Suddenly November.

Everything is so sweet and it turn me into a girl with a sweet tooth. Sweet Cupcakes,  doughnuts, saying and hearing sweet things too.
The world is spinning so fast or it was just me who refused to move with it. Im basically halting. Im ok with it. As IF my AGE can be halted too. Delay. I love to delay things now, hoping that everything went delay, including my age. This is one of the reason why I keep on delaying to update blog post. Excuse me.
My girlfriends and I love to take pictures, hundreds of it, in a week, or month. But one of us really took time to upload & share it with all of us on Facebook. She hadn’t upload pictures taken 5 months ago, or last year. We started to complain and she replied us – “I keep it as our Forever Young Time Capsule, I will upload it and tag all of you in 10 years time and makes everybody think those were taken like yesterday. Still Hip and gorgeous”. Brilliant.
I know. Halloween is over. Like almost 2 weeks over. I saw everybody uploaded their Halloween’s make over & costume on Facebook. Some are freaking ugly and some, well, you know, fucking slutty. Aw, come on people. Can you at least be someone different than whoever you are? LOL.
Halloween Eve. So, I don’t have ugly costume. Slutty, um.. maybe

Halloween eve

I turned up nude. I don’t know, I don’t celebrate Halloween. I don’t even know the history of it and why. But collecting candy sound fun to me. But, there was no free candy around KL city and it never will. We here have trouble to get extra packs of sugar to bake cookies for any big celebration and anything involve sugar becoming more and more expensive. So, let’s just stick to ugly & slutty costume.
Oh, I have thousand pictures from my  New Zealand trip last September. I know! September. I’ll wait it become a little bit moldy so that I can forget about what and where the pictures are all about, so that I can end up with sweet & short post with lotsa pictures.
Basically this is our route trip.

Book of NZ map & route
Okay, that’s too small. Um, here it is.
New Zealand South island Trip

So yea, we started with Christchurch on Day 1, start our journey to Lake Tekapo on Day 2, visit Mount Cook and proceed to Queenstown on Day 3, laid back at Arrowtown on Day 4, on the road for the whole on Day 5 back to Christchurch and did our last minute shopping at Christchurch Airport on Day 6. Yea, nothing much you can do for 6 days/5 nights South Island Trip. But with the limited budget and limited leave approval, I finally see white & pink cherry blossom with my own eyes.

White Cherry Blossom at Lake Tekapo, NZ
Pink Cherry Blossom at Arrowtown, NZ
Cherry Blossom Tree at Queenstown, NZ

Priceless. It was early spring in South Island, so some of the cherry blossom trees bloomed early and I believed it bloomed for ME. I didn’t expect to see it in South Island NZ, because I was busy Googling and taking notes on the Lakes, Mountains and Star gazing program. I wish I could see a milky way across South Island sky, or a shooting star. In fact, I was so stupid blonde, thought that Cherry Blossom only exist in Japan, Korea and Washington DC. God knows how limited my knowledge is, so He pity me, let few trees bloomed earlier so that I can be happy till I pee. Alhamdulillah.
Sakura at South Island, NZ
It is so pretty till doesn’t need a nice smell. Maybe to the locals, this is nothing, just like ‘Bunga Kertas’, maybe. But this is the reason why I wanted to go to Japan and Korea. Not some cute Hentai or Kimchi soup. So I can cross out this from my list and busy to do something else on my next year’s Osaka & Tokyo. Yipee!
And oh, apparently South Island NZ isn’t a place for shopping. Not for me. Not when a bottle of mineral water costs me MYR4. But I did buy a couple of jackets and a pair of new boots, because clothes that I brought not enough to save me from cold windy 9 degrees during the night. Im Asian. Hot blooded Asian and I hate Air Cond.
Among of all things, I find this cute and funny. So I bought this as a souvenir and gave it to someone cute and funny too Smile
Inflatable sheep
New Zealand : “Where men are men and the sheep are scared”

Sheep in NZ South island

Apart of green rolling hills and blue snow capped mountains and glassy crystal lake, this is the sight you have to bear along the trip. 1st day, you go “awww.. look at them, so cute and fluffy…” 2nd day you only paid attention to the little ones running. Because the big ones aren’t cute anymore. 3rd day you fell asleep counting it. 4th day started to hate it. 5th day, wish there will be something else to replace those white spots, and last day, I wish to not see it for a very long time.
And the sight of blue snow capped mountains painted along the horizon line just like the paintings I saw when I was little.
Road to Queenstown

Road to Aoraki Mount Cook
road to Aoraki  mount cook II
Road to Wanaka
and the lakes too..
Lake Tekapo, NZ
lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, NZ
Lake Pukaki, NZ
Everything is magical. No paintings can ever translate or tell the story of what South Island have along the road, except um, dslr camera. Now I made you wanna go there and see it with your own eyes, do ya?
I have bunch of extremely nice photos & stories to tell. Or, maybe I’ll just post up the photos alone and let it tell. But, now, Im going to hit my pillow and continue this some other time.
heartboxx - Im not just a traveller wanna be, but a storyteller too ;)
Get out there and leave some footprints of your own~




  1. Austin

    June 29, 2012 at 7:58 am

    Hi, beauty.

    Wow! such a beautiful photo…

    I’m planning to nz too..

    can you let me know what the exactly date you went to nz ?


  2. independentqueen

    July 10, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    Thanks 🙂 if im not mistaken, it was 3rd sept for 6 days 🙂

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