Samsara Experience

Day three, which is final day for my weekend spree. The rest never woke up for breakfast, too wasted of so much booze last night perhaps. I also dont know what time they finished their private vodka party in my boss suite. Coz I left them around 12.30, as usual, to get my beauty sleep (seriously sounded like old auntie ler)

I love to see myself in a clean face without make up and glitters. Feels and looks very relaxing(but still in my head there are 100001 scrambling problem and dont know when it can be solved). Today is my appointment for the spa at 2pm. In a mean time i really have nothing to do. Finished my breakfast and straight went back to my room and watched TV..and fell sleep again zzZZzzZZZzzz…

Samsara Spa~Where new technology meets ancient civilization.. where note book meets wood book?

This is not my 1st time having spa treatment with Samsara. I had it before at Swiss Garden Pangkor Damai Laut. I also had a Mandara Spa treatment before. It’s time to see the difference. I took different treatment this time. It is a Samsara Royal special spices or something like that. Before I begin, they ask me to choose which type of massage oil I want to use. They have 4 types – Muscle Ease, Stress Relief, Detox and Rejuvenating. Well since I already tried before the Detox oil (and I still have half bottle left back at home) this time I choose rejuvenating oil.

I asked the girl “do you have an open air massage hut?”

– No.

Sigh. Boring. To me, spa massage isnt a spa massage without an open air massage hut ler. Like I had in Koh Samui last time. The huts are along the beach, you can see open sea while getting massage with sound of an ocean wave endlessly. I only paid like MYR 40 in Koh Samui, and the treatment was like 5 stars already. In Malaysia, pay couple of hundreds also, still got the massage in a small room. The picture of perfect massage…like this,

vanished. But then, why put this picture inside their website if they dont have the actual one? Quite deceiving leh.

Not much I can upload here since…well, inside the treatment room only given 1 piece of towel (and have to lose it very soon) and 1 piece of disposable pantie. The treatement begin with lulur (scrub). The girl put the scrub paste all over my body and left me under the towel for like 15 minutes… felt like a marinated meat. The scrub paste is made from tumeric, blend with rice powder, cinnamon, ginger and star aniseed. After the scrub paste almost dry, the girl start to scrub me good :p I think her job is kinda interesting ler coz she able to see and scrub different size and color of boobs everyday.

Next, she splashed me with fresh yoghurt. Felt like a walking yummy dessert ler. Can you imagine how erotic the process is? yoghurt all over your 3/4 naked body. And again, she marinated me another 20 minutes under the towel and while being marinated, she do the coconut milk hair treatment. Girls, please copy down this hair treatment because you can do it at home. It is so simple, and very good for your dry skin scalp and hair. Forget about the highly priced hair steaming treatment at your favorite saloon coz.. that is totally bullshit ler.

Take a dessert bowl of coconut milk, preferebly fresh, refrigerated one. I dont know if a ready made santan inside the box or the powdered one will work (you try then tell me lah) and put it all over your scalp and hair. massage a while and take hot towel (soaked it into hot water, squeeze the water out), cover your hair with it for 10-20 minutes. Rinse clean with your favorite shampoo. End.

The result is shiny, lustre hair with very nice moist. minus chemical and 200% safe lor. What I love about traditional hair treatment is, they do it very gentle and passionate. The way they put the milk, using the technique of pressed massage is heaven. Unlike normal hair saloon, they scratch your scalp with their long nail and feel like your brain is getting ready to be scooped out. Not to mention they way they dry your hair with the hair dryer. They never failed to burn my scalp off. Very mean lar.

After the yoghurt marinating times up, I moved to a huge bath tub filled with goat milk and flower petals. Soaked for another 20 minutes. I know, 20 minutes in bath tub alone is a bit boring. So you can play around with the petals, or imagine you are cleopatra and dance in the water (imagine you are a princess, having a princess shower before getting ready for big ballroom dance party and you will find your prince charming right after that..)

Act cute. Enough said.

After 20 minutes, the girl who took care of me came back and ask me to change to my new disposable pantie, and finish the treatment for the day by giving me 40 minutes Balinese massage. Heaven….

To get rid any excessive wind in your body, they gave you a cup, a very small cup of spicy ginger tea. That’s a wrap.

All cleaned up. Why I got bruise on my left knee, will tell you in the next post. Finish the treatment at 4.30pm, 5.30 left Kuantan for KL, with spa aroma linger til the next morning….



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  1. Siti Rohana

    February 20, 2009 at 6:27 pm

    oh hooooo….soo nice loo…need to try this spa thingy…look so relaxing…hohoho

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