Hurmm..what a such goodie opportunity ^^ right after my trip to Cherating, i am invited to Luna Bar 3rd Year Anniversary with the beachy “Hawaiian” Theme~!!…so put on the Glittering dress & accesories (err.. i know the theme was “Hawaiian” but i refuse to look silly in coconut shell bra & olala coconut leaf skirt zzzzz)

So me & my whole team in my office marching to the bar.. the party was was better than the real life beach in Cherating šŸ˜› cos it’s minus SUN, minus SANDFLY, minus SUNBURNT and plus MUSIC + Free Food šŸ™‚ Well.. the food wasnt good tho..coz i dont like grilled lamb at matter how they cook it… i just HATE LAMB. The show was great also.. the performance by Abang Api .. and they invited DJ from Japan.. errr i forgot his name.. but i never forget his cutie face šŸ˜› Hahas…

Waaa… they even gave us flower necklace & coconut drink at the entrance..Even the hotel i was staying in at Cherating didnt give us such treatment even they are LOCATED near the beach.. bleahs…(hello.. i know Cherating is not Hawai but.. pls put some creativity in welcoming guest.. duh!)The spirit of Beach party suddenly rush in liao! Hurmm…in additional to that.. the performance by Abang Api was really..Wuhoo~! If im not mistaken.. 1 of the song they were dancing & spitting the fire is a Shakira’s Hips dont lie.. O.o

The ambiance was good in total..and it was so fun. Sorry for the video taken in such an amateur way šŸ˜› and manage to captured funny things around. Everytime i watching the clips i will be laughing..and can u imagine if u were there? Syiok lor…



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