Scammers at Hello

While everybody in Malaysia mourning on 20 cents increment on the petrol price, I skipped that by finding the solution to it on my way home. 

I will buy my pair of shoes once in a two months instead of every month. 

Problem solve. Next problem please.

We are living in an imperfect world. And this world would never be perfect. There is always a problem arise, but whining and cursing about it bring you to nowhere. Problems are always around. But tried NOT to talk about it but find the solution to it instead. No, it’s not like ‘look at the bright side’. It’s called ‘find the solution, you asshole and stop being an asshole’.

Ok, about the post. 

My boyfriend and I been living a long distance relationship for almost 2 years now. Although we can’t see each other everyday, but surely we got up with stories and updates as soon as we woke up from sleep through each other’s inbox, everyday. We share all the stuff that passed through our eye sights, mostly, even a stupid crappy post that people put on facebook’s wall. or, video of funny cats and dogs. Thanks to smartphone apps & technology, we never felt apart until I sometimes have to be offline so that I can be alone, waxing my armpit hair, undisturbed.

Until yesterday, he got an admirer sent him message to his inbox.

Hello dear, How are you? My name is Esther Hen,s Jerry, it,s my pleasure to meet you, hope you are doing very fine over there in your country, i am just browsing now i saw your profile you looks very gentle that is why i write to you, please i will like you to contact me true my personal email address ( so i can give you more picture and tell you more about me and the reason i choose to write to you, I,m waiting for your response true my email address ( Thanks and God bless you..

Mike’s profile picture only can be seen by whoever in his buddy list. The sender wasn’t. and this is i – am – just – browsing – now – i – saw – your – profile – you – looks – very – gentle – that – is – why – i – write – to – you” current profile picture that Mike put as ‘public’.

What a gentle karate kid looks that makes her heart melt and please write to me at

I’m not jealous or angry. In fact, this is hilarious and we labelled it as funny stuff of the day so I must share. My point is, dear online scammers, you need to keep up your scam modus operandi ON POINT if you wanna survive in a long run in this business. Change your approach. Create a real facebook account with your real FUGLY picture and trust me, there are still a lot of stupid people will fall for your ‘sincerity’ online.

and at the same time I got message in my inbox from some white guy who study in Oxford, living in UK and working as an engineer. Oh come on, I prefer punk from non British country and birthday clown as his full time job. Please, women nowadays are so paranoid until they can’t accept perfect British man okay!

Seriously, you guys need to change your game.

..and this post is dedicated to the Nigerians.


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