Suddenly China (Part 2)

What I do is travelling. Not vacationing. I’m not up to the stage of vacationing yet. and I HATE when people expect a good vacation when they’re tagging me. NO. With me, you don’t expect fancy limo pick up at the airport. Buffet American breakfast with awesome spread and limo will be picking you up from the hotel to the sightseeing. God gave you legs. Make use of it. I loath people expected to arrive their dream destination on the dot when they are with me. I do exploration. not vacation.

But this China trip, was solely for work purpose (not a vacation, although it looks like a vacation, but it is not). Im glad my boss sent me to do this though. Although I have to wake up at 6am everyday, I enjoy this China trip so much. So, anything, if you so happen wanted to go to Guangxi, Guilin – drop me an email. I can arrange the proper one for you 🙂

When you going places, it’s not just about taking photos, shopping and bragging about it. I must admit that, I learn a lot from my short travel for these past 3 years. Some countries made me feel grateful that I live where I live now. And some countries, made me bring a good part of it with me –  and continue it back home. For instance, I no longer leave my tray and leftovers whenever I eat in in fast food restaurant, I stay in a lot after I know KL has the worst Air Pollution Index, and the latest one, I manage to stay away from cold/ Icy drinks for more that 1 month after I came back from China.

Yes, I’ve heard all my life that icy drinks never do good to your body, but I never care less and keep on drinking. Until I visit Southern China. Looking at their ladies, young or married, with child or old – THEY HAVE FLAT MIDRIFF! After that I realized in every meals, dinner and lunch, no ice served except hot Chinese tea. Summer hot – lunch served hot with hot Chinese tea.. can you imagine? But I after a week, my body slowly adapt to it and here I am, no longer drinking icy water and starting to cut down on coffee. Now I able to skip my sit ups and do something else in my spare time – playing computer games. So, Thank you, China.

Continue with what’s left in Yangshuo. Yes –  Impression Sanjie Liu is a must. I was jaw dropping,  impressed by this impressive show! This is better that Tifanny’s Ah gua big titties show and when I come to think, it is even better than who ever won the best performance in Anugerah Juara Lagu every year lah.

Sunset before the show. It’s a sign that whatever after this gate is even more surreal thank just beautiful sky and sunset.

The show starts at 8 pm everyday and never failed to sold out (except rainy day)

Prop-ed by its own nature landscapes – karsts along the river, minimal stage since the river is the stage. I wait the show to start with anticipation. I never heard about this show before so, please don’t tell me that I don’t know how to use Google Search. I tried to imagine how the show will run without curtains and orchestra or fireworks. I don’t know how they going to occupy this huge set up and unless you have cargo of hi tech audio equipment like people always have for F1 after party.

People starting to fill up the seats, (as well as mosquitoes.) you are advised to buy/ bring mosquitoes repellent’s cream here.

The show started with a high pitched voices of group of young girls but never hurt the ears. No music but hum and harmonious choir like performance (but I don’t understand a word). The karsts at the background  lightened up in green, white, blue and sometimes red. Group of people entering the stage with fire torch, as well as boats too. Paddling slowly while innocent voices keep on singing in unison till it touches my heart.

Suddenly, boom – spot lights and fiery red clothes being lifted up, traditional music enters mix with the natural sound of they bashing the red clothes onto the river surface were very dramatic! At this point, I think I didn’t realized few mosquitoes flying in and out of my wide open mouth.

Dramatic, dramatic dramatic. Our tour guide told us, most of the song is a folks’ song of Yangshuo’s life.

It happened that it was a full moon night, I was so amazed with everything surrounded me, It seems like this place, the river, the mountains and the sky in Yangshuo is a stage performing arts by nature.

Suddenly everything became silent and dark again. Then crescent moon appeared in the middle of the river. There was a slim like princess with skin tight body stocking singing and running from one end to the other end of that yellow moon. (I bet she’s pretty too. I can’t see it clearly because it was too far and no big screen like every big concerts do). According to our tour guide (again), the princess like girl who singing on that crescent moon was performing naked, 10 years ago.. And they rent out binoculars at the show entrance besides tickets and mosquitoes repellent too. Until China’s tourism minister came and watched it himself and close this place for a while due to the reason of immoral erotic show. The show operator working hard to gain his licence back and the result now is – All girls in this show are fully dressed 🙂 Aaawwwww…

So, sorry guys, you are 10 years late 🙂

Woke up to a beautiful morning on the next day.

Heading to watch fishermen in feathers. 

Guilin (Photo credit: zebble)

This is Yangshuo, Guilin looks like. Mountain karsts along the river,

Mountain karsts along the streets,

Country landscape near Guilin Guanxi China
Country landscape near Guilin Guanxi China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mountain karsts is in the background where ever you go.

Finally here. Special bamboo raft with roof waiting for us. Before that the guide told us briefly about Comrade bird. This bird specially trained since it was so small by one particular fisherman so it only listen the instruction and serves its master, only.

Before the bird catching fish begin, the raft man paddle us slowly along the river. Let us sipping fresh crispy air and fed us with nature’s wonder. And all I see is green 😐

This local girl entertained us with her singing, jokes and friendly talk. She can sing Rasa Sayang Hey and Kuch Kuch Hota Hey song. 🙂

I don’t waste anytime and get my hands on that sturdy bamboo stick (log?) Ship ahoy! No ! That raft is damn heavy man. I managed to move it by 1meter distance and.. that’s it 🙁

Here come the star and its master. 

Seriously, I thought this bird has a fierce looking, a Vulture looking  – big, fierce, ultra sight, fly high and piercing into the water to catch only big fish and fly it to its master. 

I guess my imagination exceeds my understanding towards brief description. It’s a gentle bird, (or duck?) it jumps into water – swim like a good duck, disappear for a while and tadaaah.. with a fish in its mouth. The master will pick the bird up with small bamboo stick and took the fish out from the bird’s THROAT! not mouth. Apparently the bird is trying to gulp down the fish down its throat, but I noticed they tied the bird’s neck at the bottom :((((

I hope he already fed this bird with lotsa fish before forcing the fresh one out of its mouth. #Imsosad.

The master came on board and asked who want to try to hold the duck. So I did. I was so scared that it will scratch my arm,  

But then, this bird has a webbed feet  – JUST LIKE A DUCK! So, I am very positive. This is a duck. China breed.

Doing the Yangshuo girl’s style. Dah macam apek jual sayur pun ada.

It’s time to say goodbye. And the duck flapped us goodbye too 😐

and I don’e expect this at the end of our evening rafting. Suddenly this 2 dudes appear from small raft house and starting to sing and talking in KUNQU opera style. And the girl guide which sing Rasa Sayang Eh to us replied them with the hand up to the air – macam acara berbalas pantun gitu…  Sepatah haram aku tak faham. Lama pulak tu.. sampai hampir tertidur aku di buatnya…

So, I end up this post with the picture of dried lingzhi.

Have a healthy life y’all.

…to be continued.

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