Snippet Intro: Is it nice to live abroad? Story of Malaysian Malay living in foreign country.


Is it nice to live abroad / foreign country and being a foreigner? It depends which country you are living in. But, what I wanted to tell you here is my feelings and experiences living in ALASKA, United States of America, so far. I believed that the feelings and experiences may varied if I were living in UK or German, or even New York perhaps. So far, it looks like people are having a blast while they are doing that. Especially those who has the opportunity to study abroad with scholarship, everything is taken care of. Not to forget about the expat and expat’s wife where allowances for accommodation, meals, transportation, children’s education and return ticket back to home country all borne by the government or company they are working with. Not to mention on image shown on Facebook and Instagram by the VIP’s kids and royalties. They made ‘living abroad’ like it is heaven on earth and easy, where average Malaysian only can dream of just like the pious wishing on their spot in God’s heaven afterlife.

But, I’m not a scholarship student, expat or expat’s wife. I am far from VIPs and royalties group status. So, I guess, my experience is the realest, closest to the reality. Or, maybe there are few did wrote about this openly, about living in foreign country and try to make a living like an average person. I don’t know. Because I rarely read other blog. Well, I did read a little. But so far I came across on braggity brag side. It’s like their life has a total transformation from nobody Malaysian to super fabulous glamazon person (with British/ American accents wannabe). But I doubt that.

Maybe, images that I posted on my Instagram, gave out an impression that my life here is fabulous. Friends keep on telling and reminding me that how nice and lucky I am for having this opportunity. It makes me wonder the bar/ the definition that they set on ‘nice and lucky’. Does the living abroad with its four seasons weather and beautiful landscape makes me the luckiest person with a very nice life? Anyway, posting million images of beautiful landscape of Alaska is all I can do, right now. I can’t deny that Alaska is beautiful. So does my parent in law house’s front yard. But, does it mean that I have it all?

Still, I didn’t say that I am having a sad and bad life here. It would be very ungrateful for me to say that. Because I realized that there are many Malaysians who still can’t afford to set their foot in Langkawi Island or Borneo for vacation since their income is barely enough for the house rent, petrol, instant noodle and toll. So, that is why I have this idea to put my stories up here, on this blog, about the exact thing, what I have been through, to make a living in foreign country without making my readers feel disgusted towards me or having braggity brag element in it. But at the same time, I hope that my stories will put no fear but inspire other Malay or Malaysian to take a huge leap of faith, leave the safety of comfort zone being in home country and start a real living when they find out their life in Malaysia is no longer comforting.

best ke duduk oversea

To be continued…


You probably always say NO all the time. Maybe now it’s the time to start saying yes
You probably always say NO all the time. Maybe now it’s the time to start saying yes. #SayYestoExperiences




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