able to think of how to spend it?? THAT IS LAME… I can finish 10 mil bucks in 1 day you know? What – dont know- how to- spend lah.. what a lame forecast…

How about yours ? Hope it will not be as lame as mine tho..Anyway.. Happy New 2009 Year Y’all~!!!

(no, he is not my boyfriend. He wish tho, but the santa did not grant his wish since he doing bad all year round)




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