Short Story #2 – Discount RM 100

So after I dragged few weeks and months to get my car for its regular service maintenance, today I finally did it.

I went to the workshop where I used to send my car for the past 7 years. The owner/ foreman that used to attend me was busy so his older brother (which I never met before) took place.

After 45 minutes or so, he told me everything is done – Engine Oil, Oil Filter and Spark Plugs all changed and replaced with the new one.

As I walked to the cashier, he told me –
“Everything is RM 268. But I give you discount of RM 100. So you only have to pay RM 168”

I almost want to laugh. Is that a new trick?

Oh come on uncle! I don’t even think of haggling you with the price. I knew the price is always around that for minor maintenance.


car maintainance bill

..anyway, I just paid and walked away to get my car washed.

I bet uncle think his trick works and he is happy for that.

As for me, well, I make an uncle happy today, though.



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