Ramadan Mubarak 2014.

Salam. Happy Ramadan Mubarak to you and unhappy month for those who is resentful . As for me, I know this is too late to write a post about welcoming Ramadan and yet this is too cliché kan. But, cliché acik kau, I’m not gonna write about food in Bazaar Ramadan mahupun Azwan Ali Viva the Vase pasu bunga dok kutuk food in Bazaar Ramadhan taste like sampah. Nor the preparation for the Eid, baju and accessories. Although, I did purchase a steam mop from Lazada in preparation for mopping my house floor before, during and after hari raya. And of course not about how terrer I cook for the iftar. Because my cooking level skill is just like 5 year old’s cooking class for fun. I think they decorate cupcakes better than me. Atau pasal kurma dari Iran the whispering “Yusofff Taiiyyyoobb” said promoting the movement in slaughtering the Syrian. Enough.

What I wanted to tell you is my findings about the relativity of Ramadhan and Age. Now I realized that, the older you are, the harder Ramadan is. I was totally wrong about the hardship of fasting when I was a little. When I was 7, I was dying try to accomplish full month puasa without any puasa sekerat hari. Also, how I wish that I grown up faster and be like mom age. Seeing her went through the days with empty stomach and yet still able to cook nicest food for iftar and sew your baju kurung at night 🙁 was a breeze.

I remember when I was early and late 20’s – Fasting was the easiest. So it almost prove my theory that, Ramadan is a breeze when you grow older. I remember I don not have to wake up for Sahoor. My body was so super bionic kinda thing, can sustain the hunger pangs from what ever I ate during iftar, to the next day iftar. I still can jump, run and chat non stop through out the day until people suspecting I wasn’t fasting at all!

Then, when I stepped into 30’s, I realized my preferences towards food is becoming more complicated. I became a very pickey mickey like mom. I used to mad at mom for her picky momster attitude. She doesn’t like that, she doesn’t eat this, she hates that and she love this. Most of the kuih I bought for her, I had to finished it alone. What ever I brought home, she digest it with the look on her face like, “it is better you gave me the money then I cook better food for us” and she kept saying those people who selling those kuih has to answer to God for their sin for producing BAD TASTE and take people money with it!!!!

I’m not saying I agree with Azwan Ali Viva the Vase pasu bunga tu. But this time, after 5 days of Ramadan, I only visited food Bazaar once, and I regretted it. Unlike last year, I can name my favorite stall and food. And keep repeat, re peat peat peat peat it (macam lagu Selena Gomez Love you like a Song bebeh tu) until Raya.

Then came this sickness. Gastric. I thought my gastric wasn’t that serious, my 1st day I lie flat on bed (more like a death bed) – dying and my officemate had to drive me home on my 2nd day of Ramadan. I couldn’t open my eyes – the nausea, the bloated, the stomach burning and the headache – killing me. For the first time in my life – I never thought that I have to be on medication to go through Ramadan 🙁  I texted mom with tears and extra gastric medication pills that she’s been taking is on its way 🙁

So yes, Happy Ramadan to all of you out there. I’m not complaining. Maybe this is the kifarah for me during my Ramadan. Jumpa lagi untuk raya post ya. Tapi bukan cliché punya raya post.


Ramadan Prayer رمضان (Photo credit: www.thameralhassan.com Thamer Al-Hassan)




  1. Sachin Mishra on Facebook

    July 4, 2014 at 11:11 am

    Ramadan Mubarak Ms. Normi Kahar Goodwin you to…

  2. Siti Nadiah Ab Razak

    July 9, 2016 at 11:41 am

    Sgt setuju..dah masuk umur 30an tetiba rasa lembik je if x sahur..x mcm umur 20an..pastu dah mls layan pasar ramadhan..selalu lauk2 x kena kat tekak..

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