So, you think you can dance?

I can. A little. A chicken dance.

I know I have a lot of travel post to finish but, I don’t feel like to do it right now. Some people think I able to post in this “none on the list of technorati blog of the year” because I have pictures to show off and write a little. But trust me, I can write without a picture. I can write just like I talk. Non stop, for hours and hours. You’ll be sorry if I decided to write without any picture in between and you’ll never come back to check Heartboxx again. never. 

It was public holiday, yesterday. so I decided to check out a new movie with my girlfriend. My movie genre priority goes like this;

1) Sci – Fi Action – the more robotic, the more I like it. Eg; Transformers/ IronMan/ StarWars/ The Matrix – the blue pill/red pill.

2) Romantic Comedy – I like it ridiculously funny romantic. Eg; There’s Something about Mary/Just Friends/ Zoolander (wait, is Zoolander can be categorized under ‘romantic’? or maybe I have a thing towards Ben Stiller)

3) Action, adventures , Superhero! – the cooler the superhero power, the more I fell in love with one. Eg; X-Men (Wolverine – yea mann) / Blade / Batman

4) Fantasy, with a twist of cute blown up gown with big ass bow attached to it, witch, ogre and diamente tiaras. Eg: Alice in Wonderland (original and the remakes) / Narnia/ Pan’s Labyrinth~ “in darkness, there can be light, in misery, there can be beauty, in death, there can be life”

5) Biography/ Drama – which is based on real person, a true story. Eg: Catch me if you can / A Beautiful Mind/ Ray

…and that’s it. Oh, Animation. That would be Puss in Boots – ONLY.

You can check the trailers of the above mentioned movies and you will know WHY I love ’em.

But yesterday, I picked a genre which I hardly watch, maybe I give it a chance like, for once a year –  A musical drama. It’s called “Street Dance 2”. Im not so good in doing movie reviews, I never did any.

I still remember the 1st ever musical drama I watched in year 2001 – “Save the Last Dance”.

It was all touchy romantic musical, dance movie that made me believe that love know no colors, background or belief. It’s borderless! The song “Crazy” by Kci & Jojo was the most perfect soundtrack for this story line. I still become all emo until now, every time the song came across on the radio.

Then came “Honey” in year 2003.

That Jessica Alba body gave me the new definition of ‘perfect’ body. Because of her, I try my best to keep my waistline below 25″. And again – love is beautiful when it involves colors 🙂

and then “Step Up” in year 2006.

So, white boy can dance! It was like an extended version of “Save the Last Dance” – a dance fusion of ballet and hip hop

Not so long after that come another movie in year 2007 – which listing a very long list of dance style I never seen in this country – Breaking, Bouncing, poppin’ krumping, clowning, jerking, locking, snapping.. and it takes a genius to dance after that. Dance is no longer a simple tapping of your foot and clap your hands in the air

Stomp the Yard  – is the movie that introduce me to Chris Brown 😀
So I guess this movie made the other movie keep on making street dancing battle, recruiting the best dancer all over the world in order to beat the 1st Stomp The Yard.

So, where the hell Street Dance came on? Why I suddenly watch the prequel – Street Dance 2?

So, it’s about white boy can dance again!

What I hate about this one is that, the story line is like too thin, as if, no story line at all. AND I WATCHED IT IN 3D! Waste my money! It just wanted to show off how these kids can dance. And they try to go extreme with mixing Salsa with street hip hop? Trust me, just leave the salsa alone. It’s already good. In fact, I love the part of Salsa dance battle in the boxing rim. That’s all. That kind of Salsa can beat all, any street dance exist today.

And who’s Eddie? Why this pale, skinny young boy suddenly can be the manager and fly from London to Ibiza, Prague, Peru and all, finding the best dancer. Unless he is Donald Trump’s son. And Ash, the main character? Also be able to fly across Europe continent, working as a Pop Corn boy? WTF? Don’t tell me domestic flight in Europe is cheaper that AirAsia, from KL to KK! I quit my job now and selling pop corn in Europe then!

And, pop corn boy uniform in London can be found easily in Paris for all 9 of them, from the tallest guy to the smallest boy? at the stadium, within 5 minutes? WHY AM I WATCHING THIS MOVIE ANYWAY?

I was so frustrated, I came home and log onto youtube to find something that can make me feel good about that stupid movie which costs me RM18.

Ah, now I feel much better.

Maybe I shouldn’t try to watch any of musical dance movie at this age anymore 🙁 . Maybe I should just stick to the movie list, listed in this guide book. 

and try to find pirate copy or download it somewhere online 🙁




  1. Awelodeng

    April 13, 2012 at 2:52 am

    As people said Pictures tell the story. Well, i do prefer to see more Pictures instead of read. 🙂
    The Musical Movie that i ever adore is “The Sound Of Music”. I can rate is as 9/10. :).

    I do keep the CD but I don’t know where its been kept. :(….. hmmm…

  2. independentqueen

    April 13, 2012 at 3:10 am

    Malas membaca la tuuu… hahahhahaa

  3. AzlanStrider

    April 23, 2012 at 6:31 am

    i think the best movie among the dance genre is Honey..I like to watch when the kids dance….hahahaha..btw i dont watch the street dance 2 yet coz i dont like to watch 3D movie..i get headache when i watch these kind of movie..hehehe 🙂


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