The best AND cheap cat litter

so far la.

This post is for cat(s) owner. Nak cerita pasal anak, tak ada anak lagi (I want to tell about kids, I don’t have one)

So, this is Bonnie and Mogwai, BEFORE they were producing stinky poops.

My cats kitty cat

After 2 years, now my 2 babies have grown up so big. And so their feces.

Living in a small apartment (850 sqft to be exact) with a small outdoor balcony, make me struggle with cat’s wastage smell on daily basis. To tell you the truth, after my two cats grown, I hardly invite friends to come over or even stop over by my apartment because I am too worry about the smell.

Not to mention the amount I spent on air fresheners.

Kadang kadang aku rasa sangat marah dan sangat bangang. Terpaksa mengadap busuk nya kencing kucing. Padahal, nak mintak tolong kucing kucing ni sidai kain ke apa.. jangan harap la kan!

My cats use two kind of litter box. One is the old school pan and another one is a smartsifter by CatIt. And yet, with regular poops scooped out, still it didn’t help.

I live in Malaysia, where the humidity is crazy. We have rainy and sunny day like anytime. I think that contribute to my problem a little.

So, within 2 years, I tried many kind of cat litter sands or crystal. From cheap to expensive. From white clay to crystal. The only type I never tried is Pine Wood pallet because my friends told me it is not good and too dusty. Well, I always think wood is a home for the termites anyways. So I skipped that kind.

I would like to remind you that Malaysia has very limited good brand for cat litter. Unlike USA, the packaging alone is already fancier than  what we have in Malaysia. And if we do have the fancy cat litter here, the price can cost us 2 weeks meals – cat owner’s meals.

fido cat litter

I tried Fido’s Cat litter. I bought this when I was too busy to go to the pet shop. I can get Fido’s Cat Litter at Giant or Tesco. And it is cheap like RM12 for 5 liter. Well, it says scented. But I can smell the scent if I sniff it closely. The clump attracts the flies and it didn’t help me at all when it comes to smell. My living room filled with poop and urine smell on day 3. Urggh.

So I had to give Fido 2 out of 5 Star

fussy cat litter

Then I also tried Fussy Cat’s cat litter. My friend who suggested me not to use Pine wood pallet, recommended me Fussy Cat’s since she also been using it for her two cats. It says highly absorbent, hard clumping, low tracking, tougher on oder, 99% dust free and scoopable.

Yes, I’ve noticed it has quite strong smell as soon as I opened the bag. It comes with lemon, rose, apple, jasmine and peach scents. Rose is my favorite. Smell like baby talcum powder. Cost me RM26 for 1 liter, so it’s kinda cheap.

But I don’t know. Was it my cat’s urine is very acidic until it can kills the scent on 2nd day, or the scent really can lasts up to 48 hours. The clump attracts flies as well.

3 out of 5 star

catsan cat litter

Then I tried CATSAN. I remembered when I had one cat, I use CATSAN and it performed pretty well. It costs me RM14.90 for 5 liter and made from fine clay. It says that CATSAN® Clumping Litter consist of very fine clay granules that immediately form small firm clumps when coming into contact with liquid. These compact clumps can be easily removed every day, so that only clean and dry litter remains in the litter tray. There is no time for odours to develop, The formation and removal of small solid clumps means you don’t need to replace the entire litter tray as often. That’s why CATSAN® Clumping Litter lasts much longer than conventional lighteweight litter products.

Ok, the thing is that I don’t have time to do it EVERYDAY. And then I remember it works well with one cat. Not two cats at the same time. So I have to spend double to get the same effect. But when I forgot to get another bag when it finish, my house started to filled with Poopies Eu De Parfum. And the granules is so fine, it tends to stuck in between my cats’ paws and I ended up having CATSAN on my carpet, floors, everywhere!

3 out of 5 Star

cat it crystal litter

Since I can’t stand the problem I had with cheap cat litter, so I go for a little pricey one. Crystal type is always the most expensive one here in Malaysia. It costs me RM 26 per bag (5 liter). I only can get this at pet shop. Not normal grocery mall.

It claims that scentless cat litter beads contains millions of micro pores, which lock-in undesirable odors and keep your house odor-free. Catit Scentless Cat Litter Beads are low maintenance. There is no need to scoop out urine clumps ever again since Scentless does not clump. The moisture from feces and urine is absorbed by the beads and then evaporates – WRONG. NO EVAPORATION TOOK PLACE. Maybe it’s the humidity makes th evaporation process went wrong, but among of ALL cat litter, I always chocked with acidic smell every time I’m washing the cat’s pan. Yes the poop is dry as pop corn. BUT NOT the urine! The urine stays at the base of the litter pan, soaking wet like a sea salt body scrub!

The crystal may looks fancy in the litter pan with its white and blue beads but no thanks. I truly had the HARDEST time to wash the litter pan with this one. BUT! the only thing I like about crystal type is – it is weightless. I can simply carry 2 bags of 5 liter with my bare hands, while taking stairs to the 4th floor of my apartment unit.

2 out of 5 star


And then I found this one. Tidy Cats by Purina. I don’t know how long this brand hit Malaysian Market, but I just saw it recently (like last 2 weeks) on the rack of pet section at Giant.

For the first time I saw MULTIPL CATS caption and I’m a fan of paper bag packaging. I was hesitate at the first place when I saw NON CLUMPING since I’ve been using the clumping ones for as long as I remember. It cost me RM 12.90 for 5 liter and RM 20.90 for 10 liter. It has greyish color makes me thinks like “euwww”  – imagining it crumbles with the cat’s poop.

But, my heart keeps telling me to try since I already tried the rest of the brands on the rack. TIDY CATS currently has 3 types of cat litter (but I know in USA they have more! like 6 – 7 types AND different packaging) ;

1) Non clumping 24/7 Performance

2) Non Clumping Instant Action and

3) Non Clumping Breathe Easy.

Since my problem is always consists of ‘breathing’, so I picked Breathe Easy. It does not have special scents. So I begin to feel skeptical on my purchase. NON CLUMPING, GREY, NO SCENTS…

“ah, this is totally stupid and honest mistake” – said to myself while continue refilling the cat’s litter pan.

Day 1 – It was all ok

Day 2 – Still ok

Day 3 – Where is the smell?

Day 4 – Still no smell! AND I DIDN’T SCOOP OUT ANY OF THE FECES UNTIL DAY 5th! (you know, you tend not to be bothered about it when there is no smell)

Oh my God! after 2 years plus 10 years after my 1st cat, FINALLY I found THE CAT LITTER ONE!

Yes it is non clumping, so I had to do the sift using the scoop, but I loved it! Because my main concern is the SMELL. When the smell is not there (well, on day 5 you can smell it, but ONLY when you stand next to it. Not in my living room!) the scooping process became easier, automatically!

It really makes a difference. And I noticed the difference immediately on the 1st week of using it. NO. Purina didn’t pay me to write this post. This is my honest sharing experience post since 80% of my friends are cat lovers. Sometimes they do asked me what kind of food I feed my cats until they are so fluffy and big and yet my cats are not expensive or special breed. My friend told me there were cute kitties by the dumpsters, the cat mom looks dying and couldn’t take care of hers, so I asked my friend to take two kitties for me to care.

So I started to google about Purina brand. Well, well, most of the review made by the cat owner is 5 star! You can go to HERE to read the review.

Just like happiness, you have to keep searching for it if you want one AND FOREVER. Ladies, this doesn’t apply on finding a good MAN alone. But A Cat Litter too! And now I can rest my head on this department for now.

5 star!

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  1. Bill

    June 28, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    Read about the Purina brand. Thanks for the feedback.
    Is it scented?

    Reason I asked is because I am looking for Non Clumping Non Scented.It’s hard to find.

    016 2126 769

    1. heartboxx

      July 5, 2015 at 5:21 am

      No, it has not scented at all. But it works well.

  2. Loki

    September 5, 2015 at 9:47 pm

    Hi, i want to try tidy cat litter.just wondering is it dusty?

    1. heartboxx

      September 16, 2015 at 10:55 am

      Hi, sorry for my late reply. It is not dusty. Im loving it. Cuma tak clumping sahaja.

  3. Linda

    September 23, 2015 at 4:43 pm

    If its non clumping wat about the urine?

    1. heartboxx

      October 6, 2015 at 6:15 pm

      with urine, it hardens the litter sands and it quite easy for u to scoop it out

  4. Adreen

    November 6, 2015 at 1:05 am

    this is a good review.
    i’ve been using litter star brand crystal cat litter since my babies could remember and it cost me 2 bags every two weeks (around RM30-40 for two 5L bags) quite pricey for someone defined as ‘kemiskinan bandar’ like me.
    so i think i’m going to try this Purina brand and see how it goes

    1. heartboxx

      November 7, 2015 at 8:04 am

      and tell me what do you think about it. The only downside of this type is only non clumping.

  5. Sarah Sun

    January 7, 2016 at 9:02 pm

    Thanks for this review! Have been trying a few scented clumping cat litters like Fussie cat, Cindy’s Recipe? Hmm, not working with my 5 naughty cats! Going to try this before my lungs killed by the acidity of their urine >,<

  6. Hanim

    January 24, 2016 at 3:14 am

    If it is none clumping, how do you scoop out the urine. I am curently using recycled paper based pellets, and the pellets turns dark color. But OMG it cannot resolve the smell of cat poop and urine. I hope you can show us some pix of Tidy Cats in action. TQ for the review, great help for us cat owners.

    1. heartboxx

      January 25, 2016 at 6:08 pm

      Although it is not clumping, the sand do stick together just like you pour a water into the sand.I just scooped out the dark spot (urine spot). Too bad I don’t have the pictures and my cats now are with their new owner since I unable to move with me to USA 🙁
      But trust me, it really helps with the odors.

  7. Wan

    October 27, 2017 at 5:58 am

    Hi. Are you using this litter with catit smartsift? I am looking for a good litter to be used with smartsift, can you recommend me one? Thanks a lot in advanced.

    1. heartboxx

      October 31, 2017 at 10:39 am

      Yes. I had one smartsift. Please use clumpy type if you want to use smartsift. Crystal is a NO NO. I must say PURINA is the best. But I am no longer a cat owner 🙁 so I might not know if there is new good cat litter available in the market today.

  8. Jowena

    November 13, 2018 at 2:28 pm

    hi.. i dont know if you would even see this since your post was made in 2014.. but i hope you see this.. im currently having the same issue as you.. struggling to find the best litter.. was wondering if you are still using the purina cat litter.. thanks!

    1. heartboxx

      November 20, 2018 at 8:01 am

      Hi, Thanks for reading my blog.
      I no longer have cats after moving to USA.

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