Ramadhan is leaving…

and it gave a different meaning as well as feeling to different people’s sentimentality. To the pious, it’s a sad goodbye. Because it’s the only month where benevolence and good deeds earn them multiple rewarding, prayers and repents are answered, a total body, mind and soul sanctification month.

to the believer (ordinary one ya) – it’s time to say goodbye to exotic gastronomy, invitations and special working hours punch out.

and to the sinner – finally able to eat and back to adulterate wonted.

as for me… I must admit, I wasted it a lot with, when heartbreak & tears has taken over me.
I took a break from posting my travel, vacation post during these few weeks because, I was mistaken having trip during Ramadhan. It was an assumption which I want to encounter the least although I am just an ordinary believer.

Forget about glamorous invitation by the hotelier, but still, there were one or two I unable to miss. =)

Ramadhan Event    107
It was berbuka puasa event with the living legends.

Ramadhan Event    090
I know I didn’t really follow their singing and acting evolution, but I do know them by heart and faces.

Ramadhan Event    058
 Ramadhan Event    069

Ramadhan Event    046
Ramadhan Event    094
tidak ada yang lama.. tak kan ada yang baru…

Ramadhan Event    026
Azhar, Mak Su & mama.. they are no strangers to me.. they are my family…

Ramadhan Event    037
with mama.

Ramadhan Event    142
With living legend, Datuk Ahmad Nawab who has shines many stars with his artworks.

Ramadhan Event    106
Lisa Surihani, she’s not a legend yet, but her beauty might be legendary among male fans =)
Malaysian mentality is still in a 3rd world class country when it comes to entertainment industry. Where talent MUST come with full package, and looks is a numero uno. Isn’t superficial equivalent to shallowness?  Hey, but for her case, Im not a fan any of her dramas & movies cuz I hardly watch them. I just admire the God’s beautiful creature. I just love beautiful people. =)  

Ramadhan Event    129
I always look up to Dato’ Mahathir Lokman as a male Oprah Winfrey Asia’s version. I wish he has a talk show like Oprah do.

Ramadhan Event    140
Just playing with aperture.

Ramadhan Event    117
Salamiah Hassan is always anggun & cute at every phase of her age. I told to myself once that Im gonna grow old gracefully just like her!

Ramadhan Event    154
I got nothing much to say about the event. Im not the kind of selling celebrities stories on my blog. Let those existing celebrity gossip blog do the best what they are doing. This is HeartBoxx, .. so it’s all about me. 😛

Next few days I was at one of the event under Adibah Noor Entertainment & celebrities who care –  and I suddenly realized, how foolish I am crying and dying over someone who never returned back the same feelings for me… while there are lots of peoples out there living with the lack of everything… I sat and watching them speechless, because I knew that I never understood or felt the same feelings as they do.

I always cried and assume I was the unlucky one in love… but, this boy has his own sad story at the age of 3 and yet, he still able to smile without faking it. I should learn how to be more grateful….

If you care, visit them at;
Rumah Titian Kasih (Pusat Jagaan Anak Ibu Tunggal & Anak Yatim)
62A-2 Lorong Maran
Jalan Kuantan
Tasik Titiwangsa
53200 Kuala Lumpur
or visit their blogspot at http://rumahtitiankasih.blogspot.com/ for more infos and donations.

suddenly I miss my mum.. very much and regret remembering all the yelling and unreturned phone calls…Ma, please forgive me.




  1. ken

    September 9, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    nice shots..
    selamat hari raya =)

  2. kankan

    October 7, 2010 at 8:56 pm

    amboi.. lawa nyer kak queen independent nih..skali ngan baju kurung elegan tu.

  3. Independent Queen

    November 1, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    @Ken: Thank u.
    @KanKan : kekeke. How’s ur blog man? I want to read it!

  4. JunJaki

    August 1, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    i want to tell you..please discard the picture with a women wearing a blue hijab(tudung/scarf) and wearing a singlet..i dont noe is she is muslim or not..its embrassing to islam..i hope for your cooperation !!!!

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