Suddenly China

Finally luggage packed. Hair – washed and curled. Make up case – checked. Toiletries  bag – checked. Charger – checked. Ok! Im good to go.

This isn’t in my plan this year at all. I was planning to visit East Asia in year 2013 – After I finish with Southeast Asia mapping. (after that West Asia, Central Asia, South Asia then finally North Asia). But hey, I already started Japan, it seems like East Asia mapping already kicking in for me.

But this is a work call. Office wanted me to check out Guilin for real, for a week. So, I have to come back with good pictures and stories, make people wanna go there.

I still have 8 hours left. But have to wake up at like 5am, because the group assemble at the airport at 6.30am. Urrgghh.. group trip.

Look at Chinese Renmibi. So red and it reminds me of Hong Bao already. Actually I got my ATM card activated at the ATM machine for overseas withdrawal. Don’t you know that you can use your local ATM card and withdraw money all over the world? All you need is to activate it at ATM machine under “Other Transaction”, press, press, press until you find menu with “PLUS/ Overseas Withdrawal activation”. You can choose whether to activate it as temporary or permanent. It will ask you to key in your new I/C number – and it’s done. Just find ATM with PLUS or MEPS sign at ATM abroad, you may withdraw your money until you go bankrupt.

But my workmate advice me not to rely on China ATM. Since it’s a group trip, I might not have enough time to find ATM around. But for other countries, you can use this method. No fee charge for the withdrawal by your bank, but minimum charges by the ATM machine, Just like here, you hold Maybank’s ATM but you go withdraw at HSBC’s ATM with “meps” sign (nooo not HSBC!) That bank charged me RM4 per withdrawal!

And oh, it is not advisable for you to bring extra cash in MYR. I just came to know only certain countries accept/ recognize our Malaysian Ringgit. It happened to me in Japan. I thought I have no problem to change my Malaysian Ringgit at Japan’s Money Changer – it turned out I spent like 4 hours just to find a big money changer that accept Ringgit. Their bank don’t recognize ringgits, also the small – medium size money changer. 

Well, who knows? Yes, our ringgit have few times face lift with brilliant colors, yet Japan don’t recognize and unwilling to take it in exchange to Yen. Even Indonesian Rupiah is well recognized in Japan! They exported us from snacks to heavy machines, yet they don’t accept Malaysian Ringgit..WOW. Just , wow. That time, I wished I activated my ATM card earlier.

That’s all for the travel tip, for now. Will update on anything I might find it awesome in Guilin.

Till then ~ Toodle loo.

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