Thailand : Krabi

Let’s get done and over with this island post & pictures.

Where were we? Ah, I think what’s still left is pictures taken from Islands tour around Krabi. One thing lah ya… If you intended to go to Krabi or Phuket, Island hopping is a must. if you can’t swim, just go soak your self in its clear crystal blue water, take pictures and relax. For once (Malaysian), please put aside “Borong” activities lah..want borong, go China lah ya…whatever Phuket & Krabi have, KL have it too.. including pondan berhias (drag queen).

We took 4 Island Tour with BBQ dinner. This tour is suitable for those who unable to make it early in the morning due to crazy party the night before with the Pondan Berhias. The driver will only pick you up at 12 – 1 pm right after you had your brunch.
Actually i bought this tour as one of many little gifts i get for Mike this year. I hope he is happy although he can’t really enjoy the sea to the fullest since he had to take gazillion pictures of me during the tour 😐
I forgot most of the places we dived in for snorkeling. My bad. It took 2 months to finish 1 simple vacation outing because I have my busy PERMANENT  job, other office to visit in Mutiara Damansara during weekends, cats to feed, house to clean, clothes to wash, hair salon to visit, shopping to spend half of my salary with, movie to watch, Farmville 2’s quests to complete, American Idols Season 12 to follow on YouTube and long distance relationship which requires me to spent my night time to chat with my BF. I don’t know when was the last time I feel bored. I don’t have time to feel bored. I don’t have time to send my car to carwash and trim my nails even.

Woop! . Im off track. Why am I raving on my personal details on here. This supposed about Krabi. Sheesh. 

No fret. If you buy this 4 Island tour, either morning (with lunch) or evening (with BBQ dinner), it will bring you to the same spot. the difference is, you unable to see beautiful Island Sunset if you choose the morning session (and have to get up early).

Mike with our picnic basket. He looks all cute in here. His face all glowing because he is about to get his translucent skin all toasted. We were dropped on this beach before we get into a long tail boat to our destination. Waited like 30 minutes for them to load mineral water, Ice Cube, Lunch Pack (for other group waiting somewhere at one of those islands), refueling the boat and this and that. 

Finally. On board. 

Journey to the breezy Krabi has begun.

Actually we were transferred from spooky long tail boat to a white double decker speed boat. So it was A breezy Krabi trip literally. With open top deck for sightseeing (I think it is specially designed for these mat sallehs to soak up under the sun), what we missed is a loud hip hop music, ciroc and ladies in bikinis. Or else this would turn out to be Akon – Pitbull’s soft porn MV.

and er… I preferred to hide underneath. I don’t trust that SPF 100 cream enough. *cough*

The boat stopped at few spots for us to enjoy the snorkeling. I do not have under water pictures since I don’t have water proof casing for my dslr. or cheap underwater slr. I think I am getting one in the future. I still have the whole Caribbean shore waiting for me to explore in near future.

I forgot where is this place too. The water is crystal emerald and I saw few people kayaking around the rock.

Later, the same spooky long tail boat came to transfer us out from the big speed boat to the Island.

Poda Island.

Situated off the west coast of Thailand – I remember this Island because it appear everywhere in a postcard, poster, tourism advertisement shot every time you type in “Krabi Island” into google search. The image that you saw on the internet, is what exactly you see once you step your foot onto this Island. No filter is needed. No photography editing work needed. It is beautiful, just the way it is…

And Mike don’t care about our picnic basket anymore. He just jumped into the water and float.

Until I showed him my grumpy look signaling him that – it is time for my beach photoshoot. Sheesh.

So hungry, lucky that this small Island has food squatters, grilling that chicken and corn. The smell is in the air. Truly tempting. All priced at THB50. Be it chicken, corn, fruit or fresh coconut drinks. 



We had like 1 hour or so here. And before we left, we noticed that this island has its permanent resident. Orang Asli gitu… and as always, Mike instantly have this crazy connection with it like he’e one of them. lol.

After more snorkeling, we finally heading to Thap/ Tab Island. 

Yes, the white line between the small Island and the big one is a sand bridge, which is appear like a pathway separating deep sea when the water is low. When I was ‘young’, I always saw the fantasy like photoshoot on the island that has sand bridge in the middle of the sea. It is so beautiful and it makes me wonder when I can finally set my foot on it.

When the boat stop 1 kilometer from this Island, our tour guide brief us about Koh Thap, like a little child, I eagerly asked him “can we go there?” 

and it was a dream come true when he said “yes, we will have our BBQ dinner and sunset watching there”

The sunset is approaching, our spooky tail boat came again to transfer us out from the big boat to Koh Thap.


Call me too much, but no one knows how happy I am when I finally step on the sand bridge adorn by golden sunset as a background. Maybe this is nothing to some people. But to me, I finally reach to one of my dream destination that I had in my head for so long!

We took bazillion pictures here.

Anothersunset memories created 🙂

We ate our BBQ dinner in the dark. But it was totally okay for me. For once, I was okay eating, sitting on the sand without a light and fancy dishes.

After we finished our meal, our tour guide put up a humble fireshow as a wrap up.

Well, actually, the tour didn’t end here. After we got back on the big boat, we still made a last stop for night, deep sea snorkeling, swimming with stars of the sea – phytoplankton. I imagined it would be like something in “The Beach” movie, where Leonardo Dicaprio swimming with that hot girl (Virginie Ledoyen) at night. or something like in Life of Pi. Unfortunately, the amount of plankton is not that much so we have to really shake the water and look very closely to see the glow.

But I can’t believe I still put my snorkel mask & life jacket on, and swimming in the dark, not in swimming pool, but SEA.


Next day, we decided to explore Krabi Town on our own. We rented a small scooter for THB280 for 24 hour use, and find our way to Krabi Town.

Nothing much I can rant about Krabi Town. It’s a small busy town just as any other small busy town in every part of South East Asia.


The sun was scorching hot, made both of us tired and unable to make a few stops at some of touristy attraction spot along the road like cave. temples, waterfall and beaches.  


Er, actually, this is the reason why we rented the scooter. I missed the chance to buy the whole set of Soap & Glory body care in Phuket. So we comb all Krabi mall to find it. Hahaha.

We spent the rest of the day swim & chill at the hotel’s pool.

Last day – ready to say goodbye to Krabi. Mike & I had one conversation about how nice if we can stay in Krabi do nothing for a month. Well, maybe next time around.

Failed to get the reward from the hotel though. That’s why we should stay here like, a month 🙂

Last but not least. Tuk Tuk Ride in Krabi 🙂





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    Hi Jasmine, I replied your email and yes! It is an honor to have my pictures use for official work like that 🙂

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