Singapore Revisited.

He broke my heart around this month, 2 years ago. And I swore that I can never stepped into Singapore again. Every corner of Singapore is a memory lane to me. Not until I have a new boyfriend that able to erase the memories and hurts in me, and step into Singapore again is no longer a big deal, anymore.

Anyway, due to work, I can’t help it. But I think I am ready to step into the country that I called 2nd home before (he is Singaporean). Well, to be franked, I think I am ready to visit Singapore again anytime soon. Planning to celebrate my *ahem*-th birthday this year at Merlion city coming November even.

So, here are the faces that made me revisited Singapore for 3 Days.

After few years, I am a nanny again to 30 college students! After Russians, now I got a chance to baby sit the Koreans. Meanwhile, everybody is having K-POP fever, I got myself surrounded by beautiful skinned creatures on earth and naturally cute face without having to try hard with the duck pout and squinting eyes. The boys and girls are equally cute (except the fat one).

I was worrying myself to recognize streets and road in Singapore, mentally prepared myself to get a glimpse of some streets, parks and malls where my Ex and I holding hands. Well, I was wrong. Actually I was trying very hard to find the spots and streets of where I used to walk with him. I CAN’T RECALL! 

Singapore today is no longer Singapore that I know 2 years ago! Wait, was it me that totally healed or Singapore city has changed so much!

Visited Marina Bay Sands on arrival. The night view of Singapore skyline already great enough to make me forget about my Ex!  

A one way ticket for you to forget your EX.

Forget about Mustafa Mall or Orchard Road (it’s not like you can shop much in Orchard’s). You can forget about Sentosa Island even! (but not Universal Studios). With SGD20, you will get to experience “I’M IN SINGAPORE” moment. It gives you the feel of being in the center of the pulsating heart with wild beats. How many billion, trillion dollars they took to create this magnificent monument, was worth it. A visit to Marina Bay Sands’s skydeck is the one you should not miss. I shouldn’t say this. But I don’t think Kuala Lumpur is at par with this Lion city‘s landscape. There is no way for Kuala Lumpur to catch up with this. Singaporean has the right to be all proud despite of living cost insanely increase.  

A bar called skybar (this is nothing like our Skybar in Traders Hotel) for you to chill. Alcohol is not necessary. A mango juice will do. Too bad I was working and I have like 1 hour to be up here. I promised myself to come back with fab dress and hair do!

What can I say, It’s heaven on earth.

Everything in Singapore today is so grand. Including this.

I never been to many Universal Studios before, except the one in Japan. What I can tell you is, Universal Studios in Singapore is 3 times better than Japan!

Im not a fan of roller coaster ride and I never will. But this ride in Far Far Away Land is honored to ripped my fright towards roller coaster ride. But I never going in again for the 2nd time though.

Actually I was tricked by a girl who was with me during this whole trip. “It’s nothing. It’s a simple ride, no steep slope and corner. This is for kids and people like you” Well, I came out with my both legs shaking, anyway. Then I found out that “it’s nothing” according to her is because she’s a roller coaster junkie. Her ride is a killer ride. She never failed to take this killer ride every time she lead a group to Universal Studios (7 times!)

Keras hati, terjal sey. Kalau aku, korang dah boleh siapkan kain kapan kat pintu gate yeh.

I always wanted to go to Egypt. and today, here I am.

Sebesar besar berhala ada di sini. Kalah time pemerintahan Firaun.

Take this ride if you really want to find out whether you have the real-est balls.

While everybody was enjoying the hardcore Revenge of The Mummy Ride, I was checking the harder part of the park.

Hard abs dude.

With extension leg or not, I keep on coming back for more.

Met some ridiculous Alien wannabe in Sci City.

I never like dubstep. It sounded like robot having sex. But with this Autobot, me love!

Transformers THE RIDE – is a MUST RIDE! I don’t know that visual can give you the same effect as real roller coaster ride!

Si Senor

Meet Kungfu Panda.

I keep on falling into fake friends and their friendships. I wish that one day I will have my own Alex, Melman, Marty and Gloria’s friendship to go through grown ups misfits.

Because you can get soaking wet 🙂

This is me having my Grammy’s moment.


Korean dinner @Arirang after so many rides and all 🙂

Happy faces. I am happy as well. Another healing trip to remember.

The end.

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. “
~Kahlil Gibran.
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