Staying Alive.

and so story of Bali continues. *munching raya cookies while uploading moldy ass pictures*. Damn these cookies, it made me forgot what to write already. *keep stuffing*.
5 minutes has passed, still blank, *keep munching*. Wtf.

ok la, for ladies shopaholics, if u ever come to Bali, I begged you to visit Legian street, Kuta. The street has crazy awesome boutique & shops from local handmade to imported brands and lots of shirtless Australian hunks (what….) This street is so ill-omened, it makes you forget all the pledges & rules u made with your credit card(s)!! yay!!! – rabak. And again, u must have a super power begging bargaining skills in order to pay only 1/3 of displayed tags. Eeeekkkk.

Bali 454
Warning: Need bargain power skills.

Bali 452
Warning: Look but don’t read out loud.

Bali 510
Warning: Too hot (I mean it was very sunny day lah) Thee ehee.

Bali 509
If u still remember 2002 bombing incident happened in Bali – this memorial was built at the same spot where the incident took place – Paddy Pub at Legian street. Those are the names of the victims who died while partying ( I guess ).. man.. these people really party until they die… this is what we called “live life to the fullest” Born-party-die. (oh.. how insensitive I am..)

Bali 522
So, after a long walk ( I think we walked for more than 2 kilometers ) and exhausted of bargaining & price begging, (not the walk), we quenched our thirst with famous shaved ice in Legian street. I loooooveee the fruit syrup from that stall, it wasn’t just taste as good as real fruit, but made ur breath smell all fruity too 😛 Fruity kisses anyone?

Bali 530

Bali 532

There. Me with the yummeh shaved ice cum breath freshener.

Bali 533

Busy Legian street. Bar & bistro, boutique and local stalls are along the street.

Bali 536
Woofs! Actually this dog is very shy. Keep running away from me and I have to keep on chasing it till I got this.

Bali 537

Took this while buying our sight seeing tour package for tomorrow.

I found this store, called Flamingo, and I couldn’t help it but love all the clothes. So I grabbed few pieces, couldn’t wait till I get back to Malaysia to wear it. So that night I was prancing around with my new dress for dinner & club hopping. Oh gosh.. I can’t describe the feeling : on vacation + new dress + good food + club hopping with my good friends. I love, I love, I love!

Bali 545

Dinner at Havana. I totally spoiled myself with big chunk of steak & grilled prawn. I need to boost up my energy for sightseeing tour the day after oke.

Bali 552
Mine. and I unable to take others cuz by the time I snapped this, their food already left by half plate, and messy. To them, good food is not for camwhoring, but for their stomach. *pig*

Bali 539
How about a butt crack(er) for dessert? Eeeeuuwww.

Bali 557

Lively night at Kuta, Bali.

Bali 566
We’ve been to ‘Paddy Reloaded’ – a new Paddy pub, rebuilt along Legian street after the 1st pub gone to ashes on 12th October. It has a huge dance floor, crazy neon lightings and they played from the 70’s Bee Gees’s disco dance till the latest hip hop songs.

But we didn’t stayed up for long, after 2 glasses of fruit punch, we went back to our comfy bed cuz we need to get up early for sight seeing tour the next morning.

Till then..
“Well now, I get low & I get high. And if I can’t get either, I really try. Got the wings of heaven on my shoes. I’m dancing man & I just can’t lose. You know it’s all right, it’s ok – I’ll live to see another day”

Bee Gees~Staying Alive.



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