I dont know whether I got the spelling correct or not. But that is how they call it. It is an Uzbekistanese cuisine (as i can see, it is like “Nasi Lemak” to Malay and “Bak Kut Teh” to a chinese type of favorite food ler). Since I am working and knowing Russian and “former russians” – which now they called it CIS country, I learn about their culture, food and last but not least, their bad, dirty words on daily basis.

Last Thursday, I had a dinner at my boss place. It was a small private dinner among us. This was my 2nd time I had ploff at my boss place but this time was different because it was cooked by a lady (Thanks God). Last time was prepared by my officemate from uzbekistan, and since his wife is here, so i thanked God that finally i can taste the real nice Uzbek food (no offense to all the guys out there who really know how to cook ya).

This is also one of the traditional salted mushroom – onion in olive oil, a side dish which i dont know how to pronounce it nor to spell it in here

2nd side dish – marinated pickle and tomato cherry. This really taste like “jeruk mango” ler…

3rd side dish – Tomato, pickle, onion and coral leaf salad – the Uzbek way.

I was a bit confuse because the food looks like a Lebanese – Arab cuisine and the taste almost similar. The way to cook it is same like a Briyani rice, the only difference is they have a meat / mutton inside. The ingridients, I think almost the same ler, got raisins, carrot, nuts and errr.. (actually I did not see the preliminary process of the food preparation since was there quite late). And you can try this at Tarbush, Bukit Bintang KL (chey..) but my experience is a bit different because it was cooked by real people from Uzbekistan. In Tarbush kitchen..well, I dont know who is the chef..maybe is a local following the recipe book in hand?

And normally after the ploff, the tea is served. According to them, it is normal to have unsweetned warm tea after the plof because it is good to cleanse the throat and bowel since ploff is very oily and sticky (Yea, for those on diet programme, ploff is a no-no). This is a tea specially brought from Tashkent.

This tea cup and the set brought from Tashkent and it is a real gold plated set.

Commercial break – my shiny face problem almost fixed after I change my foundation to Bobbi Brown “Oil free Even finish compact foundation” together with it’s “sheer finish loose powder”. It’s time to say bye bye to Benefit foundation faker. What a fake.

Tea sipping by real Uzbekistan way

Now my boss scratching his head thinking “whose going to finish all these foods”

As a conclusion, it was a very nice humble dinner. It was not very fancy but very filling and cosy. Maybe the food displayed above looks very “kampung”, but hey, put ourselves into their shoes, been away from their home country for so long, and I understand the first thing to wipe off their homesick is through their “kampung” food ler. Is like ermmm getting the Nasi Lemak or Bak Kut Teh in the middle of New York city I guess…

“Paka Paka” for now~!!

** Paka – Paka means good bye



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