Thailand : To Krabi from the Phuket. 2013

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We decided to take minivan from Phuket Bus Terminal to Krabi. It costs THB 140 per person, for 3 hours ride, compared to boat ride which is THB1600 – 2000. But the view and the stops that the boat made along the way before arriving Krabi are nice.

There are more destination available departing from Phuket Bus Terminal. Bangkok, Hatyai, Samui, Surat Thani, Trang, and some of it I don’t even know it exist. You can check the schedule and journey duration HERE. But I don’t know why they didn’t include minivan in that schedule (from Phuket to Krabi) because the one that we took is air conditioned minivan.

We arrived Krabi Bus Terminal at Krabi town at 3PM. And had to pay additional THB500 per taxi from Krabi town to Aonang Beach.

we stayed at Red ginger Chic Resort, a boutique 4* property but with 5* surroundings and service! In fact, Red Ginger sit in one row, back to back with luxury property like Ananta Burin Resort, Buri Tara Resort, Centara Resort and Mercure but with cheaper price.

Love the chic lobby, a mixture of wood, white, red and gold, it really brings out the oriental feel instead of western. We were served with hotel signature drink, which is red ginger on ice. Refreshing! Terus buang angin beku sebab duduk dalam minivan lama lama kan..

Love the lobby tiles

I was pretty shocked to get huge room with 2 huge beds!

..and what makes me glad is that, they provide picnic basket complete with beach 2 mats, where I was planning to get it after the troubles with island hopping in Similan! You know.. I need a proper carrier for towels, a bottle of sun block, mineral water,  my camera, mobile phone, lip gloss, sun glass etc etc. And they provide umbrellas too! It was raining here and then sometimes in Krabi in January.

…after check in & a lil bit refreshed, we checked the area out. And oh Im glad that I bought that dress from Cotton On on sale. It’s  only RM45 and I regretted it when I brought it home. But then, I love it now & wear it every now and then. haha.

Personally, I love Krabi compared to Phuket. It’s smaller, quieter and more laid back. Well, I don’t know about other part of Krabi tho’. But here, my hotel location is just nice since it is in between Aonang beach and  Nopparat Thara beach. – left side of the hotel is Aonang beach – vibrant at night with bars & restaurants, small shops & stalls selling cheap food by the local Muslims, tour desks & motorbike for rent are all over the places. On the right side of the hotel is Nopparat Thara beach which is more quiet, clean & swimmable compared to Aonang Beach.

Nopparat Thara Beach


Small shops, souvenir stalls, local and western restaurants are back to back along Aonang Beach. Opposite is the beach
Aonang Beach
Long tail boats are everywhere, ready to get you to the nearby/ remote island anytime.


At 4PM, we haven’t had our lunch since Phuket, so we strolled back to the hotel and checked out the stall foods. Most of the food is THB30 – 50. From crepe to stir fried rice, grilled chicken to deep fried prawn.


yeah baby. It costs us like THB 240 for two of us. Kenyang untuk minum petang.

We checked the menu of almost every restaurants sit along Aonang Beach because I wanted to treat Mike a birthday dinner that night. He pointed out an Italian restaurant and said “it’s has your name”. So after checking its menu, we decided to come back for the dinner

I was still very full with the streets food we got from the stalls, so I got myself a plate of Italian salad with loads of cheese. I don’t like it at all. I still prefer ceasar salad with parmesan cheese though. Mike got himself seafood pasta and the only thing I like about the dinner is just the drinks. I ordered 2 of that lime mint juice. The taste is out of this world.

I tried to find a cake shop or, at least a bread shop. But no sight of it. I really wanted to get Mike a birthday cake, so that he can blows the candles and make a wish.

But then, I saw there are locals sitting at the pavement, selling coloful paper lanterns, big and small for THB80 per piece. So I told Mike that he can fly the lantern up to the sky sealed with wishes 🙂

So I got him red lantern and we went to the beach to light it up.

It was our 1st experience to light & fly a paper lantern like this 🙂

I asked Mike what was his wishes?

“It’s a secret, I won’t tell”  


The night is still young, so we strayed to the Aonang night life.

Aonang has it’s centre point. Very small, 2 storey building full of bars and pubs

They also have a Cabaret show at the club called “Blue Dragon” on 2nd floor. But the ticket for the show is THB500 per person, so we skipped it.

Because we already saw them strutting outside off the show and took pictures with them 🙂

It seems like they are taller than everybody!

and we continue checked out the night life in Aonang Beach streets. I saw a lot of Malaysian with big plastic bags on both hands. Small town like this they also have the appetite to borong ha.. hhmmm..

If there are no replicas, don’t call it Asia. lol.

And they still celebrating & wishing people Happy New Year in the middle of January. And look at the sale %

Seriously? All 4 decimal points?? Susahnya nak congak pakai otak ni…

…To be continued.

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