Suddenly China (Part 3) – A Slow walk until comfy shoes isn’t comfy anymore!

Here is the continuity to a long paused post – Guilin, China.

Location of Guilin Prefecture (yellow) within ...
Location of Guilin Prefecture (yellow) within Guangxi Autonomous Region of China Map drawn in november 2007 using various sources, mainly : Guangxi Autonomous Region administrative regions GIS data: 1:1M, County level, 1990 Guangxi Counties map from (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Actually I wanted to continue about super long paused of Japan. Unfortunately I forgot where did I left off. So, I think I just forget about the remaining of Japan trip & pictures. I will do proper blog update on Japan on my next visit to Tokyo, again. Urghh.

Ah, there were so many sightseeing arranged on day 3 in Yangshuo, Guilin – start with bird fishing and then we continue with visiting The Silver cave. 

I was looking at the mountain of karsts for 2 days already. So it’s time for me to go into one.

The view of Yangshuo landscape from this platform is amazing. I did take the panoramic shot with my dslr. but too lazy to combine, for now.
Inside. No weird smell or sound of creepy bats. I asked the tour guide that how come there is no one make this cave as a temple like we always have in Malaysia. Later then I came to know that this country doesn’t encourage any belief in God, or religion. It just the people and the country. That’s about it.
Everything looks so grand and magnificent. The formation of these stalactite and stalagmite over thousands years in many shapes that leave up to how creative is your imagination wants to look at it.  Maybe because of the colorful spotlight adds on the magical effect on these super old wrinkled stones. Just like um, tonnes of make up and bronzer to grand nanna’s old wrinkly face. Yep.
I asked my tour guide again “Can I touch it?” then he replied me, jokingly (I guess) what if the stones asks, “can I touch you? would you like it?”
The reason is – human hand contains oil and substance which will make these stone stop its process to grow. Basically you will kill these thousand of years of ecology process with one touch. That is how destructive human can be.

Among of all shapes and sizes, I like this one. It looks like velvet drapes and necklace pearls. Luxury!

This is the old fella without colorful spotlight. Yep, this sight is definitely applies to all of us. We need super concealer and heavy colorful make up to cover up those fugly wrinkles. Anyways, we are not stalactite, our net worth don’t go up with wrinkles formation.
There are souvenir shop at the end of the cave tunnel. You can get a lot of stone product in here. Like this cute piggy. it only costs RM2.50 – made out from white marble stone.
But I can’t relate this freshly chopped chilli with garlic to the cave. It smell good though. An appetite opener.
It was sunny and sticky. Got this water chestnut to quench my thirst. RM1.00
Back to the hotel for lunch. Yums!
Went up to my room for a little refresh. Gotta continue exploring this town!
Heading to West Street – where ladies gotta love.
and met a cutie.

I met snoop D. O double G too.

West street is where you got to watch your budget plan. It’s the 3rd day in Guilin, you got 5 days more to go. But this street will make you wanna spend every yuan you got and go home.

Let me tell you what is the currency like. 10 Yuan = RM5. Whatever number you see is half in ringgit. And it is not just that – plus good bargaining skill + bulk purchase, you will be surprised. 

You can be online accessory merchant instantly.

Damn you red color.

West Street isn’t just for knick knacks lover. This street has a lot of angle and sights which are open for you photoshot lover. 

Every shot has its own story to tell. Well, mine isn’t that great at all, but I love it. I was lucky to have plenty hours to point my camera to everywhere I want in this tour. No one rushes me and I heard zero complain about how slow I walk, or how long I spent on every corner of this street.

That chilli again – in the making. I can imagine how powerful that knife can be, it’s like arrowhead tipped with poison. Just imagine you mess with her. She will retaliate with that huge knife. You will bleed and the hot chilli enzyme will penetrate into your blood system. It will makes you run crying.

I love this streets. They have decent bars and coffee shops along this street. with Jazz music on the background and people never stopped smiling. I wish you were here with me 😐

Too early for hangover, teddy!

Tea & scones with teddies, anyone?

Take your time.. imagine you are here..

I think I walked for more than 2 hours around West Street. Finally thirst got me. I found this cake shop called Harmony Cake and I saw they selling chilled Kamquat lemon fruit tea by the road pavment. I don’t know what Kamquat is, but I give it a try.

It was so refreshing! It is THE best street drink I ever had! RM2.50.  I tried to find this drink again in the other part of Guilin town – No, that was the only it. I can never find the same taste again , anywhere else 🙁

I am not a fan of fake goods. It’s not like I have a lot of money to buy every original product that designers has on the shelf. But if I have a little budget, I always preferred to buy a local design and product, which I can’t find it back in Malaysia. You can find fake Burberry or LV back in KL. So, don’t waste your time.

I found this shop – called DoSail. It is China local brand and it hasn’t export it out of China. You have to come to China to get this brand.

It has a matching iPad cover and silk scarf too. Everything is so cute and fancy. Price RM 180 – 450.

Went back to hotel room to rest my sore feet. I bought a cheap flip flop to replace my comfy shoes that I was wearing. Can you imagine the walk that I walked? Until comfy shoes isn’t comfy anymore! That’s the walk that I’m talking about when you explore some town! True explorer by foot.
I decided to come back to the West Street at night to check out the scene. Lucky that the hotel that I stayed is like 15 minutes walk from West Street.

West Street at night!!!!

5D Cinema! Only in China!

Too bad I didn’t try this. Lepas makan mesti ber Kung Fu.

another accessory excessive shopping & tryouts

The scene is totally change at night. It is advisable not to come back to this streets with small kids. Pole dance can be watched along the streets.

and they dance to the latest song. I did took a video of some explicit night activity on this streets.. well.. let it be the untold story since it’s inappropriate for this nice blog and its nice reader.. thee heee.. (kerana akhlak korang yang suci tu datang dari otak korang yang suci gitu…)

to be continued…..

English: Image in Guilin at the Lijiang River ...
English: Image in Guilin at the Lijiang River (Guangxi, China) Français : Pagode du lac Shanu. Image prise à Guilin, sur le fleuve Lijiang, dans la province de Guangxi, en Chine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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