Silent September a.k.a lazy kind of blogger

I did it again. Dot com or not, I’m back at it. No updates for the whole month (of September). I have a blog but I don’t think I can call myself a blogger. Felt so ashamed when I bumped into my reader(s) because I know, they been reading yesteryears posts on this blog.  I disappoint my stalkers (or maybe haters like ex bestfriends, ex officemates, ex boyfriends and cousins?) too, leaving them high and dry without knowing what’s going on with me so now they had to bitch about budget 2015 or MH360 which is still missing to occupy their gossip hours.

Silent September

I don’t know why is it so hard for me to brag like I used to. I remember I can write 3 posts on a piece of underwear that I just bought from TopShop. Or, maybe it is true that Scorpio is a mysterious creature that finally I’ve truly became to. Or, maybe I just need a new camera. So that I can continue posting like before (when I was so obsessed with landscape photography).

Actually, it is not just blogging I pay less attention to update. It happened to my Instagram and Facebook account too. Macam tak happening je kehidupan aku ni. Or, maybe I am morphing into Mike. Since we were dating, I remember Mike reminded me not to air the laundry in the public even it is a fresh, clean laundry. He always stressed out that anything regarding our relationship, the world doesn’t have to know about it. Maybe I took it too seriously so I tucked everything in and try to live the life before the internet exist.

But, I think, I will keep posting about traveling and everything related to it. Great, now I have a limitation. I sounded no fun anymore! It is like, I stop flashing what’s underneath my skirt and now nobody will be looking at me (wtf?)

Oklah. Mike and I are trying to have a baby. There you go. Menyampah kan? Itu pun nak bagi tau orang.

Well, actually I am kinda busy as always. With work and I tried to catch up with little time left before I leave Malaysia and becoming a citizen of the world. I have 2.5 months left to get everything done which I never bothered to do it before this. Like, beautify my little apartment. My friends was like “you are leaving, why you still care about how your apartment look?“. Well, to tell you the truth, I am very nervous for the changes in year 2015. In order to comfort my weary heart, I do something to my little apartment so that it reminds me to come home in case my life is too exciting after I left. I talked to Mike about my mom’s USA Visa application too. I really want her to experience the autumn and snow in the far far away land that I’ll be going.

Home makeover 3

I did something for my balcony. The tiling and grill done like 2 weeks ago and I have few white birdcage and candle cage hanging outside 🙂 . Oh no! I’m not planing to put birds inside the cage when I leave the apartment. But, um, maybe some plants that can live with just water.

Home makeover 2

Home makeover 1

Home makeover

Mike is around now and today we just finished putting a primer coat on the 3rd bedroom wall. I’m going to turn that space into a walk in wardrobe. We have a lot of things to do since I also planning to repaint the living room and master bedroom wall and have some wallpaper fix this time.

Besides that, I am still looking for the right candidate to be a new owner of my two cats 🙁 I know, this is sad. Mike and I already talked about this and with our new life – lots of traveling and moving around, we decided that we are unable to bring our cats around. The cats prolly will die due to the stress at the airport immigration and animal quarantine procedure.

On top of all that, I also busy planning with a friend to bring in cheap designer handbags, clothes, shoes and accessories from the states into Malaysia. Heee.

Seriously, I hope after all this chaotic transition, I will be able to blog like a normal blogger do because I will be like, a full time housewife? Well, I don’t know how long I can keep myself zero occupied, because I know I will going crazy knowing I got nothing to do! But, as far as I know, I never had a luxury of a free time. That’s the only luxury I yet to have.



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