Pray For MH370

I must admit that the view from the sky down is the most beautiful. I always think birds are the luckiest creature among the animals because they can fly freely and get to enjoy panoramicĀ  view everyday and traffic jam is none of their problem.

People risk to climb the mountains just to see the view at the end of the climbing. Big cities invested on tallest tower so that people can experience a bird’s view.

The view from the sky is so beautiful until I got so frustrated if I couldn’t get window seat in the plane OR my view obstructed by the plane’s wing šŸ™

and I bet some of you take window seat seriously just like me. I can stare at white clouds for hours until my neck hurts. Although I haven’t been all around the globe, yet, but like a bird, I am kinda lucky to have my own sky view collection set of photo – day and night, from dusk until dawn.

View of Guilin from the Sky

Sometimes, when I can’t sleep and I’m done with all the skymovies, I stared out in the darkness of the sky at night. Try to figure out what’s underneath me. Is it a sea ? Mountains? or just a flat land?

Sky view of Phnom Penh

And every time when the plane suddenly shook and dropped a few feet down due to heavy clouds and turbulence, my heart sunk. I always anxious to hear the beep sound before the captain announce the current situation and the last thing I wanted to hear is “fasten your seat belt, we are going down, fast”.

Skyview of Mount Rainier, Seattle

I am a frequent flyer. My work, my hobby and my relationship – requires me to fly quite frequent compared to my friends that I know. Last year alone I had to get on various plane more than 10 times and this year is not going to be any lesser. In fact I am heading to Saigon for work this weekend after 2 weeks I came back from the States.

Los Angeles to Seattle view from the sky
“Don’t think that way. You could think that about anything. It was one incident out of millions of flights”

That was what Mike told me when I voiced out my worry. When the news hit the world about MH370, I couldn’t help it but imagine I am one of the passanger in that flight. My heart racing just by picturing it in my head. Although none of the passanger of MH370 is related to me or I know of, but I mourn throughout the day and all the notes, updates and memes I came across on Facebook, Instagram and TV news brought tears to my eyes.

I know what happenedĀ  to MH370 is not the first case in the world. But, you will not feel the terror of disaster until it happen to someone that close to you or your own country.

And yet, I do not understand how some of Malaysian still can make a joke out of it, pointing finger, involve political issue in it and the worst is, bring in the religion into it. It’s a God’s warning to theĀ  Malaysian. Once again, these people succeed to potray God is mean instead of wisdom. I don’t know why Melayu suka sangat instill FEAR instead of LOVE towards God.Ā 

I came accross on Facebook, a guy posted Apa yg berlaku adalah peringatan Allah…bila berlaku musibah semua dtg bsujud kepadaNya…berdoa siang dan mlm…pada yg kdg2 lupa padaNya…bersama2 kita memohon Allah tunjukkan jln keluar….tapi ada jugak manusia yg bodoh menganggap ini bkn peringatan dr Allah….hati kamu dah rosak…”

FYI, everybody – regardless race, religion and age is praying for this. But for you to set a verdict some people are stupid and their heart are corrupted, that is not for you to judge. I see no differences between such an extreamists like you with this girl below;

You both are one of a kind.Ā Ā 

New Zealand View from the sky

Aku tahu mati itu pasti. Dan bukannya aku ingin menongkah kehidupan didunia ini selamanya. Tetapi selain mati di dalam iman, I wish that plane crash is not the way I leave this world.

Sky view of Bangkok City

As at today, there is no definite answer for MH370. Crash, hi jacked or dissapear into parrallel world – but everybody has same thing in mind – hope for miracle to happen. That is positive enough for LOA practitioner. Untuk yang Islam sangat tu.. “miracle” maksudnya pertolongan tuhan lah. Tapi jangan pula paksa yang bukan Islam tu pray for miracle pada tuhan yang kamu sembah. They have their own belief. What you can do as a good muslim at this point is – respect other people’s belief if you want to earn the same thing.

Sky View Los Angeles at Night.

Thank you to those countries who sent their assets and equipments in searchĀ  of MH370 expedition despite of how majority of Malaysians HATE you and your country and please do not expect these Malaysians to show their gratitude except this is God’s punishment. They don’t see this as a whole picture like – at least we know the list of 1st world country that are willing to help Malaysia without charge.

Arizona sky space at dawn

Seperti kata Tun M – “Malaysia are being watch by millions of people all over the world right now. Be a grown up and stop embarrassing your country”.

Don’t you think this is also another hikmah? Those millions of people might be the biggest mirror to the Malaysian this time and give the clearest reflections of who you are after thinking yourself as the most holy human kind in this world just because you read The Book in Arabic language. Nor this is not a conspiracy neither. World does not revolves around politicians too.


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