Some people were born as A Moron…

I cant sleep tonight, even my eyelid now as heavier as Kim Kardashian’s fleshy ass. It just becuz some retards are shooting a very loud fire crackers outside my window, and they are cheering up and jumping exactly like them monkeys which accidently unleashed from its cage. I dont know what they were cheering about, at the tiny flickering fire crackers? at the loud “pow” sound? Those boys shld be sent to Afgan or Palestine so that they can really watch and hear what is “pow” sound is all about.

The internet connection now is kinda slow, so I cant watch online movie either. Log in into my facebook, just to see the notification of another oxymoron with his brain full of twats, no, his brain was made from twats, leaving a stupid meaningless comment, commented on my comment, on my friend’s comment. ahhh whatever. He’s not even in my buddy list, (oh please, by looking at his looks which is uglier than wild boar with STD~who wld wearing sunglass inside the room anyway?) I rather feast my eyes inside my toilet bowl by staring at my own stools. He just cant stand to watch at my conversations with his buddy, and with the gay-est style ever, he stepped in, leaving a comment which only a bitch would do. Maybe he got his balls castrated while trying to make a move on some other girls before.What an attention seeker.

In the end, he admitted his empty skulled behavior, by asking me where he shld sign up to learn a better English so that he can reply me back in a same manner. Pfftt.. what a pussy. A guy with such deeds, wanna pick up a fight with a girl? Over his own retarded action?I bet he is now still sucking his momma tits now and then, that’s explain why he behaving such a pussy with full of herpes.

I never met such a despicable Moron Malay guy in mylife, until today. What kind of badluck I am into huh? He is such a disgrace to a Malay gentlemen society, and for that, I wish his dick (which is without balls, kena castrated, remember?) rotten slowly inside his pants as his brain was.

And as for those guys who making such obnoxious noises outside my window, I wish the firecrackers make a U-turn and their skulls get a deep plunge by it. I wanna see how loud they will cheer and jump over it…




  1. coke-kren

    September 14, 2009 at 9:55 pm

    wohoo! very the pedas la…
    mesti cili padi ni…
    he’ll learn his lesson dear…

  2. Lizz

    September 17, 2009 at 6:28 am

    God, I hate loud noises in the middle of the night! There’s construction going on 24/7 outside my window and it’s driving me nuts, haha!

  3. Independent Queen

    September 22, 2009 at 7:52 am

    @ Coke-Kren : Yea, you wish. With fucked brain liddat? I think, it’s a No Way.

    @ Lizz : If I were you, Im movin out~! hahaha. I really cant stand constant noises. It will turn me into green eyed monster :p

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