South Island, New Zealand – Wishes Do Come True

Before that, I just found out today that, there is one particular guy deleted me from his Facebook buddy! I don’t know when he did that, I don’t care, because I don’t ever realized when and why we became buddy at the 1st place, oh, he read my blog.. yeah. Ummm.. Was it because I ignored his request to meet me for a movie or something? I’m sorry if I didn’t interact well with ALL of my buddies in Facebook. But, is that how people deal with it? ” Say YES to all my requests and you’ll stay.” Fuck that. It seems like people put too much hope on Facebook and treated it as online catalog for finding girlfriend to be wifey or 2nd wife. Catalog my ass. Why not you catalog yourself as “desperado looking for a wife” together with the list of properties, sickness as well as skills that can generate money. Loser.

Back to NZ, South Island trip. The main reason why I wanted to visit South Island wasn’t for their rolling hills and fluffy sheep. It’s for the blue snow capped mountains and milkyway. Yes, I never seen snow capped mountains in my entire life, except pictures and a lots of it. And I only saw milkyway on TV. So, when I googled about star gazing in South Island, this was the 1st image caught my eyes..


This picture made me to know and read more about Lake Tekapo. I want to be at the exact location, under that exact skies!

It was so dark when we arrived at Lake Tekapo area. It seems like people here sleep early. It was quiet and not much street lights. We parked nowhere in the dark and all I can hear was strong wind, so strong until it shook our small motohome. I imagined that, I’d probably float into the air if I step outside.

Next morning, I stepped out and I couldn’t believe my eyes…

We parked and sleep underneath that exact skies! #wishesdocometrue.

So, Lake Tekapo was the 1st official milky icy cold lake I saw in my life. It was so beautiful to me and I was busy taking hundreds pictures of it.


.. and then I remember I still have stars and milkyway left to see. Im here at the Lake, the problem is, it’s early morning!

Went to Earth and Sky office to find about their stargazing program.

So, yea.. good luck with the price! And you can watch the stars if the skies, I mean IF the weather permits! Don’t fret, here, I have another contact if you really wanted to experience the stargazing tour at Tekapo Starlight as low as NZD20 and hope for clear skies! 

We proceed our journey to Mount Cook/ Aoraki as planned, and planning to cook our lunch there!


I was busy taking pictures of snow capped mountains along the drive until I saw bluish – turquoise – milky field on the right of the road. It made me screamed!


Look at astronauts image from up above, how big is the lake is. With the size of 1,413km2, the size is almost 6 times of Kuala Lumpur city. 

No wonder my office mate back in my office kept telling me about the lake before Mount Cook. We don’t have tailored itinerary in our hands, and we drove by ourselves. Of course it is overwhelming when you see something like this along the journey. Anyway, we must keep on going because sun light will be out by 6pm. We continue to our destination and promised that we will stop by here again on our way back from Queenstown to Christchurch.

Half of our journey to Mount Cook/Aoraki was with the sight of Lake Pukaki.

It looks like a giant cookie dough covered with sugar powder, as we get closer to the mountain. 

So close, yet so far..

Yes. Finally we are here.

and no, we didnt do the jungle trekking or mount climbing. We just cook there and basically clean our lung with serious breath in and out breathing technique 🙂 The air is crispy fresh!

Seriously, I dont know which one is the point of Aoraki Mount Cook! Is that the one behind me? No! I DON’T KNOW!

That one? NO! I DON’T KNOW!

So, after hundreds photos were taken (urgghhh), obviously we were behind schedule until I have to forget my plan going back to Lake Tekapo for a stargazing tour. 🙁 

We need to reach to our next destination – Queenstown before day gets really dark..

Opps, too late, it was dark before we able to reach Queenstown! But what I tell you, about #wishesdocometrue ? 

When I was so upset thinking about the stars and milkyway that I was about to miss. “Im here already.. underneath South Island skies.. and yet.. no stars for me..” I looked outside up to the sky from our motohome window .. I saw diamonds.. million of it up in the sky! We made a stop at streets of nowhere, in the dark.. there I was..standing with no binoculars or telescope.. watching the greatest creation of God.. for free.. it was all 3D.. I can see the stars hanging down like.. I almost can touch it!




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