Phuket: 10 things you gotta love about Phuket

Weekend. Not going anywhere. Im in love with home again after getting my new furniture in. It’s a life record breaking that I do the mopping and house cleaning twice in a week! . Last week, I woke up in the middle of the night without reason, and can’t continue to sleep. My beautiful mind (heh) started to boggle around and trying to find something meaningful to ponder. Then I came to think that, I really need a life makeover. I am no longer sobbing over my heartbreaking relationship, and I started to go out with them boys (yes, boys. When I said boys, it means single young boys. Haha). I looked around and I said to myself, I need a new furniture, for a start. And what do you know, I’m starting to do the mopping & cleaning and rearranging. It’s all about colors and shape now. I stop buying shoes and clothes for a week now! I think my life makeover is seriously kicking in.

Ok, I should stop bragging about life makeover now. Continue some other time. Heh. Here is the basi story. I decided to put this up while my other girlfriend is having a blast in Phuket, now. Hmmpph. Yea, this is the one about jalan jalan cari pasal in Phuket last February. Now I got it, Phuket is way nicer than Bali. Now I totally understand why is it so, after I experienced it myself.
Phuket airport
1st –  I can walk all day and night in Phuket without getting my hair sticky. That’s the signal of clean air in Phuket.

Tuktuk ride
Me taking TukTuk ride.

We stayed at Karon Beach, which is quite far away from the centre of Phuket fun. It costs us MYR40 per trip, from our hotel to Phuket city centre – Patong beach. So now I learned that cheap hotel location isn’t really cheap overall.

Bauman casa room
So, this is our room in Baumancasa, Karon beach, before it was totally infested by us. Only costs MYR120 for 01 night stay. Not facing the beach, far away from the fun night life and cute boys. That’s life. You get things equivalent to what you’ve paid. Cheap = sucks. Loved the hotel swimming pool’s towel and staff’s uniform though. They are all in pink =)

Phuket Porn
We’ve met the 1st Porn on our 1st day in Phuket.

2nd – Great food. I never been through out Asia yet. Just Vietnam, Bali and Singapore. But I swear the best Asian food is Thai food. Or maybe Im just a Thai food freak. I love Tom yum since forever. Reasonable price and full of flavor. It knocked down Bali’s Nasi Padang like > Thai’s Tomyum 150 : Bali’s Nasi Padang –10 (minus some more!! wtf..)

phuket food
So, we were like.. eating Tom Yum day & night, everyday. Eat, sleep and shit Tom Yum.

Phuket shop2
3rd – Best night shopping, located in a busy clean streets. They open until wee hour and I can find a lot of cute stuffs which I can’t get in KL.

Phuket shopping2

Phuket shopping
..and it has the most friendliest window shopping services.

Phuket night
4th – Free sight of night entertainment. Phuket babes are hot. They have clean polished skin, petite with smallest waist and naughty compared to Balinese. Or maybe I’m a bit biased in this point of view, because I always prefer the oriental look with small eyes, slim and clean fairer skin as a reference for ‘beauty’. I’m afraid that I will turn into a total lesbian if I visit Korea or Japan someday.

Phuket scooter 1

phuket scooter
5th – Fancy taste are everywhere on the streets. What a pleasant sight…

phuket mobile bar
6th – Phuket has Pink mobile bar!!!! Complete with music and cool crowd!

Phuket mobile bar1

Phuket tour
7th – Phuket tour guide is the sweetest and cheekiest! We became best friend in 8 hours tour. He was so kind by getting me something to eat when I told him I was so hungry and couldn’t wait til lunch. He also ran around to find me a pain killer pills when I told him I got headache. I never met any sweet tour guide who willing to help so much without EXTRA cents!

Phuket T
8th – Phuket has hundred of small, medium package for people on short vacation without burning a hole in your pocket. They charged you per person, per trip package. So you don’t really need a group of friends to agree and go along with you to minimize the cost. Just you and your camera will do!

Phuket tour1
I swear I got the best sun basking in my whole life. With my pink canoe floating above the clear water, our own canoe man paddling for us, taking our pictures (oh, they are good in handling dslr!), friendly tourists on the other canoe, soft wind blowing and awesome sights!

We paid MYR110.00 for a 7 –8 hours tour, consists of 4 destination – Canoeing at Phanga Bay, James Bond Island, Floating Malay Village and Monkey Temple.

Phuket tour 3
We got in and out of the cavern. Feel like Pirate of The Caribbean’s.

Phuket tour 2
Phuket tour 4

Jumping happily at James Bond island. and again, Peoples were all very friendly to take our picture together.

Phuket tour 5
Floating village. We had our lunch here. This place reminds me of water world movie.

Phuket tour 6
Phuket tour 7
Cheeky Tony.

Phuket tour 8
Phuket tour 9
We were told by our sweet tourist guide that all the pearl here is fake. Never fell for any the trick like if the seller burn the pearl for a few second. Unless they really willing to put the pearl on fire for extra 1 minute.. then, its good to buy. Haha. Extra extra info!

Phuket tour 10
Monkey Temple.

Phuket tour 11
Decent outfit… rumah ibadat le katakan… hahah.

Phuket tour 12

Phuket wi fi 
9th – Gotta love smooth FREE wi-fi in Phuket even at the cheapest hotel.

shy guy
10th – all delicious looking sights who willing to smile back at your camera~!

So, there are the 10 things I love about Phuket and OH! THAT 1 HOUR CHEAP THAI MASSAGE! which I didn’t get to experience it in Bali. Do you agree?





  1. jfook

    April 11, 2011 at 2:27 am

    awesome!! I wish to visit there as well.

  2. Kelly

    April 11, 2011 at 3:09 am

    I want to go there some day… and Bangkok too 🙂


    April 17, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    AWESOME PICS! i’m lovin’ it!
    and i wish to go there too…
    get sunburn in Phuket ahahhaha

  4. Independent Queen

    April 17, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    @jfook: Go! Keep peeking out for cheapest flight tix!
    @Kelly: I never been to Bangkok too. I will someday. I heard Bangkok is a shoe shopping’s heaven!
    @GEREK ITU ALIA: Thanks babe! U better be!

  5. Anonymous

    October 22, 2012 at 8:58 pm

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