Resume 101

Yesterday I was helping a friend to vet through a few resumes sent by so called fresh graduates and desperately job seekers. There is a vacancy at her office – Admin cum reservations Officer with a small offering salary at RM1,700. Well, by looking at situation nowadays, where fresh graduates carrying iPhone and driving MyVi, yes, that is small. But what her office can offer is real experience and exposure to an exciting working environment, with hands on training where your college/university or parent could never taught you. Anyways, what is iPhone and MyVi when those things are provided by your parent and boyfriend? You will never know how hard to earn money and the value of it. Plus, you’ll stay stupid with no skills.

BUT, That’s not what I wanted to highlight.

The more I open and read those resumes, the more it drag me into blasphemous thought, until I was too hesitate to click the next ‘view’ button. I was cursing and asking myself, what happened to the  education syllabus today? I still remember when I was finishing my diploma, there was one particular subject in my English class specifically teaches how to:-

1) Write a resume or Curriculum Vitae
2) Write a cover letter
3) Interview Ettique
4) A must do & don’t when writing a resume / attending interview.

Obviously, 80% of the submission are without cover letter -That’s fine.

Apparently, those resumes are copy and paste – that is still acceptable.

The fuck is, the photo attached with..


I still have a few with ‘camwhore’ for FACEBOOK profile’s photos. Trust me. If we are interested to see how cute you are, we will ask you to put your FACEBOOK profile account’s link on the job’s requirement. But we are not.

What the hell is this? Try to AprilFool’s me?? You Fools. That office wasn’t publishing event for telemovie, TV commercial or modelling casting! It is a serious job, and we don’t fucking care about how sweet your look or the way you pose but your ability and how far you willing to learn!

and, what is this?

a Hi? and she can’t even spell ‘Hi’ in a correct manner. What the fuck is happening to them Job seekers nowadays?

Not to mention the email ‘ids’.,, HanieCutie, MissBeautiful, Sexyandgorgeous, Cutiebunny…


and I still remember few years ago, I received a resume from a guy applying for the post of Account Executive in my previous office. We were laughing so hard and decided NOT to call him in for the interview. He attached a full head to toe picture, wearing nice collared shirt, nicely tucked into his pants, wearing beach flip flops, kneeling down with his right hand supporting his chin and a bicycle as his background. I guess he’s trying to be Abang Kassim Selamat here. Thanks, for made our day with laughter. But no thanks – no interview call for you. 

You guys are very lucky in the name of ‘BUMIPUTRA’ because there are many foreign companies set up all over Malaysia which the requirement for them is – has to employ ‘Bumiputra’ as a staff. But I, as a polished Bumiputra has to make sure that my race stays un disgrace from these monkey acts during the preliminary stage (resume’s stage) and have to select only the qualified ones and  bring it forward to these foreigner’s employers. For the rest of you who still refused to wake up – good luck. There are still plenty franchise, foreign’s fast food restaurant chain that can offer you a job as waiters and cashiers. Starbucks, Delifrance, McDonalds to name a few.

It’s a sad truth. Our graduates are 10 years behind other races, indeed.

I am not sure you guys are using internet more than just for Facebook, Twitter and Angry bird, but you can always Google on ‘How to write a Resume

and below is my advise in general;-

1) Try to get a decent, normal, standard passport sized photograph. If you can afford to eat KFC during your jobless period, believe me, you can afford to get a decent passport sized photograph taken in the studio (Cost: RM15)

2) Spend sometime to get the best sample of cover letter. Tips: Google it.

3) Do some research, Google about the company background. Every company has its own website. Just spend 5 minutes to read it. It is important for you to know with who you apply the job with. If it is a foreign company, you definitely has to be fluent in English. Do not waste people’s time by calling you for interview and sitting there looking at you having a hard time to arrange Malays into English sentences in your head.

4) Always keep in mind that, the one who’s going to review your application and resume is a bitter, bitchy person who think everything is never good  enough. This will help to set your writing quality above par.

5) Don’t try to flirt by sending your flirty sweet photograph. That won’t help you.

6) Please reserve one serious email id with your real name on it. And use it only for job application. Example:,

7) Relevance  and relate: Your working experience or certificate you have in hands with the job you’re applying. If it is Travel Agency, we will look more on someone with a working experience in hotel or ticketing or graduates in Tourism. Diploma in Nursing is a no-no.

8) Don’t try your luck when sending job application. You must ensure that you are going to be selected for at least interview stage. So check the content of your resume. Is your skills or certificate is relevant to the post you are applying for.

9) Write clear and accurate subject title on the email which you are going to send. Example :”APPLICATION FOR THE POST OF ADMIN OFFICER”. Not “hye” or “Hey there”

10) Don’t try to flirt by sending your flirty sweet photograph. That won’t help you.

11) Try to get a decent, normal, standard passport sized photograph. If you can afford to eat KFC during your jobless period, believe me, you can afford to get a decent passport sized photograph taken in the studio (Cost: RM15)

Seriously, the way you smile, your posture in the picture and how you look into the camera lens – reveal your general attitude.

After I went through some serious hardship and tormenting hours of selecting the best candidates for the interview, I manage to get 4 among 100. Thank God.




  1. tania rashid

    April 3, 2012 at 5:02 am

    good entry! seriously, who sends resume applications email with a subject ‘hye’ ?!?! lol. *embarassing*

  2. independentqueen

    April 3, 2012 at 10:13 am

    You’ll never know until someone told you what’s going on behind recruitment!

  3. AzlanStrider

    April 4, 2012 at 7:46 am

    hahahaha…it`s funny sis…i wonder how people can send their resume like that..I think people that applying for KFC can make a better move..luckily u dont get a K-Pop pose..hahahaha


  4. Awelodeng

    April 6, 2012 at 8:03 am

    Yupp agree 100%. I hv the same situation. I cant understand those youngster ways of thinking. OMG… i’m getting old oredi.!!!

  5. independentqueen

    April 7, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    It’s nothing wrong with getting old but wiser rather than young but dumber 🙂

  6. independentqueen

    April 7, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    Tak lama lagi dapat la kut.. hahaha

  7. Indianist Online

    April 20, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    Thanks a lot for your valuable information abotu How to write a resume? From your tips I got JOb…. I am happy

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